Posted by: David | July 3, 2012

Still Having Thoughts

Having already made apologies for the the scarcity of posts lately, I can assure my several readers that I’m still having thoughts. Really. They just don’t seem to flower into blog posts so much any more. If the days of personal blogs have peaked, subsumed by the more immediate feedback loops of Facebook, Twitter and the like, then so be it. Not quite ready to throw in the towel yet, at least not before washing, drying and folding it. The real problem is that I don’t even know where the towel is. Or if there even is one.

Meeting a friend for a bike ride at the local Post Office one recent Sunday morning, this unsecured mailbox presented itself.

So this strange cat has been hanging around our house for the last few months. We don’t really know whether it’s male or female, but we’re thinking it’s a girl. It’s skittish and runs away when it sees us. But we haven’t smelled any cat spray odors. Our cat Hunter has gotten into a couple shouting matches with it, but mostly it seems to hang around and stalk the plentiful chipmunks, baby squirrels, and of course the birds under our feeders. Maybe the hunting is not as good at her house. She looks a little ratty but not too bad, and she’s dispatched a fair number of rodents, leaving a few of their tails in the garden near the blueberry bush. One of these days we’ll show our neighbors the pictures for ID check.

She looks a little bit feral, no?

We think a few baby squirrels like this one became cat food.

It’s been over a month since the last post so the garden’s progress is significant. The weather has been just about perfect so far. Some hot days with nice timely rain. The slugs and bugs have had their fun in the garden too, and the deer have been nibbling at the jerusalem artichoke plants. The blueberries are just ripening and the bird netting that I draped over the bush is helping a little, but we’ve had to release a few trapped birds and one trapped chipmunk.

Bed 1- fall-planted garlic bulbils (upper frame)- perfect miniatures of the other fall-planted garlic (left)- with their own mini-scapes. Spring-planted bulbils are smaller and not making scapes.

The garlic leaves are starting to yellow. In a couple more weeks it will be ready to pull up and hang up to dry.

Most of the garden is doing well. Corn got planted in two stages, first an enhanced sugar variety called Kandy Korn that we’ve had good luck with in the past. And the second planting a couple weeks later is a bi-color variety. Tomatoes and peppers were slow to start but seem established now. We’ve had a lot of insects chewing on our plants, so I tried diatomaceous earth this year. Along with the usual rotenone, pyrethrins, etc.

See the fancy new sprinkler? We don’t use it much, but it’s very adjustable.

There is crazy construction going on at work this summer as previously mentioned. It’s exciting to see the big crane lifting steel girders into place. Though I’ve yet to find the opportunity, this activity allows one to use the word “erection” and hope that hilarity ensues. Plus, the guys who clamber over the girders with giant wrenches and arc welders are fun to watch. All this activity will make the summer fly by even faster than it usually does. And this fall we’ll be welcoming more students than ever before in the college’s 175-year history.

The back of Ware Center, which is getting a major expansion and renovation. 

The aloe vera plant in the library is also under construction. Second time this year.

Two more photos for you. One of a restored Volvo engine. I should have noted what year this vehicle was but I failed. The restoration job was lovingly performed by a gent who needed some help with his computer. He said it’s be OK if I took a few photos of the Volvo.  He also told me about a website called Zenni Optical where you can get astounding deals on prescription eyeglasses. No name-brand designer frames here, but he showed me the 4 pairs of spectacles he’d purchased for just over $200 and they were of very high quality. Gotta check that out.

The final photo is paired with the first. Being a responsible citizen, I locked the mailbox back up, admiring the ancient brass padlock in so doing. I’ve also been meaning to tell you about some music that a coworker turned me on to. Bon Iver. I’m still overdosing on their eponymous album. I just love the first 5 tracks.


  1. Hey! Good seeing you! Nice new banner. Nice of you to lock up the postbox; such a good citizen. Enjoy your Independence Day! (I’ll be the one in the black arm band.)

    Thanks S. Le, you too. Sorry you and your mates lost that war. Turned out for the best anyway, no?

    • No.

      Well, Bob’s not my uncle either …

      • …erm… I mean YES!

        There you go then. Bob’s your uncle, what?

  2. Save some corn for us. Colo. corn is dying in the fields.

    I’ve heard about that. Record heat, dust bowl conditions. Awful.

  3. I’m still thinking too…

    Colleges seem to be doing all of the building now…I’ve have three community college projects in the past year.

    Really? That’s interesting. The place I work will have nearly doubled in size if we meet our goals in the next few years.

    Glad you’re still thinking too.

  4. You know, if the truth were told, there’s something missing in your garden, and that’s flowers. Maybe you were born under the sign of Capricorn like Levin Costner and Kirstie Alley. Annie Lennox too. And you say that deer eat your veggies, but I suppose they also keep your lawn so neatly grazed.

    There are many flowers among the vegetables. My wife is responsible for all the floral plantings inside and out.

    I’m a Gemini. Ask anyone.

    The deer don’t eat the grass. They only poop in it.

  5. But to blog or not to blog is not like to be or not to be which are either or. After all, the 100swallows who I am distantly related to gets between 1000 and 1500 hits a day except in summer, when the universities are not very active, and he does not write new stuff very often and doesn’t even reply to all the comments anymore. Nor does he do what I do, which is to look at the oldest posts, select one and update it and send it back up as new. I do that every 3 days, but the fact is I spend a lot of time updating = looking for more information. Besides, I often land on blogs that have not had new entries for years. Some of them even close their comments. After all, there are lots of things on this blog that even I have not yet read, and you would not think of simply deleting the whole thing!!!!

    Distantly related?

    Yes, to blog or not is far from an existential dilemma. It’s more a matter of time and entertainment. Though I do clearly feel obliged to answer every comment. And you’re right, I would not think of deleting the whole thing. It’s a recording of sorts. Like photographs. To be preserved even if seeming worthless.

  6. I have just been at Matt Mullenweg’s blog where I was once before. He has been blogging for 10 years. He is a photographer and does landscapes, but (but?!) maybe he is best at doing people, and I saw one of flowers on a window sill, very nice, but not typical:
    What stands out is his web address:

    Yes, that is a lovely photo. It reminds of one that Microsoft provided as a desktop background in Windows XP.

    Very interesting blog, and URL. Thanks for making me aware of it.

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