Posted by: David | April 18, 2012

And, so, but …

Hi Internet. Sorry for the delay. Been really busy coping with life and all the busy-ness of spring both at work and around the homestead. Feeling a little guilty for having been so absent, despite previous pronouncements regarding “blogging without obligation” etcetera. I’d like to lay some blame on some of my more disciplined blog friends like nursemyra, moonbeam, cantueso and pied type,  for example, who manage to crank out brilliant and thoughtful posts with admirable frequency. Like Eleanor Roosevelt, you people make me feel inferior for letting a whole month go by without posting anything here.

My grandpa has been a very bad blogger lately.

Whatever. The weather could be blamed too. It’s been unseasonably nice, as though the calendar was a month or two ahead of itself, or as though we lived about 400 miles further south than we do. So this nice weather puts me outside digging in the dirt, getting the lawn mower going, or riding a bicycle.  Not indoors sitting in the “blogging chair” with my laptop. And, so, but, I bought a new broadfork from a guy in California. It’s a humdinger!

The one on the left is nice, but more for harvesting than for preparing the beds.

The tines on the new broadfork are reinforced with welded gussets. It’s very rugged! It can pull up large rocks with its considerable leverage. The old broadfork’s tines would bend under such a demanding task. But that’s what the catalog said about the Johnny’s 920 model- the closer spacing of the tines lifts the soil gently to aid in harvesting things like carrots. The wider spaced tines pull through the soil more so than lifting it up intact. I should have bought the blue one in the first place. Oh well, maybe I’ll be able to use the Johnny’s 920 to harvest potatoes or something.

The well-mulched mound on the right is planted with potatoes. 

Can we please finish the grocery shopping?


  1. What an adorable granddaughter you have!! She gets cuter every time you put up a pic.

    Now I know what a broadfork is. Had never heard of one before. Looks insanely useful for the kind of thing you do.

    (Don’t let my blogging fool you. It’s a symptom of a woman with no life. 🙂 )

    Thanks Pied, she is a cutie pie and seems strangely aware of cameras.

    The broadfork IS insanely useful for the type of gardening we do. It’s sad that it took so long to find. But the same holds true for garlic, which we didn’t start to grow until after gardening for a quarter century.

    Let’s not call your excellent blog a “symptom”. It’s the work of a woman who’s had a very full life, isn’t it?

  2. Wow a broadfork. Scary like a broad axe. I’ve never seen one before but can imagine the usefulness. Your garden is looking fabulous already, and it seems to me you are quite a dedicated blogger. Really it’s a wonder you don’t spend ALL your time just playing with that adorable child.

    Wow indeed. It’s a pretty remarkable tool for well established garden beds.

    Thanks for your kind words. When a postless month passes, I feel a little guilty. Stupid.

    We see the adorable child on a weekly basis. She’s getting loud, toothy and mobile. Adorable still wins out though. 🙂

  3. But cantueso does NOT crank out new stuff. I publish old stuff. However, I spend too much time figuring out my stats. My daily allowance for cheating has come down to 3% at fishing and less than 1% at shoptalk, and with these small allowances I also manage to save some clicks in order to have reserves for a rainy day, and my reserves in both places stand at 120 clicks, and I take this seriously and it is a terribly exciting drag on my nerves.

    I rather like that Dior design that your granddaughter is wearing. And it is a good thing she learns how to take control of your grocery shopping at an early age. Does she also know how to operate the (what is the name of that little instrument that TV viewers use to change the station every 34 seconds)? And besides, she would instruct you to keep the more attractive things on the lower shelves of the icebox.

    I have been out because the king went and killed an elephant, and the Spanish people felt outraged about the poor elephant, and they all bitched and spit at the king, and the king apologized. All of this made me read about 10 newspapers an hour online. His apology came out very well. He looked old and helpless and spoke softly, only some 20 words.He had broken his hip while hunting and held himself up on two crutches and walked away stiffly looking himself like an old deer that goes into hiding after having been wounded by a hunter.

    HOWEVER, now, in an OFFICIAL declaration, he seems to have stated that he will lead a more orderly life from now on, but will not give up the very special friendship that has tied him to Pricess Corinna Sayn zu Wittgenstein for these last few years.
    He had installed her in a little palace in his private garden. This was known. But it was not official. Now it is official, and it just keeps turning my stomach.

    Nice of you to admit being obsessed with stats. But the over half a million hits you’ve garnered are testimony to your blog’s unique, interesting and intelligent content.

    Granddaughter’s wardrobe is hand selected by discriminating haberdashers. It’s a pity that she outgrows her fashions so quickly, and a miracle that she left her hat on long enough for these photos. She has no experience yet with the TV remote, but it won’t be long. And a year from now she will likely be less reasonable at the market. So it goes with 2-year olds.

    Thanks for enlightening me on the King’s hunt. That story got past me. Just as well, as it disgusts me, apology or no. Perhaps as part of his penance he could force himself to eat all the elephant meat. That should take the rest of his life, if he gets started soon. Let’s send him some recipes.

  4. I just wrote a post about why I haven’t been around the Bloggosphere! What a coincidence! Great minds and all that sort of rubbish.

    Your granddaughter is lovely. She should check out my grandsons! (she can see them at my blog)

    Yeah, great minds and all that rubbish. Let’s get back on our blog ponies now.

    Yes, those are some handsome fellows your grandsons. As soon as her highness awakes from her nap I shall show them to her. I can predict her response. She will wordlessly point at them and smile.

  5. my excuse for blogging so often is that I very rarely watch television. and i have to share all the crazy people I read about in books with someone – so why not the blogosphere? your granddaughter is enchanting.

    Lucky for us that you don’t watch television. Hard to imagine life without a Gimcrack Hospital. We’d watch more television had we not recently got ourselves hooked on Scrabble. My wife usually wins, though I’m getting better now that my bff has coached me on some useful techniques.

    Besides, we have a DVR that does most of our TV watching for us. Some day we’ll find the time to watch all those shows filling the DVR’s hard drive.

  6. you’re hooked on Scrabble? Then you’d probably like Bananagrams….. my friends and i play it obsessively every weekend

    Sounds like fun! There are so many great word games. We play Scrabble on a tablet computer. Also I play Words with Friends (a Facebook Scrabble ripoff) with about 7 Facebook buddies.

  7. Intelligence etc doesn’t get any hits at all. My other blog, “Shoptalk” gets between 2000 and 3000 hits a day, though not on weekends. Its main post is a little collection of job applications; another one a collection of job certificates. Another one is a verb list. So, with these posts pulling, other things also do get hits, even poetry does. See the idea.

    And now this. Remember I told you there is “private browsing” on Firefox which allows me to see my own blogs the way strangers see it, i.e. including ads, and so I was wondering what ads anyone would put on a post addressed to Latin America’s poor and unemployed. Tell me. You don’t know?

    Or what ads you would put on a blog containing a Bible story presented as a chef-d’oeuvre of the poetic kind.

    Whereas posts that contain lots of pictures do not carry any ads. I knew that from elsewhere. Pictures steal clicks from the ads.

    “Intelligence etc doesn’t get any hits at all.” That statement holds some irony, no? It reminds me of P.T. Barnum’s well known quote “Nobody ever lost a dollar by underestimating the taste of the American public.” Intelligence gets some hits, just not as many. I can live with that.

    I always wondered what “private browsing” meant. You’d think I would have known that. When I look at my blog with it I see no ads. When I look at your blogs I see no ads. What ads did you see on the post addressed to Latin America’s poor and unemployed? I’m totally against advertising of all kinds. If I were elected King of the World, two industries I would abolish on the first day of work would be insurance and advertising.

    • Without advertising things would stop working. It cannot be forbidden, because you’d have to first forbid TV, the internet, and the radio. Whenever you address an anonymous crowd, you will need to resort to advertising or you will not be understood. All truth is necessarily complex and cannot be packed into simple syntaxis.

      Private browsing is the polite term for anonymous browsing. That has always existed, but was available only to the savvy crowds. I know because on Google groups somebody took my name and wrote crap even addressing my usual correspondents.

      Now, with Firefox, I simply click above on “tools” and then in theory your system or even WordPress doesn’t know who I am. WordPress puts ads on blogs that are not visible to the people who frequently visit that blog. This is explicit policy, i.e. a policy stated and explained along with all other WordPress conditions; see e.g. “Help”. Of course the ads are not from WordPress, but Google’s, and ¡¡¡surprise!!! (notice the use of the inverted exclamation works) some were funny or nice, graphically.But I meant content: what theidea would be.

      For Latin America’s and Spain’s unemployed: cheap flight to Canada. —???? (Is Canada still open to immigrants?)

      For posts presenting a Bible story as poetry: banking advice. (No clue, unless the Google computers wisely thought that Bible stories would be of interest to elderly people and these are always interested in banking advice. The computer would think that they read banking advice to deal with today and tomorrow and Bible stories to get read for later events.

      computer spooks bye bye

  8. Geez, it was again my mouse-computer connection which — like Proust’s soul –has its intermittencies.

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