Posted by: David | April 17, 2013

After Word

Yeah, I know, I said I was done with this blogging stuff. But this morning, something happened. I had a lot of dreams last night and the one that stuck with me the most featured a young man that I worked with many years ago. He was a super nice kid and went on to study computer science in college. In the dream he was loudly stating that it would not be possible to have an “UNDERSTAND” button on any sort of computer program or machine. No more is remembered from this dream, but I awoke thinking how cool would that be if you could just click the “UNDERSTAND” button? The software would then tell you just what it all meant.

We had a seasonal setback last week. But today the yard is clear of frozen stuff.

The garlic sprouts didn’t mind the frozen crap at all. It was sleety snow. Ick.

The other cool thing that happened this morning is that a small flock of turkeys appeared in our front yard. A tom and three hens. The tom was earnestly displaying his macho desirability while the hens pranced about pecking distractedly at the gravel in our driveway. Maybe there were microscopic grains or seeds or whatever snow fleas survived last week’s sleet storm. Maybe their pecking at the ground while the man-bird struts his stuff is just their way of saying “What EVER dude. You ALL that and a bag a chips.”


It’s a good thing the turkeys don’t come into the back yard to hang out under the bird feeders. The dog would find that completely intolerable.



  1. What a great dream– thanks for sharing it. I want an ‘understand’ button for insurance, taxes and my sister-in-law. And a cut and paste tool for my house. I did have a nice flying dream recently. But no entertaining turkeys.

    Thanks for commenting linniew. You’re so right, “UNDERSTAND” buttons should be on EVERYTHING. I haven’t had a flying dream in years, but sometimes I feel like I’m flying when riding my bicycle.

  2. Dreams can be amazing. Sometimes I dream I’m back on the submarine, which I left in 1977. Haven’t seen any turkeys recently in the yard, but they are still in the area. Our weather is a bit different than yours. It’s finally warmed up and I mowed the yard for the first time yesterday.

    Yes, Mike, dreams are amazing all right. I often dream of the last big city in which I lived back in 1975, Portland, OR. Even though I was only there for a couple of years, it was a very formative time in my life. Many firsts.

    Warm here now too. Finally. But too dry. We need some rain.

  3. Sign me up for one of those “Understand” buttons!

    Will do Pied. I could use one right on top of my head. I would be pushing that button all day, like the rats in the experiment with the lever connected to their “pleasure centers”.

  4. I saw a wild turkey (not the beverage) in our woods for the first time since we moved here 9 1/2 years ago. Might be a wild turkey invasion in the making! Keep a watchful eye!

    I certainly will. Though not as smart as crows, they’ve got a lot more on the ball than they’re given credit for. They’ve already invaded here. Perhaps they’re angling for their rightful title as the National Bird.

  5. i will miss my monthly lurk about thoughts-0-Dave. . . I hope you pick up pen/pencil/keyboard in some other space I can get to.

    WELL vermonter, sorry to interrupt your missing. Thank you for your nice comment. Why has it taken me so many years to notice ACM.ORG?

  6. First time here and you’re quitting? Well that’s rude… An understand button would be awesome. I still catch myself looking for a remote to “pause” real life when I miss something.

    Thanks for commenting kidfreeliving! Pardon my rudeness. I’m not quite dead yet. I think I’ll go for a walk …

    I miss the pause and “back” buttons most when listening to the radio and not quite catching something. Why doesn’t radio have this tech yet?

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