Posted by: David | November 11, 2016

I Should Post Something

I haven’t felt this heartsick since 9/11. A devastating gut punch, and nobody to blame for it. Election night, after it became obvious, I went to bed. Slept horribly. Woke every hour or two with pure dread radiating from the center of my being. Sort of like when a loved one dies, and with each recollection a surge of fresh pain. Oh yes, that happened. That really happened! 

Never hated a politician more in my life than I’ve hated Trump. Oh right, wait, he’s not a politician. He’s a supremely skilled mega-huckster. And a billionaire. I hate billionaires too. Not personally, since I have no friends that are billionaires. So at this point, I hate that I hated.

If I did have billionaire friends, I would tell them to stop. Stop being billionaires! What can anyone do with such ridiculous wealth? How can anyone live with that, while there is so much hardship in the world? How can you sleep? With pills I guess.

And now, The Elephant is in The Room. Elephant, take care. You are very nearly extinct you know. We know that you feel loss and mourning, by observing your handling remains of your departed. You’ve really screwed the pooch this time, but you pulled out your customary victory. Besting the opponent for whom the majority voted. And now you have the job to do. Prayers of the righteous and the damned rise like smoke to guide you.

Make America great again … your huge campaign slogan. Based on the erroneous assumption that America is not currently great. This was your last mistake. You took your lucky break, and broke it in two. Now what can be done for you?


  1. I am worried about all of the marginalized people he claims he will help. How could they believe that tripe? He’s never helped a single person, EVER! If he’d pay his back taxes the national debt would sigh with relief. I’m hoping to retire in 2018. Will any of us be able to? 46% of registered voters did not vote. Shame on them! Thanks, Dave, for your words. You nailed it.

    Thank YOU S. Le for your comment. Only today I read that indeed, this was the lowest voter turnout ever. My town hall was jammed! But then, New Hampshire voted for the democrats, mostly. A coworker mused last Wednesday at lunch “Trump’s probably sitting at his laptop right now furiously Googling “How to be president of the USA”!

  2. Don’t let a buffoon get you to hate Dave you’re so much better than that. Pray for his betterment. Better use of all that energy ( : hugs

    Oh addisonshow! You’re like the Buddha! I love that. Thank you!!

  3. Dave- I wrote a long response to your blog and it failed and I am so sick I can’t bring myself to re-write it…I think the founding fathers put the electoral college in to protect democracy from the people…I wonder if they thought about protecting the people from the power?

    Oh shit, sorry Becky! Thanks for what you wrote here. I have been wondering about this too. Is voting a right or a privilege? Does each vote count for an informed decision or the result of manipulation? The Electoral College seems to present another opportunity for gaming the system. Let the popular majority vote decide.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  4. I hope this is the last time we see the Electoral College denying the will of the majority.

    Good lord yes. If there IS a next time! OK NO. This cycle will truly test our mettle as a nation. If our fault tolerance is sustainably up to snuff, we will survive the Trumpocalypse. Or we’ll mostly all die and Jesus will do his long-awaited encore. Can’t wait for him to tell Trump “You’re FIRED!”

  5. I was wondering how you felt about the election. I have been inspired to write again for the public, which I haven’t been able to since 2012 when I was gutted at the end of the year. My anger about this Cheeto leader elect has brought me out of my shell. I am glad to hear we feel the same way.

    Thank you Maleesha, please point me to your writings/blog posts whatever, wherever as I want to read them! Gutted is a good description of how Erection 2016 has me feeling. Anger not so much, just deep despair. Trump will, as he has always done, work tirelessly at undoing himself. Hopefully he and his idiot throng won’t destroy everything in the process. We have an enormous buffering engine in our civilian and armed services sectors.

  6. Ah, dear David. Right there with you, buddy. Heartsick and filled with despair for what the future may hold for us all.

    As is my wont … I eventually arrived at a few operationally optimistic stratagems. For example … he never expected to win, therefore never prepared for that event, therefore will do the same horrible job as he’s done with everything else in his life, therefore one term or less … during which we’ll be thankful for the Great Buffering Power of the Immense Bureaucracy That Is Our Government. Even a tyrant like Trump will struggle against it. Or he’ll just declare martial law and jail everyone who tweeted against him. Which means me. D’OH!!!

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