Posted by: David | March 21, 2015

Spoiler Alert!!

The title makes you hopeful, huh? Sorry, no, but there’s time to turn back! Confirmed. This  post is 100% non-conclusive! And note that NOTHING  has been posted here for close to a year. This is my perfunctory apology for non-blogging. You’d think that WordPress would automatically delete this blog for exceeding inactivity limits, but hey! It’s improved! It’s gluten-free and biodegradable! And no nuts were harmed in the creation of this post.


So I was recently telling some friends about a movie called Side Effects. It was a much better film than I’d expected it to be from its cheesy graphic (above). In the tradition of judging books by their covers, it was frequently bypassed while browsing the Netflix offerings. I was trying, struggling really, to sell the plot to my friends without giving it away. It was a film I thought that they might really like. But, regretting the words as they escaped from my mouth, I said “… the psychiatrist is vindicated!” This was met with a withering stare. It was like I’d just pissed in the punch. Puked in the pistachios. Pooped on the pastry … you get the picture. By revealing the Hollywood ending, I’d nailed the coffin shut. No reason to watch it now. Well that’s just ridiculous. And that’s the topic of this here post.

Proclamation: There is no such thing as a SPOILER. It’s a marketing ploy used to enhance sales of perishables.

We all know that our lives are going to end, but we live them anyway. If you’re willing to expend the requisite effort to “suspend disbelief” when reading books like Watership Down or The Hobbit, or watching things like Dr. Who, The Bachelor, The Daily Show or any musical production whatsoever, then you should be willing to follow and enjoy any story in active defiance of your brain’s irresistible attempts to prefigure the denouement. I mean really, how many NEW stories are there? Let’s count them up: ZERO.

Is anything lost by knowing the ending of a story well told? Is it the destination or is it the journey? Well I’m here to tell you that it’s the JOURNEY. The destination? Death. We know that. We know the magician isn’t really sawing the lady in half, but if we’ve made the horrible choice to be in that audience, then we’d better just go ahead and enjoy it and pray that the magician doesn’t call us up on stage to pull coins out of our noses. Or else take it up with management and see about getting a full refund of ticket price. That would be the smart choice, having failed to make the smartest choice of not buying those tickets in the first place.

If you have a favored book, film or TV series that you love to read or watch over and over again, then you get what I’m saying. I guess the same applies to music. We listen to the music we love repeatedly, which only makes us love it more.

The End.


  1. He lives!!

    Gotta admit you piqued my curiosity about this. I just may have to hack into my son’s Netflix account and watch it.

    Yes, I live. Thanks for your comment Pied! Netflix is sort of amazing, for having nearly died as sunset fell on the DVD era, the service now offered for less than $10/month is quite a deal. Hint hint …

  2. I clicked on the Like button, but I did not understand the post. I often read things without understanding them. Usually, after a hundred pages or so, things become intelligible again.

    Thank you for liking it cantueso. Impressive that you allow 100 pages of incomprehension! I would give up long before that.

  3. Hey! Hey!!! You are here! Blimey! Thought I’d imagined it.

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