Posted by: David | March 22, 2012


Boy-yoy-yoy-yoing!! That’s the sound of spring springing. The vernal equinox has arrived fo sho. We’ve had record warmth and the only traces of snow to be found are the larger piles left by snowplows or other removal projects. It’s a little ridiculous. The college students are frolicking about the quad in their shorts and tank tops, tossing frisbees and footballs with full abandon. Meanwhile, on the home front, the warm weather has coaxed the garlic up from its wintry slumber.

You may remember that I planted the garlic cloves at 7″ spacing last fall.

With spring comes the first birthday of our granddaughter. She and her parents are vacationing in sunny Florida this week, which might not be as warm as it has been here since Monday. However, our walking iris houseplant celebrated her birthday by popping open a record-breaking 5 blossoms!

3 flowers on the right and a pair on the left of the frame. They were closing up by the time I took the photo.

It has gotten very close to 80°F every day since Monday. Officially a heat wave, no? Last weekend was when it started. The temp rose into the 50s and 60s. Saturday I took the Fuji down from its winter spot hanging upside down in the garage. Gave it a little cleaning and lube, air in the tires, etc.

Love this bicycle. It’s so rugged and faithful.

There were lots of folks out riding bicycles  last Sunday, and tons of motorcycles too. It was perfect riding weather. My departure was slightly delayed by a dead iPhone. So I rode around the block for an hour to let it charge up. I needed to take it with me both for safety (in case I crashed and died) and as a camera. You never know when you might see something interesting. Which is why I’m not the best cycling partner for ‘serious’ cyclists. Plus I ride too slow. But I try to ride far. I might have overdone it a little for the first ride of the season, tired, but not sore the next day.

The Route 114 cairn, anterior view at close distance.

This week of freakish warmth is due to end soon. But we’ve installed the screens already. All the seed orders have arrived and soon the greenhouse will be filling with seedlings. Have to figure out where to plant the sprouting potatoes and onions (to be planted for seed) pretty soon. Also need to figure out how we’re going to be discouraging the deer this year. They wrecked our brassicas and peppers last year, the bastards.

Happy Spring 2012 everybody!


  1. Your bike looks happy to be out and about and is smiling a bike smile.
    The onion slices are somehow obscene–very nice.
    Enjoy the weather!

    Thanks linniew, the bike definitely was happy to get the shine-up and first spring ride. The crazy weather stopped and got replaced by other crazy weather, so called “seasonable” temps.

    Intrigued by your observation of the red onion slices looking obscene. You mean in some sort of Georgia O’Keefe sort of way?

  2. You sound like the perfect bicycling partner for me! Though I bet I’m even slower, seeing as I usually just end up walking my bike everywhere…

    Well I’m happy to hear that you have a bike. If you’re ever in New Hampshire, I’ve got an extra bike in my garage that my daughter wouldn’t mind you using. Perfect for walking.

  3. Love that onion photo!!

    Isn’t this weather bizarre? It’s been freaky warm in Denver, too. And due to continue for at least one more week. Historically March is our “snowiest month.” Not that you could tell this year. I fear it’s going to be a long, hot summer here …

    Thanks Pied. The red onions we grew last year have stored very well. The centers are just beginning to green up for sprouting.

    Let’s hope for timely rains.

  4. Charming sound effect, love. Don’t quit your day job.

    I can smell your garlic breath from here.

    Deer are bastards. Beautiful, graceful, crop damaging bastards.

    The cairn is lovely. Somebody there seems to love building them. (or are they naturally occurring, do you think?)

    The onion such a beautiful colour! My eyes turn that colour whilst chopping onions.

    Oh, you mean the boyyoyyoing? Why thanks, it took me ages to figure out how to spell what I could hear so clearly in my mind.

    Regarding the cairn builder, please see this not so great old post …

    I hope garlic breath is not offensive to you, if it is, then you might be the devil. Beelzebub’s kryptonite is said to be garlic.

    Deer ARE bastards. Totally agree with you on that. They are fairly tasty however …

    Chop your onions underwater to avoid the tears. Though the scuba gear is whole other matter …

  5. Onion art. Love it.


  6. The cairn is lovely. I’m envious of you coming into spring. It’s half way through autumn here now…. though still warm thankfully

    I’m sorry about that. It’s still amazing to me how the seasons reverse with the hemispheres. Akin to being amazed the world is not flat I guess. Best wishes for a pleasant winter.

    Glad you like the cairn. It’s been there for about 5 years. Rebuilt twice that I know of.

  7. Ah, so jealous! I have season envy (not to be confused with seasoning envy which involves more pepper.)

    We’re going into autunm here, and I’m playing ‘Are you dying, or are you just going into hibernation for winter’ with all my shrubs.

    Season envy! LOL. I still can’t get over the fact that the hemispheres alternate seasons. This due to the fact that I don’t travel much. Autumn is a pretty season here, in spite of the death and dying.

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