Posted by: David | December 31, 2020

Patriotism Redux

Erm, I guess my blog has risen from the dead. Lucky you! Publishing this post on the last day of 2020. You know what they say, hindsight is 2020! Amirite?

Well, we got through 4 years of dread and chaos and managed to unseat the worst president the USA has ever known. But not before he was able to run his long con on some 70,000,000 unhappy, angry, deluded folks who’s sense of patriotism was called upon to vote for Burning It All Down (oh, but it’s us libtards who hate America!). They’re still working on that. Apparently they think that they can somehow speed up the apocalyptic timetable, the one set in motion by their creator, whose very thoughts they pretend to know.

What the FUCK do we do now? These clowns care so little about the nation that they’re willing to undermine the electoral system that gave them control in the first place. By accident. Or by virtue of the fact that these same 70,000,000 “deplorables” hated Hillary Clinton so much that they voted for a despicable, pussy-grabbing, bankrupt, draft&tax-dodging reality TV huckster instead. Cuz they loved being lied to, right in their face! Somehow, a superlatively ballsy liar turns some people right on! He pisses on the constitution and wipes his ass with the flag of the Divided States of America. Because he cares!

Again, WTF now? The final days of Trump’s term find him bitter and enraged. Following a scorched earth strategy. Imagine him with a gun to the head of lady liberty, IF I CAN’T HAVE HER, THEN NOBODY CAN!! Meanwhile, over on Parler, the berserkers are carrying on like a lawnmowed anthill. Let’s light some candles and pray that they may see someday feel some love and light, and awake from the dark nightmare that the Conman In Chief sold to them. They’ve as much reason to be angry and hurt as we all do, but have chosen only convenient beliefs, a Qaleidoscope of terror and lies. Reality is ready for them, whenever they awaken.


  1. Hi, stranger! Yep, it’s been like watching Gen. Sherman’s march to the sea. And he still has 20 more days! I share your concern about all the hate-filled supporters he has encouraged and enabled. What will they do once Der Fuhrer is gone? How could so many people ever have voted for him in the first place? Dare we hope they’ll crawl back under their rocks?

    Anyhoo, here’s to a Happier New Year for you and your loved ones. Cheers!

    Hi Pied! Happy New Year to you and yours also! Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. It’s been a couple of years, yeah. Good for you for continuing to publish, that was very responsible of you. Remnant of your years as an editor I assume. Anyway, as you can imagine, I withdrew, blaming Facebook for Trumpocalypse, and that pulled me away from blogging. The words weren’t coming … much vodka was consumed. Now that we’re at the dénouement of this debacle, I find myself scrolling Twitter endlessly … I have another post on deck though. About a good habit I developed a year ago: meditation.

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