Posted by: David | March 13, 2012

Ides of …

… March. Just about halfway through the month. There is no snow left in the yard. This has been the winter that wasn’t. Used the snowblower 3 times. Spring is really here. Crazy! This post is light on words.

Got all the firewood put under cover.

Oliver approves. Now if only he would stop pissing on my boots.

The garlic is sprouting! 7-inch spacing. Gave it some fertilizer the other day.

Our granddaughter came over early this morning. Here she is having some breakfast.



  1. Garlic and baby both looking good. Sorry about Oliver and your boots. Max will sometimes similarly mark new boxes or bags brought into the house, just to sort of assimilate them into the environment I guess. I have to protect visitors’ suitcases. I don’t get the boots though.

    Thanks linniew. The garlic has grown another few millimeters already. I think it liked the organic fertilizer I sprinkled over it the other day.

    Oliver is well beyond assimilating objects into the environment. He’s making some other kind of statement. And I don’t like it. I will NOT be voting for him come November.

  2. Piss on boots. Isn’t that a fairy tale? Oh, wait …


  3. Even your woodshed is picturesque! I’ll bet one of Lydia’s first words will be “idyllic.”

    We’ll work on getting her to say that. As of now it’s all “dada” and “go go go”.

  4. great job on the firewood David.

    Thanks nursemyra. It took a few days but it’s done.

  5. Don’t you get vermon/bugs in your siding because of the stacked wood?

    Lovely photos. Your Granddaughter looks a bit the evil devil-spawn with her red eyes. I’d keep a close watch were I you!

    I don’t stack the firewood up against the wood parts of the house, but only against the concrete. That is not a common problem this far north. But thanks for your concern.

    The granddaughter turns one year old tomorrow so we’re a good year away from the expression of her devil genes. We’ll keep a close watch all righty!

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