Posted by: David | February 10, 2013

Snowstorm Nemo?

So we had a big blizzard a couple days ago.  It was the biggest snow storm we’ve had around in here in at least a couple of years. I’m sure you’ve heard plenty about it already so here’s some more … But I do have some photos to share. And I posted a question to my Facebook friends to inquire about why the storm was named “Nemo”. I could Google it, but I’m just too lazy to go ahead and do that. Hopefully by the time I finish this post some Facebook buddies will supply the answer.

My car inside the snow blanket.

The new 28″ Ariens Professional snow thrower proved itself very powerful.

We now have a”fleet” (OK, the smallest possible fleet- two) of snow throwers, both made-in-the-USA Ariens machines. Good to know the USA can still make such good stuff. The guy at the shop assured me that this model would blow snow “like a motherfucker”. SOLD! The older one is a few inches smaller and since it’s been very well maintained by that same great little nearby shop, it’s still in great shape. So it’s my wife’s snow blower. I’m tempted to call it “the girly snow blower” but haven’t dared to yet. Yesterday we were both out there.

Wendy Snowblowing
My wife and I had moved 20,000 metric tons of snow by 5:00 pm. Estimated …

Folks to the south of us fared far worse, getting a full yard or more of the stuff. And it was heavy. OK, so my good old Facebook friends have provided the data. Apparently the TV network that makes a living talking about the weather, yes, The Weather Channel, have decided that winter storms should be named, just like hurricanes. Why the hell not?

This is Jessie the pony. Before the big snow storm.

In non-weather related news, our granddaughter, who we usually call “Peanut” (as we called her mother before her), had us all in stitches a few weeks back. We were over at her house for dinner, along with her other grandparents. She came around to each of us individually and made this devilish little face, a sort of “evil eye”,  then chuckled with great pride at her new comedy routine. It was hilarious!


Not much else to report here. Work is busy as ever, though we did have a “snow day” last Friday. It was a good call, and a difficult one, since there was not much happening in the way of precipitation early Friday morning when the decision had to be made.  The snow didn’t really get that serious until late afternoon and into the evening. Snow days are a different beast at a school where most of the students are residents. Even if classes are cancelled, the residents still need to be fed and the parking lots and walkways have to be cleared. I used my “day off” to work remotely and catch up on a bunch of things that need uninterrupted attention, which is nearly impossible during the average workday.

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  1. I’ve been thinking about you and wondering how much snow you got. More than you need, looks like.

    Have to laugh at your granddaughter. Mine pulls a very similar “evil eye,” head down with eyes glaring up from under a furrowed brow. Funny to see it in another little girl.

    Thank Pied! If eye-rolling were an Olympic sport, she’d get the silver, after that other woman with the famous smirk.

  2. There have been movie franchises made over little people/puppets making similar faces. Keep the camera handy….and the snow blower!!!

    Funny you should mention that. Her parents recently acquired smartphones that take great video. She was watching a video of Herself eating an ice cream on her mom’s phone and said “uh oh” when the video ended. She watched it many times and made every sympathetic gesture in synch with herself on the video. Which made the subject of yet another video …

    • How do you “make a franchise” over people making faces? Do you mean selling the photo? But that would not be polite towards the little girl who cannot yet defend her preferences.

      I can’t understand your avatar, mainly because it is very dark, but seems to show a winter coat. What does it mean?

      I am going to have my own avatar, too, but have not yet finished deciding.

      Ignorethebucklesonmyjacket refers to the Disney tradition of syrupy cuteness = money.

      The avatar is something called a straight jacket. A restraining device used for dangerous psychiatric patients. Probably not effective winter wear.

      I’ve always liked your purple giraffe avatar. It’s well designed.

      • There seems to be some mistake here or in your database, because that giraffe is not mine, but belongs to a friend of mine who is often here, and she would have preferred a camel, but because she cannot draw, she had to take what she could get.

        Oops. Sorry about that fantastic. Cantueso has the purple giraffe avatar. Database repaired. Thanks for visiting and commenting here.

        • @ fantastic — That’s right, the giraffe is mine. It is supposed to show that my thoughts are in high places always and rather necessarily.

  3. SO CUTE!! I love it when they learn to make faces. Teach her to roll her eyes next. Your daughter will thank you. Ha! Well what I read about ‘Nemo’ is just they decided to name all the storms, and they had these mythological names picked out before a flake fell. We got ‘Brutus’ back in 2012, for example. I hope we make it past Z. That will foil their naming plan!

    Too late! Eye rolling: CHECK! And we didn’t teach her.

    This storm-naming is silly. Sadly, reaching Z means nothing. They just start back over at A. Or maybe AA, AB, AC (nerd alert)

  4. I am so glad I don’t live where you do! Scary snow and even scarier granddaughter!! Yikes! Evil eye!!

    Yeah, there’s no snow in Ohio. That should be an old saying. This snow was serious, but not scary. 3 or more feet is scary. The Peanut will be 2 in a month. You’re right about her. She’s scary.

  5. “Those of you who have been praying for snow, please stop now.”

    I saw it last year on a big sign in front of a church.

    But your house is still there and the car is well protected against theft. That’s nice. Nowadays nothing can be taken for granted. After all, that rock that fell down on the Russians, the radioactive? horsemeat that is being sold in Europe, the Spanish bank that could not be sold to any institutional investors and was therefore sold to the hapless poor…… there but for fortune.

    Great cook that you are, have you heard of Couscous yet?

    This comment gave me pause. You are SO right about not taking anything for granted. Those two space rocks in one day were really terrifying.

    Yes, I have heard of couscous. I am quite fond of it and would cook it more often if I thought to do so. Of course it is probably filled with highly toxic GLUTEN. Which would only make me love it more …

    • I didn’t know gluten was toxic. Are you sure it is? You would know that any article on health “issues” draws hits galore, and so all journalists and bloggers love to create issues.

      I remember one in the New York Times about papper making the stomach bleed, and the writer ended his article saying, now we do know that, but we don’t know whether this bleeding is good or bad.

      Gluten toxicity is comic material for me. However, people who suffer from celiac disease would likely be offended. I dislike creating issues, and find it a sad state of affairs that people are so drawn to articles and posts on diseases and syndromes. It makes it more difficult to sort the useful from useless information.

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