Posted by: David | January 25, 2021


Post Trump Stress Disorder … yep. It’s a thing. Sure, he’s at swamp-a-lago nursing his bruised ego, a huge undertaking, and now setting up his office of the CSA (C=Confederate). Maybe the insane clown posse are helping. I don’t know about you, but even though they’re out of sight, they are most assuredly not out of mind. They’re not waking me up in the wee hours any more, however I’m all but certain that we’re not done with them. They’re like a black hole, infinitely dark and insatiable, with an event horizon that keeps truth out. Masterful liar, he will never stop. One hard and persistent lie about the election, former president gets right and left to square off, each implacably accusing the other of treason.

There remains the distant noise of gears still turning. The Lie Machine, like that T-1000 robot in the second Terminator movie, liquid metal, frozen and shattered, but reassembling itself for the climactic act. The GOP toadies are still yammering away, spewing the same disinformation, still under the spell. Don’t hold your breath for Senate conviction in Impeachment II. It’s very unlikely, if not impossible. The Big Lie About the Election will continue. As himself is rumored to have said, the GOP and their FOX-watching throng are the best marks, so gullible and so determined to wallow in their post WWII nostalgia. When the USA was top dog, racism was okay, and drunk driving wasn’t even a crime …

They blather on about their constituents’ “concerns” (the 75 million voters they fooled) regarding “fair elections”. Never mind that this wasn’t a concern in 2016, or really ever, in the USA, where election rules and regulations are hard-wired and sacred. Never mind that the “concerns” only appeared after Dear Leader kept lying to them about the election being stolen from him. Sadly, the first amendment really does protect their ill-informed speech and expression. Even after they trashed the Capitol building.

So that is the source of my PTSD. That the persistent source of truth erosion has been slowed a bit is comforting. The nagging feeling that the snake will return for its final act. Thanks, Joe, for the opportunity to catch our breath, and god speed you and your team in your endeavors.


  1. It will be months, if not years, before I stop worrying about his followers striking again and again. After all, he’s a martyr now, one whose throne was supposedly stolen from him in a rigged election. I don’t believe for a second that he’s going to fade quietly away.

  2. PTSD- Persistent Truth Source Deficit ? Thanks for writing Dave!

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