Posted by: David | March 23, 2016


On approach toward an ominous birthday. Thank heaven for grandchildren! They really help to soften the blows. Thirty was a little iffy, fifty was nothing, but sixty’s approach feels more fraught. Not sure why. It’s been a glide-path forever. Ascending? Descending? All that’s certain is that it’s unpowered flight, at the mercy of time and the wind.


In preparation for this, some routines have been re-calibrated. For example, underwear. The white cotton briefs worn for five-plus decades have been replaced by boxer briefs. They are black and gray. And surprisingly comfortable.

The weekday breakfast routine has gone from 1/3 cup rolled oats + 2 tablespoons flax meal to 1/4 cup oats and 1 tablespoon flax meal. And the 40+ men’s one daily multivitamin has been replaced with a more accurate (agewise) multivitamin for men 55 and over. The label says to take two, but one per day will be fine.


Grab the wheel firmly.



  1. Still ascending!

    Thank you Pied! If I can stay healthy, then maybe decade 6 will be OK. Thanks for visiting and commenting. My blog has gotten very rusty in the last few years. I blame it on becoming a grandparent.

    • Grandparenting is the best excuse in the world!

      Yes, it IS a pretty good excuse isn’t it? My granddaughter simply melts my heart just by smiling at me! The new grandson has started doing that same thing at just a few months old.

  2. Did I miss your Birthday? If it means anything, you are the youngest looking 60 year old I know. I’m going to assume you didn’t wear the same white cotton briefs for the last five-plus decades…?

    bschooled! Thanks for visiting this old blog. The fateful birthday comes in early June. Your sweet compliment means a lot- chalk up the youthful appearance to plenty of drinking, smoking and Photoshop. Your assumption is sound. I’ve owned several pairs of these briefs over the years, but always the same, uh, style. It’s tough to admit, but I didn’t even discover “tagless” underwear until just a few years ago. Along with Oxi Clean. 🙂

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