Posted by: David | December 12, 2012

Twelve Twelve Twelve

This is the 360th post of this blog.  It’s like I’ve come full circle.

Posted on the 12th day of the 12th month of the 12th year of this century.

Yeah? Tell it to the wee plastic animals gramps.

The wee plastic animals just don’t care about the significance of the date. But I do.  For some stupid reason.



  1. Yeah, it could’ve been a brilliant day to get married or have a baby. Since I’m already past both of those things, I just enjoyed the special date which won’t happen again for 88 years which I’ll be dead by and won’t care about that either.

    In 88 years it will be 2100, so are you talking about 12/12/21? I can’t wait!

    • Nice of your Granddaughter to hang about with wee plastic animals with tags on their legs. Are those tags for if they run off?

      Maybe. The tags are hard to remove. And if they did try to run off, the granddaughter would put a stop to that straightaway!

  2. What is Lydia thinking? Now I would not have recognized her. — I have only seconds before I get disconnected again. The little girl looks like you said something that she might have to object to.

    Yes. That’s why I chose that photo- the incredulous expression.

    • Warning: rather than incredulous, she looks skeptical.What did you try to establish?

      Skeptical is the better word. With a tiny hint of sarchasm.

      • What kind of chasm?!!! You haven’t told her about that hadron collider, have you?!

        • Remember how I had to slave for the IRS?
          Well, so yesterday I received from them this oblong grey suspect-looking, thin envelope, an ugly thing.
          A check.
          100.36 USA dollars sent as a “refund”.

          Of course it was a mistake. I have already sent it back.

  3. Maybe instead of all those animals, she would rather have a few plastic cloves and plants of garlic to play with.

    Garlic is notably absent from the various collections of toy vegetables we have accumulated over the years. Perhaps a letter should be written to the manufacturers of these things.

  4. Well we survived the end of the world. Now what? (Clearly the little granddaughter knows, but she’s not telling.)

    Yes, linniew, we got past yet ANOTHER apocalypse. When will all these apocalypses end for cryin out loud?! I like your idea that the granddaughter knows but is keeping it to herself. She’s TOTALLY like that.

  5. Happy Christmas, mate!

    You too S. Le! I’m THIS close to watching Withnail and I on this holiday break.

    • And the Carnaval? Don’t you celebrate the Carnaval there? The Carnaval is of great importanse because it allows the Truth to come out in the open. We call it Spring Cleaning.

      Maybe the closest thing to that in USA is Mardi Gras? Something to do with the ashes and Lent, I’ve heard. I know nothing of these things. Where I live the early spring is still winter.

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