Posted by: David | May 4, 2014

Muse Neglect

Or has it been muse abuse? Probably neither. Fact is, this here blog receded to the very back-est burner of my life. Then we got a whole new stove and the delivery guys carted away the old one, complete with its uncleanably greasy recesses and that aforementioned back burner. The dented aluminum pot which had been simmering there for 4 or 5 months boiled dry before last xmas. Possibly. Not like I was paying attention to it. ‘Twas not a watched pot.

It’s been The Spring of Frosty Windshields.

And it was a long long winter. It wasn’t the winter of my discontent, but I did learn a few things. Things I Thought I Already Knew. Things I should not have had to relearn. You know that old saying some things are better left unsaid? It’s SO true. It might even be the case for me that MOST things are better left unsaid. Not to be cryptic or anything, but, well, I don’t want to talk about it.  What I’m doing here is trying to make excuses for the fact that there has been no Thought-0-Dave posted here since before last Thanksgiving. So lucky you, you’ve had a nice break.


Only yesterday, May 3rd, did the first bicycle ride of 2014 happen. Over the winter I read and listened to many works of fiction. Watched many TV shows and movies on the Netflix and Amazon Prime. Also found some music to keep my brain humming along. Notable among the music finds were these: An Awesome Wave by a band called Alt-J. A Quiet Darkness by a band called Houses, and Repave, by a band called Volcano Choir. There were others, but these 3 kept my auditory attention for weeks and played in my mental music box through all the waking hours …

One of last autumn’s more successful if not extremely tedious projects; black walnuts from a tree on our property. This bag of about a pound of nuts represents about 10 hours of work.

Things at work have been moving along at breakneck speed. This academic year is about to end already, and another busy summer of projects begins to unfold. In the previous post I was complaining about all that stuff, so why go on? Instead, here is a photo of an odd collection of stuff on top of the file cabinet in my office where filed software on optical disks gets rancid and moldy. Nothing decays faster than software, I always say … Maybe this summer I’ll throw all those disks out. All the software I work with now has been downloaded for a few years now. No more disks.

I think you’ll agree that this is an odd collection of stuff.

One does what one must in order to maintain one’s sanity, doesn’t one?


  1. Glad Homer and Marge have a special place. 😉

  2. Nice to read your voice again Dave. A long winter indeed. But I always thought black walnuts were nut shaped rocks– did you use a Sawzall?

    omg the epic garlic!

  3. Nice. Love Homer and Marge. Miss your blog, but mine is also on the back burner of the stove that got replaced.

  4. Horrid winter. Seemed like every few days I was thinking “Another storm!? Those poor people.” Which of course included about half the country. Good to hear from you again.

  5. Nice to see your post! Come on summer break!!!!!!

  6. 1. Cool snaps!
    2. I adore black walnuts!
    3. That is an odd collection of stuff but one must consider the source. Incidentally, I find it to be rather OCD in its neatness. Just sayin!
    4. I’m glad you’re still around. I am still making up my mind. Think I ever will?

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