Posted by: David | January 12, 2021

Insurrection, Siege, Riot … Whatever

Trump invited people to attend this event, scheduled for the same time as the joint session of Congress. Coincidence? Of course not. His son, some other has-been, Ghouliani and then he himself whipped up the crowd with his standard patter of lies about the corrupt election, the same old deep, white resentment and that secret sauce, the subliminal confrontational imagery. Toward the end of nearly 11,000 angry, rambling words he said exactly this:

Now it is up to Congress to confront this egregious assault on our democracy. And after this, we’re going to walk down and I’ll be there with you. We’re going to walk down– We’re going to walk down. Anyone you want, but I think right here, we’re going to walk down to the Capitol–

Okay, so he didn’t tell people to bring pipe bombs, zip ties or other weapons. Plenty of plausible deniability down each rabbit hole. But considered at large it’s certain that Trump and his insane clown posse did their very best to arrange things in such a way that would nearly guarantee a riot and invasion of the capitol. The intent was to disrupt the certification of the Electoral College results.

Turn your cameras, please, and show what is really happening out here because these people are not going to take it any longer, they’re not going to take it any longer.

He also said “I’ll go with you …” and “I’ll be there with you …” which most transcriptions found online seem to omit. But I heard him say that, in real time, and knew damn well he had no such intention. Snake slithered back to the White House to watch his cunning plan unfold on TV. He likes to watch TV, kinda like Chauncey Gardiner, in the 1979 film by Peter Sellers, Being There. What he’d hoped for, Pelosi and Pense to be carried out of the Capitol in restraints, to be hung on the rickety gallows or to endure whatever torture the manic throng would deliver, thankfully that didn’t happen. Is it any wonder he and Pence paused their conversation for some days? Now there is an imaginary conversation for the ages …

Hey dude! Thanks for trying to KILL me! WTF bruh?!
Oh come on Mike, you know I was just being sarcastic!
My daughter was there too, y’know? Why you gotta be that way?
Jesus Mike, it wasn’t me! Oh sorry didn’t mean to curse your Jesus’s name. It was those morons that voted for us! They’re OFF THE HOOK! They just don’t get LAW AND ORDER! WTF, amirite?

He was probably not all that shocked that the outcome wasn’t what he’d hoped it would be. Because he’s gotta be used to that after a lifetime of failure and despair. Here’s what I’d like most to happen, knowing that it won’t. I’d like to see Trump forced, under duress if necessary, to admit to all his supporters that he’s a liar, and that he’s been lying about the election for months. That the democrats actually won the election fair and square, same as he did in 2016. An apology for bungling the pandemic would be nice too. Finally, an admission that he is NOT the Messiah, Rambo, The Terminator or even Chuck Norris. That he’s a failed businessman turned reality TV star with possibly psychotic delusions of grandeur and a ruinous insatiability. That he doesn’t believe in Jesus Christ or any other god, and that he doesn’t even know how to hold a bible.

Stolen (borrowed) meme image from the interwebs …

Finally, since I’m fantasizing, that he’s going to rehab to quit his fast food habit, and counseling to try to figure out how his parents ruined him. Maybe take a mindfulness class, get some fresh air … like Jack Nicholson when his character revealed his devilish nature to the churchgoers in The Witches of Eastwick. At the end of that film, you may remember, the devil shriveled into a winged phantasmagorical entity, then vanished like a bad dream.

CGI wasn’t so great in 1987, but you get the idea.

Please light a candle, say a prayer, sit in meditation or whatever other positive energies you can come up with to assist our flailing nation. This is the denouement of a nightmare set in motion long ago by Wall Street, Madison Avenue and the eternally bloody macho daydreams of Hollywood. We will survive. Amen.


  1. Goodness, what an imagination you have. I’d settle for hearing him say, “I’m sorry.” Or maybe, “I lied.” From behind bars, of course. (I’ll bet he’s never said that in his entire life.)

    Um, thanks? (Always, thanks for visiting and commenting.) I wish I didn’t have to imagine such crap. If not for the vodka and meditation practice, I’d surely be dead by now from spontaneous combustion. The dread drags on like Maxwell House coffee, BAD to the last drop. If nothing else we have learned more than we ever wanted to know about narcissistic and sociopathic personality disorders.

    If we could get one admission from him, I would choose “I lied about the election being rigged”. That might get some of his followers to wake up and find some other target for their rage. Pray it will be soon when we can stop living in constant fear of what dreadful thing he’ll say or do next.

  2. The proof of the strength of our democracy is that we will, as you said, survive this.

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