Posted by: David | September 30, 2012

October Twenty Twelve

If you’re old as I am you’ll recognize this Time magazine cover from 1966.

If you’re young enough to know better you’ll recognize my not-so-great Photoshop transformation of the original, and highly controversial cover which asked Is God Dead? I honestly remember seeing this magazine for sale at the supermarket (when I was 10 years old) and wondering what it could mean. Still wondering. Which supermarket was it anyway?

With the decreased frequency of posts here I also have to wonder whether it might be time to conclude this effort. I’m not looking for your input or commentary here, but you should know that I really do appreciate your reading, commenting and friendship over the past 5 years or so. Sounds so conclusive doesn’t it? Well it ain’t. Just like the original Time magazine cover, the question was asked, but not really answered. So there.


With the beginning of autumn, life has promised that it will ease up some. Winter will be along shortly, even though we have not even had a frost yet. The foliage colors will be at peak in just a week or two. At work, the record number of students have tucked in to their workloads as have the staff and faculty. Things are really humming at this little college about to celebrate its 175th birthday.

This post and beam home under construction is on my way to and from work.

The gardens are being prepped for their winter slumber too, though the pumpkin patch still has some green fruits that we’re leaving alone until there’s a freeze. Same goes for the tomato and pepper plants, all still plugging along. Don’t expect to have to cut the grass again this year.

The garlic and onions were grown here.

Our granddaughter comes over at least once a week, and so the toys are left in the living room, but sort of put away in their respective containers and parking spaces. Like most toddlers, the shiny pots and pans are every bit as interesting as the colorful plastic toys. She has staked her claim on these objects by leaving her boots close by.



  1. Your garden looks better than my living room! Tres neat! Love the photo of the rear of your blog. Thanks for not posting a photo of the rear of yourself.

    I know what you mean about discontinuing the blog thingy. Who has time? I think I’d miss it even though I’m rarely here. I’d absolutely miss some of the “neighbours” I’ve met along the way. I think most people are now just doing Facebook and Twitter and Google Plus. Takes less time and has instant results. I’m torn as well and, like you, almost find it a chore to blog any more.

    Hopefully your living room has less soil than my garden. The fall and spring gardens always look neat. Don’t worry there will never be photos of my rear, here or anywhere else. Unless the paparazzi are still after me …

    Blogging was more fun five years ago. And I’ve made some good friends here too. Even if I only post once a month, I’m reluctant to give it up completely. Facebook is definitely less time consuming. Twitter just doesn’t do it for me. Nor does Google+. Maybe Google Minus will be better …

  2. How great that your grandchild leaves adorable boots at your house–grandparents are a huge part of her little life, clearly.

    I always enjoy your unique perspective here, and your subtle humor.

    Thanks linniew! That’s nice to read!

    She didn’t really leave her boots, they’re boots that we have here for her. She’s got some interesting ideas about where her stuff belongs at grandma’s and grandpa’s house.

  3. Very cute boots such a sweet photo it made me smile.
    I think I would feel overwhelmed if I was on Facebook Twitter Google plus and blogging. I think it’s interesting that each blogger can make their own rules and choose how many days that they decide to blog. And even when you choose that still doesn’t have to be set in stone. I think blogging is like life ever changing. It’s funny the cover is Blog Dead? Just yesterday I was actually feeling hopeful that social media has the potential for positive change reading a friends blog encouranging men to have their prostate checked and reading another blog that a blogger friend was actually going in for a test. To me that was encouraging that we can actually encourage, inspire. So my thoughts on this Friday morning is I don’t think blog is dead ;+) I think it may change and who knows maybe even morph into something similar but different. I’ll have to stay tuned at least for now. (Sorry for the long comment I’m visiting from S Le blog.)

    Hi Starlaschat and thanks for your thoughtful comment. You’ve summed up my own feelings on blogging in a comfortably rambling way. The Time magazine cover is for real, and the question it posed referred to the deteriorating relationship that most Americans were then thought to have had with their primary deity. In 1967 the magazine cover caused rather a stir. I won’t belabor the comparison to blogging’s demise because I don’t really believe either statement. Neither god nor blogging is dead. As internet phenomena go however, the personal blog has had its moment in the sun. That moment lasted about 15 seconds. Time marches on …

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