Posted by: David | December 9, 2012

The Last Couple of Weeks

Alas, our Mayan forebears tell us that we’re at the end of a long cycle. At least all you triskaidekaphobes can take heart, the 13th b’ak’tun is finally over. You’ve certainly heard about this already, as the winter solstice just coming up is the Actual Day. I just wanted to say that it’s been good to know ya. No really. Each ending is also a beginning.

This is Skye, our granddaughter’s new Golden Retriever puppy.

If that isn’t enough to bother you, then consider this. According to our Scientists, 96% percent of the Universe is missing. Well they don’t like to say missing. They prefer the word “dark”. Dark matter, dark energy, or some shit. That dark stuff is what’s making the Universe fly away from itself at an accelerated pace. Or so they say. I’m currently listening to a book about this topic. It’s called The 4% Universe. Apparently astrophysicists are sort of dorky.

What? Is there some kind of problem here?

Not to worry. If you do some Googling, you’ll find equal parts optimism and pessimism out there in the noosphere. The Old Agers seem to think that the sun will burn us up while earthquakes and aliens destroy our Great Cities. The New Agers seem to think that December 21 will expose our species to all the wisdom we can collectively handle. Take your pick.

The garden patiently awaits 2013.


  1. Forget the Mayans. They were just depressed because they didn’t have Golden retrievers in their lives. There’s not a better dog in the world for a kid to grow up with, IMHO. We had a Golden when my son was growing up, and my brother had one when his kids were young.

    Hope your holidays are merry and bright!

    Thank you Pied- Happy Holidays to you too. We also have the Golden history- when our daughter was growing up we had Lily from first grade through high school if memory serves … The terrier is getting some Golden treatment too.

  2. Hm. I’d teach a better religion class than you a philosophy class. I hope you understand that philosophy and all language based thought deal in metaphors and these are (necessarily) freely chosen by the thinker, which means they reveal something about his mind and nothing about the thing he is talking about. —

    I expect that you would better teach a class in ANYTHING than me. You’ve done well over the years to dispel any notions of truth or knowledge I may have thought to have possessed through the woefully inadequate machinations of language … And I like to think that in some deep way, though fluent in only one language, that I already understood how hopeless verbal communication really is. I remember first noting in my 20s that between the speaker’s ability to choose the words, the words passing through the air to the listener, who then must assemble, interpret and assign their own meanings to the speech as heard, the likelihood of proper transmission is, well, infinitesimal.

    • No, not infinitesimal at all, though a lot depends on what you mean by “proper”. The problem is not of “transmission”. It is in the nature of words, since necessarily everyone has to use them with meanings based on his own experience depending largely on his time and place. And what notions of truth of yours did I dispel? I did not know you had any. As to knowledge, you know much more than I about the knowable things, but I know more about the ones that cannot be known. Just now I came to see what you wrote about the Mayans. I didn’t know the world will end on Saturday, and so people in Russia are buying CANDLES. Candles! And salt, too.

      By “proper transmission” I mean that the speaker’s concept is accurately apprehended by the listener. The communication is free of error, as observed by some third party having a window into the two minds.

      I guess you haven’t really dispelled any of my notions of truth. Not sure I actually have any to begin with. But your eloquent comments and responses often leave me feeling like some rug has been pulled from beneath me. It’s not you, it’s me.

      About the Mayan calendar I just repeated the media spew. I really know nothing of their calendar, except that it looks circular. As do most calendars. That much is obvious. Candles are always good to have on hand. And flashlights, batteries, Krugerrand coins, etc.

  3. I plan on dragging a recliner out to the yard just before midnight on the 20th with a nice bottle (large bottle) of Grey Goose. That way I can do some stargazing before the end. I guess I’ll be wearing a parka and my -40 Sorel boots but whatev’. But I am pretty sure the world will still be here the next day, for no one shall know the time and day, not even the Mayans. I think that was written in the original version of Encyclopedia Britannica.

    That sounds great. Winter stargazing as the world “moves on”. I read that old encyclopedia too. Bundle up maleeshaesha!

  4. also your cover photo with the red trees…best thing ever!

    Thanks Maleesha. Those 2 trees were nice this fall. There wasn’t a great deal of color out there this year.

  5. I am going to have shark for supper. Ever had shark? And Christmas cookies, but those I’ll have to make first now. Tell Miss Lydia that her jacket is really nice.

    You know, I’m not sure if I ever have eaten shark. However I can tell you that there’s shark liver oil in my hemorrhoid ointment. Oops. TMI. Sorry.

    I’d relay your message to Lydia, but I don’t think she would understand even such a simple statement as “cantueso likes your jacket”. She tries though, and sometimes says “Huh?”

    • Shark is not as good as it sounds. I didn’t know that it is popular here, and there are piles of it at the market

      It doesn’t sound that good to me really. But their livers make good hemorrhoid ointment. That much I know …

  6. Triskaidekaphobia is just fear of the number 13! Do they sell a drug to control it? Is there a market for that? Normally, first they invent a drug. Then they invent the illness and create its acronym. Then they study the market and expand the drug’s spectrum.

    What a great concept! They did drug trials for such a medication, but the first compounds only worked to calm fears of numbers 16 and 17. Smaller dosages produced clinically significant spells of laughter when shown numbers 12, 11 and 9. They also tried a stereoisomer of the original compound, but several trial participants nearly died seeing the number 31. Eventually the pharmaceutical diverted the funding toward a cure for dyslexia, which has a much wider profit potential.

    • I see. With your grasp of how things are done, you would get a job in the “medical information department”. This is its name, because once a new drug is concocted,the doctors have to be told, and in your country you are not allowed to do what is called “ethical advertising”. This is a misnomer just like the “electrical engineer” . So the medical profession has to be reached by non-ethical means.

      Right, except I could never work for those people. Your idea of a medicine to cure triskaidekaphobia was brilliant, so the compulsion to riff on that …

  7. Cute puppy. Cuter Granddaughter!


  8. However, to say or imply that the Mayans are your forebears is really stretching it.

    Maybe. I think the farther back in time you go the more likely we’re related.

  9. Yes, but that was before the Mayans existed, don’t you remember?

    Yes, all the way back. To Olduvai Gorge or wherever the first homo sapiens roamed.

  10. I can’t wait to see what’s in the 2013 garden! I want to start my own herbs and some veggies, but I never seem to get around to it! Since I dislike so many people it may be best if I just start learning how to homestead so I can avoid the public 😉 lol

    Hi chickadee3085! I encourage you to start gardening. It will help with your people issues. You can think about your enemies while you’re pulling weeds.

    • But you mustn’t dislike people. It is bad policy. Of course cats are nicer, but for instance crocodiles aren’t. And sparrows, too, are nicer than people, but vultures aren’t. Thistles?

      It may be bad policy, but it’s also very old policy. And let’s face it, people often deserve to be disliked. Your final question “Thistles?” has left me in suspense. Have no idea how to answer … 🙂

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