Posted by: David | March 31, 2021

Doom ‘n Dread

My previous post whined about PTSD, where the T stands for trump. Sad to say, it’s gotten worse since January. He’s resurfaced, as expected, the way that corpse’s arm bobbed up from the Pennsatucky pond in the final scene of Deliverance. Still uttering those big, fat lies. And the mainstream/social media give him the oxygen he needs to keep his hateful fire smoldering toward 2024. I’m fully aware that I’m providing oxygen too, unable to fully eject the horrid troll from my mind. It’s no longer waking me up at 2 a.m., but that background dread level never went away after DT lost the 2020 election.

Why do I let it bother me so much? Tens of millions of fellow citizens, some with whom I am actually friendly, literally LOVE this exceptional con artist. So they’re afraid of immigrants, and socialism, and elitism! So they hate what scares them. So they gotta have their guns ‘n ammo. So what?! What hurts is their acceptance as gospel every blasphemous utterance. They actually believe he won the 2020 election, that covid 19 is fake, and that climate change is a hoax. Never mind the Q-nuts … they’re too far gone to care about. Like zombies, no hope for them. They used to have The National Enquirer, now they have the internet to get their fix of crazy so much faster.

But what hurts the most is that we’ve ALL been gaslighted. Four years of chaos and lies. The daily angst, wondering what hellfire would next burst from the White House. Four years of devastating lies every day, culminating in hoaxifying the pandemic and trashing a legal election. And this miscreant still commands his “party”! His faithful believe all the lies. To dismiss them all as ignorant is just too easy, and only feeds their notion of us liberals as elitists. It’s more than that. His utterances are supernatural in the way they grab the ears and eyes of friends and foes alike, lodging near the heart, producing delight or disgust. Supernatural.

Alas, what we have now is a standoff of historic scale. Just about down the middle, each side believing that the other wants to destroy the nation. Because I’m to the left, I’ll take my hope from the fact that trump’s hideous behavior disgusted normally reluctant/lazy voters enough to vote against the beast. It’s encouraging that he actually lost the popular vote twice. This is why the right-wingers are working furiously to rig the system against the majority. Apparently they lack appreciation for that fundamental aspect of democracy, majority rule, but wish only to cling to power using whatever methods are available. Sounds like fascism to me. God help us.


  1. With the country safely in Biden’s hands, I’ve done my best to ignore national politics — Dolt-45 and his followers in particular. I know I have my head in the sand, but I sleep better this way.

    Thank you Pied! We’re on the same page, almost. “Head-in-sand” mode is available when needed for rest, now that Dolt-45 (LOL!) is out of the frame. It’s a HUGE relief to have a “normal” president in the White House, but my subconscious dwells on trump and his band of thugs working to rig the 2024 election. May they all burn in hell. Selah!

  2. Well written, Dave. I am afraid that many people have stopped paying attention because “Biden is safely in office.” I don’t believe we will be safe until the Dems have a true majority, and even then, I am sick that people will stop being vigilant. Apathy is what led us to Trump in the first place. We need to never let that ball drop again.

    Thank you Maleesha! You may be right, since the republicans have so lost their way. I sure don’t feel safe. I think poor education, disinformation, and the archaic structure of the Electoral College, along with the apathy you mention, are what got us trump. Not to mention that there are a lot of angry, hate-filled people in the nation, some of them mouthing their materialist Christian malarkey. So they can have their moronic messiah, he won’t go away until Satan calls him home.

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