About 0-Dave

I am an old desktop support geek, and I still love my job. It’s been many years since I decided to grace the internet with my random photos and resplendent sub-ordinariness. Unexpectedly, and it took a year or two, I have met some extraordinary folks out here in cyberspace. That would be YOU. Thanks for visiting this infested little corner of the interwebs. Don’t worry about the bedbugs. They keep the silverfish company.

I work at a small, picturesque, 4-year residential liberal arts college. I still live in the same rural setting, trying to do as much bicycling and gardening as possible in order to keep the old synapses firing. Apparently the brain needs exercise too and is not the fixed little clockwork machine with ten billion neurons assigned at birth, as we were told when I was a youngster. They told us that so we would refrain from destroying them one by one with the various legal and illegal substances at our disposal. Or with baseball bats or tire irons. Turned out they wanted us to save every neuron for  the mind-numbing workaday world awaiting us after we’d been fully “educated”.

I got two words for them: HAH!

I also listen to lots of music. There is so much great music out there. The internet has provided an unexpected pathway to unlimited music of every kind. Do yourself a huge favor and listen to music every day. And eat a piece of fruit for God’s sake. It wouldn’t kill you.

I know this isn’t much to go on, but read the blog to learn more. If you have the time.

And may God bless the Internet.


  1. Just sort of cursing around tonight so I am not quite sure how I arrived here..maybe through Hawk?

    Anyway, I like your honesty and you made me laugh. Most importantly though I am smitten with Oliver!

    So I’ll be back by.

  2. OOPS! I meant cruising around…though I may have been cursing while cruising! 🙂

  3. Thanks for visiting gypsy-heart. Please come back often. You’re the only one ever to comment on my About page.


    And no wonder you were cursing!

  4. Hey dave or can i call u -0- as i know u both in cyberspace and on terra firma. i wanted to post this in t-0-d science section, but could not find a way to do it so i’m posting it in this thread. I was suprised to read that a.c. clarke, who died several days ago, had written the short story “9 billion names of god.” i remember being almost as moved by that (not so much ‘moved’ as intrigued with some sort of emotional experience) as i was by Asimov’s “The Question” (at least as much as one can be moved by a short scifi story) . I somehow thought that R. Bradbury had written 9B Names. Finding out recently that Clark was a devout athiest and that according to what I have heard he would actually excoriate and humiliate those who professed religious belief in front of him (clark) makes my incorrect memory and clarke’s authorship of 9B Names pleasantly ironic. Today’s NYT has a piece about a.c.clarke. i’ve read part of it and it looks good, so here’s the link
    if the link is no good, u can find the essay in the 3/25 science section
    enjoying your blog.

    Thanks Peter! You can call me whatever the hell you want. You’ve earned that right. I’m tempted to try and move your comment to where you wanted it, but I guess I’ll leave it here since you’re the only person I actually know to leave a comment on my “About” page. FYI, the easiest way to find an old post is to use the little search thingy that very quietly appears near the bottom of the column right. Enter “science fiction” and click the little arrow. Wa La.

    -update, in your honor Peter, I move the Search bar up the right column, just beneath the comment listing. Wa La. 😀

    Anywho, thanks a bunch for the link to the Overbye essay. I wish it had been a longer piece. I love that guy!

  5. Dear Sir / Madam,
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  6. Hey Dave,
    According to your conceptual vortex you haven’t had a Comical thought since March. That’s not really true, is it? Do you think maybe your vortex could be broken? Possibly it is choking on the raglove that Riasat (above) thinks you’re looking for. I know that would slow me up, and possibly dampen my mood. Just a thought.

    Hey vermonter. I love your new blog. I hope you get a better conceptual vortex than I did. Mine’s been down for some time now. I think it’s the flux capacitor. I meant to delete that advertising comment some time ago, but couldn’t bring myself to do so. It’s so sincerely worded …

  7. Oh…don’t delete it. What the world needs now is rag-love. Thanks for readin’ my noo bloog, too!

    😀 you betcha!

  8. Dave.
    Stu here (recumbent trike ) Just connecting, thought we could possibly get together for a ride some time. I am approaching 200 miles since I saw you. Not bad?!

    Hi Stu! Thanks for connecting. Good going on the 200 mile mark. 😀 I’m taking this weekend off because I sliced my right hand trying to remove my new bike pump from its packaging. But I hope to run into you sometime soon since I bike through Henniker often.

  9. Hello from New York. You have very nice photography on here.

    Thank you Mike. I see you are a photographer too. Nice!

  10. Hello David,

    Laurie Kendrick–damn glad to meet you. Thanks for coming aboard le blog du Laurie and leaving me such lovely thoughts.

    I get so few.

    I enjoy your blog, too. I’ve got more comedic crap generating from my HIGH-larious loins in the near future, so please don’t be stranger.

    I too am middle-aged, will be 50 in April and still feel like I’m 26. Odd age for a compare and contrast but then again, I’m an odd woman.

    Continued success. Love your writing.

    Let’s commune soon.


    Thanks Laurie, hardly anybody ever leaves comments on my “About” page. I think that’s special, don’t you? My wife just turned 50 in September and we’re both doing quite nicely in our middle age years. I still feel young too, and vaguely hope that has something to do with the ageless quality of our souls. If not that then it’s just immaturity. Which is more likely, I ask you?

    Whatever! Thanks for your compliments too, and right back atcha!

    Even Better than Best,

  11. I’ll bet George Carlin would have had a choice comment or two about end users. 🙂

    Yeah, I bet he would have! I almost wonder if he did. Think I need to update my About page?

  12. I have a burning question for Dave…

    You may or may not remember posting a message nearly two years ago, but you probably remember the subject matter…

    A commercial for soda on black and white television that somehow allowed you to see color…

    It came up in discussion recently, and I was curious. I searched the internet in vain only to find two other pages that seemed to talk about the commercial in question. One site had you bringing up the commercial, but not being able to remember all the details:


    Have any luck remembering in the past two years? I’m dying to find out more, but keep running into dead ends.

    The other page had a guy mentioning the commercial too (and yes, I bugged him about it as well). If this helps, he seems to think it was during “Rat Patrol”.

    I’ll keep an eye on this page to see if you answer. Thanks!

    Thanks for your inquiry ynot4tony2. This is a bit frustrating for me too. I have also done some fruitless searching. My recollections are that it was a one-syllable brand name, like Crush, Wink, Squirt, or something like that. It surely was in the 60s too, probably the late 60s, and I lived in South Florida for a couple of those years, so it could have been there that I saw this commercial. It was a stroboscopic effect that was probably dangerous to anyone with seizure disorders, and made an illusion of color. Sorry I can’t remember more. Please let me know if you discover anything else, and I will do the same.

  13. I’m glad you left that ad there just in case somebody might need a pair of gloves, not right now, but in a few months, and may have to buy them in Pakistan, because those little shops in the backstreet that used to sell them before they turned to real estate first and to mortgage financing later have all closed down, and who would travel all the way to Madrid to buy a pair of gloves?

    I’m glad that you’re glad cantueso. Sometimes spam is worth consideration.

    I buy my gloves at the hardware store.

  14. Oh good! I was looking for a new pair of gloves! I love spam…

    Do you REALLY love spam?

  15. However, I think that ad isn’t spam. It is a little letter stating he is selling gloves. The communication isn’t off-topic either, since this blog is partly about hard work in the garden where good gloves are helpful.

    Those spam things are always just so thrown together, as if the writer didn’t even want to be read.

    Yes, it was the most charming spam I’d ever received, so I left it in place. Most spam is advertising, this piece happened to be readable and polite. Lets call it human spam. As opposed to bot spam. It was not caught by the Akismet filter that WordPress provides.

    I followed the link, and was saddened to see that they sell every sort of glove BUT garden gloves. And shin guards. Is there any further discussion needed here?

  16. I reckon I am an “end-user.” I mostly sit on mine. If you support end-users, what does that say about you? Does that mean you will fight for our rights to sit around or are you actually a chair?

    I am not a chair, no. The ‘end user’ is the final victim in the chain that starts with software developers, goes on to publishers, beta testers, advertisers etc. We’re all end users, Unusual. Thanks for commenting on this ‘About’ page. I keep thinking I ought to update it, but after re-reading it it still makes sense.

    Also, I meant to ask, perhaps I should do so at your own ‘About’ page. What makes you still feel unusual?

    • … and you may refer to me as Sle or, if you prefer, S. Le

      That’s better, thanks Sle!

      • … and I’m chuffed to learn you are not a chair! Strange to be commenting on a chair’s blog. Even stranger a chair would write a blog to begin with, yeah?

        Oo, another new word, also with double-fs. I would expect a blog written by a chair would be depressing and boring, whereas here, you’ll rarely be depressed by my ‘thoughts’, only bored. Part of my ‘no harm done’ money-back guarantee.

  17. Your idea is outstanding; the issue is something that not enough people are speaking intelligently about.


  18. I told you about the Google stats collapse. It is due to a basic change in the Google image search. If your pic shows in a search and you click on it, it opens up full-size right there and the viewer doesn’t get to see your site.

    I would also have told you about SEO = search engine optimization = organizing your info so that (mostly Google?) spiders can easily classify you. Well, I may have to transfer my better posts to a Google blog, because WordPress favours community interaction more than SEO, and I never had anything but SEO visiutors, i.e. the anonymous crowd, mainly young people.

    My hits are down 50 percent in one blog and 80 percent in the other..

    I don’t share the interest in statistics and from the beginning considered my blogging efforts to be purely selfish recreation. That I’ve met 5 or 10 really interesting people (like you) these past 6 years has been a wonderful bonus.

  19. I got here via dilligaf. A very cool page you have here. You take good pix. I’m only a couple of years older than you. You’ve inspired me to get more active. I’ll see if I still feel that way in the morning.

    Thank you for your comment oldfossil. I hope that inspiration proved useful. Sorry it took me so long to respond.

  20. hi 0-Dave – or is it Hi-Yo, Dave! Romi’s run away to Paris and I feel like no-one’s left. If you decide to post again on the regular, can you sign me up or send me an email or leave word on this thread so I’ll know so I can check in? Swing by SlowWriting.Cafe (https://slowwriting.cafe/) anytime. Book a function and I’ll finish the paint job in Open Minds to accomodate your party.

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