Posted by: David | March 28, 2015

Identity Repair

My health insurance carrier was in the news recently. They were hacked. It was a news item back in early February. Six weeks later comes the letter to affected policy holders. The first page details how little they knew about what information was actually stolen, how long they “believe” it may have gone on (since December 2014) and what timely action they took. No snark intended here; as an IT worker I understand the impact of such attacks, and the time it can take figuring out what happened. As many news reports stated, this attack was stealthy and sophisticated. An A for effort on disclosure.


That said, I restate my crackpot claim that health insurance is the second most reprehensible of all the organized crime industries. The first? ADVERTISING!

What I really liked appeared on page 2 of the letter. The insurer has provided 2 years of free protection, contracting with AllClear ID. “The team at AllClear ID is ready and standing by if you need identity repair assistance.

I really could have used some of that back in the mid-1970s!


  1. I can’t disagree with your assessment of both the health insurance and advertising industries. I’d throw in Big Pharma as well.

    Yes! Big Pharma could be #3 I suppose. When Big Pharma jumped in bed with Advertising, things took a decided turn for worse.

    • Also sorry to hear you were the victim of an info hack. That’s got to be worrisome, even if a problem never develops.

      Thank you. So far, so good.

  2. I don’t believe we ever got a letter from them. Twits.

    Maybe your information wasn’t at risk. Or they just ran out of stationery. Twits!

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