Posted by: David | October 21, 2012

Autumn Bike Ride

Went for a bike ride today. It was windy and chilly and the sun kept popping behind the scurrying clouds. It was the mindless ride I take when I have neither the time nor motivation to ride somewhere far away; Henniker and Hillsborough. So many people were mowing their lawns or taking care of fallen leaves. I say yes, the grass is a mowable height, but winter is just around the corner, so leave it alone.

But it was a pretty day anyway, and my mind was able to wander as the eyes took in the mostly yellow and brown autumnal colors. The Canadian geese headed south a month ago, thus missing the earthquake we had last week. This earthquake was only a 4.5 on the Richter scale, no damage, but plenty of activity on Facebook. It was a sustained rumble, while we sat at the dinner table. Just short of real shaking. I’d rather that earthquakes didn’t happen.

Thus concludes this micro-post. It probably belongs on Facebook, but there you have it.



  1. He lives!

    Fall beauty — can’t beat it, especially in New England. Enjoy!

    Hi Pied, yes, I’m alive. The summer and fall have robbed me of web browsing time. I thought you’d comment on the last post with the altered Time magazine cover. But thanks for visiting this dusty old place.

  2. The geese are just arriving here in Oregon. (Probably different geese.) I’m glad you posted here instead of on Facebook. I visit there sometimes, when I am rested and ambitious, but I always end up feeling like a tiny chunk of carrot in a huge, opaque soup. Is there a handbook someplace, with maybe a map?

    Yes, Facebook is kind of exhausting. Tiny chunk of carrot in huge, opaque soup, what a lovely analogy! Apparently, there is help out there at the bookstore.

  3. Maybe this is just a spook; I can see your post, but only as “no style”, that is, without template.However, the photos are there. WordPress have been changing things around.

    • I went to WordPress support and was surprised to see only a few people there who had the same problem.Strange! And the stats, the dashboard, everything in one long columb, without lay-out, just groups of words. Anyway, your photos come through all the same. Of course you don’t have your sidebar anymore either.

      • It is back to normal. It was not just the blog template, all the WordPress tools, the dashboard, the stats, and, worst of all, “all posts” came as one-column listings of links and options. So I went to the forum, and there was an immediate answer saying they would inform the WordPress staff. They fixed it.

        This sounds like a fairly rare internet occurrence, when traffic and congestion conspire to block some of the data needed to properly construct a web page in your browser. There is rather a lot of such data behind the scenes. For some odd reason, only skeletal text makes it through, thus rendering the spook page you describe. Having access to fairly dependable bandwidth, I only see this every few weeks or so, and it doesn’t last.

  4. Is this hurricane going to reach you? By now you must have harvested everything, but they say the big threat is in heavy rain or wet snow. And you have a pile of wood outside.

    I finally bought some garlic. I saw you have a whole attic floor full of garlic plants. Don’t they ever rot? I broke one open and used but one “tooth”(in Spanish), “toe” (in German), one of its elements, but soon the whole kitchen smelled of garlic and I saw that several of the remaining elements had become soft and were rotting. Maybe, when I took out that one element that I was going to eat, I hurt the other ones at the base.

    Now I live in a small town, in a big solid building, and I cannot see hide or hair of any storm. But before, when I lived in that little house, once the roof started to come off. It was a tile roof, big tiles, and they flew off with an extraordinary clatter, about a third of the roof. And when the next morning I went to the neighbour who was a builder, he said that this happened almost every year; not to worry; he would come over and put the roof back up. — Is your husband there? he added.
    No, I said, he will come tomorrow morning.
    In this case I will come over tomorrow morning.
    It took me years to understand that he could not fix my roof in the absence of my husband. The Arabs ruled parts of Spain for 800 years. Consider: that is twice the US history. I had noticed that in the bars there were only men. The tradition is simply that if you don’t tie your women down they will go off on their own, and you lose your honour. Of course, can’t take her back. Has to be stoned.

    You now must know that most of the hurricane’s destruction was well south of us. Some folks think that it may have helped Obama to get reelected.

    Your garlic was probably advanced in age, or was a “soft” variety that doesn’t store well. Removing a clove (tooth or toe 🙂 ) should not have any adverse effect on the remaining cloves in the bulb. You could always refrigerate it if you don’t use it quickly enough. They say that onions and garlic have beneficial health effects on the cardio-pulmonary system. The variety that I grow is a hard-necked type that survives the winter underground, and survives the frosts of early spring once it has sprouted.

    I have often considered that most nations of Europe are so much older than the USA. Some are even more mature and well-behaved. Maybe even wise. As for the middle eastern traditions of women, filth, and honour, ancient yet barbaric. But maybe god and allah know better than I do …

  5. There in the middle of the field, that is a canal built to irrigate the field? It is almost as big as the Tagus river in the valley surrounding the city of Toledo. I think it then goes to Portugal and to the Atlantic, i.e. kids have to learn its name and its origin and where it reaches the sea, and in the US it is just a ditch. Does it at least have a name?

    It’s actually a small pond, not a canal. But it is very likely artificial. The scale of the photo is deceptive. I don’t think that the body of water has a name. It’s just a farm pond in the midst of a large field. Here is an aerial view of it from Google Earth.

    Aerial view of farm pond-Hillsborough, NH

    It’s not far from the bridge where I took a photo a few years back that you modified by adding an image of Don Quixote, I think.

  6. wow – those red red trees

    I know, they really caught my eye.

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