Posted by: David | March 3, 2012

March Times On

The first day of the In-Like-A-Lion month brought a foot of snow and a day off from work. This is snow that we’ve been missing since last November. We got a nice scary ice storm back in January that sent us home early, but it’s pretty unusual that the college cancels a whole day of classes and events for a mere 12 inches of fluffy snow. But they did and la dee dah it wasn’t so bad. I watched the WMUR-TV scrolling cancellations until about 5:30 and gave up to go out and clear the driveway. Which took an hour. Upon coming back in and checking the WMUR website listing of cancellations, you can imagine my surprise to see the college listed …

The walking iris plant bloomed a few days ago. This photo was taken with an iPhone, which takes great close-ups.

The day off from work allowed time to catch up on some email tasks and other studies that are hard to do during the workday when there are many interruptions. These ‘interruptions’ are helpdesk tickets I must close by calling or going to visit the requester of the help. I also was able to attend a “webinar” about a new product we’re trying out. Next week is spring break and I’m taking it off. Maybe I’ll be able to finish moving next year’s firewood into the wood shed.

This scene is now covered with a foot and a half of snow. The woodpile is half moved into the shed to finish drying.

Onion seedlings under lights that were started around Valentine’s Day.

The onion plants are from seeds I collected last autumn. I’d planted a mixture of red and yellow onions that were left in the root cellar, sprouting enthusiastically. As you know, onions are biennial, so they flower and set seed in the second year. The yellow ones were an heirloom variety called Ailsa Craig. They’d done very well for us, quite a few of them were over 6 inches diameter. Not sure what variety the red onions might have been. They could have been a hybrid variety (Red Wing or Red Zeppelin), which would probably not be good since they may have cross-pollinated last summer. In the same bed were quite a few second-year leeks, and all these flowered about the same time. So the onion seedlings growing so nicely now may turn out to be something completely different. Stay tuned.

This is an iPhone shot of frost on the car windshield, looking upwards to sky. The camera had a hard time focusing on the frost crystals.

By the way, the stupidly punny title of the post references an ancient newsreel series called Time-Marches OnSometimes a stupid punny title is my only way in to a blog post. Not sure what that means, if anything, Anyway thanks for reading!


  1. I love the picture of the iris — it actually looks like a living snowflake!

    Hi Katie and thank you for visiting and commenting. The iris photo drew a lot of comments on Facebook too. It’s a very striking flower and all the more so because it only lasts one day.

  2. The iris shot looks like a kaleidoscope.

    Yeah, it sorta does.

  3. very cool pictures as always! Is that your house? It looks so cozy!!

    Yes, that’s our cozy little home. Seen from the northwest corner. We added the garage/woodshed a few years back and it’s been nice to have a sheltered place to let the cordwood finish its seasoning.

  4. i like your photos too. I wonder if Ailsa was flattered that an onion was named after her. I’d prefer a flower.

    Thank you nursemyra. The story of Ailsa Craig … hmmm let’s see. Pardon while I go Google …

    Well that was interesting. It’s not a person at all, but a craggy island between Scotland and Ireland! Doesn’t that just make one even more curious?

  5. That is a gorgeous flower! I can’t believe you took that with an i-phone!

    I know right? The iPhone 4 has 2 cameras built into it, front and back. The better one (back) is 5 megapixels and allows one to focus pretty closely. The Canon point-and-shoot that I’ve been using for the past 5 years or so is 7.1 MP. The lesser camera is used for video chatting- called “Facetime” in Apple parlance. I have yet to use Facetime.

  6. David, why aren’t you signed up for Instagram? Or are you? The highlight of my day is looking at your photos, the photo of the frost is brilliant.

    I find it fascinating that you seem optimistic about the idea of moving next year’s firewood into the wood shed during Spring Break. If it was me, I’d be cursing left, right and center. (Then I’d do it again, in reverse order.)

    Thanks for that terribly nice comment. I like your photos too! What’s Instagram?

    My optimism has yet to yield any result, as this is Thursday afternoon and no firewood has been moved this week. After I started moving it, winter came around for a quickie before spring really set in. It was 2 days moving all that snow around, then I took a quick trip to see my buddy and his family. As to the cursing, that only happens when an errant piece of firewood hits my shin or the side of the house, breaking the vinyl siding. The moving of firewood is not a task I find distasteful as it is merely monotonous. In the old days it was much worse. I don’t have to fell the trees, cut them up and dispose of the slash, then split the logs. It’s worth the money to have someone else do that and just dump the pile near the wood shed. From there I move the wood closer to the stove. Pretty exciting shit. I know.

  7. So we had another half-inch of snow this morning. I didn’t shovel the walk. Must be interesting to do that and create a tunnel of sorts. Deep snow and you could make a maze. I have never tried a closeup with my iphone but I will now.

    This winter has brought very little snow. It’s not really all that interesting when it piles up to the tunneling depth. It’s really inconvenient and takes a long time to move out of the way. I’ve heard of corn mazes, but not snow mazes.

    The iPhone 4 camera is pretty impressive. There’s also a free app that a coworker told me about called “Camera Awesome” that extends control of the camera beyond the iPhone’s built-in camera app. It obviously cannot extend the physical capabilities of the camera, but it’s pretty cool!

  8. Gosh! Look at your readership! You paying people to visit you?

    Lovely photos. Tell me, does the iris REALLY walk? I’d like video evidence please.

    Nice sprouts! Art Major is all about hydroponics now and is growing what he claims is lettuce and basil in our basement.

    Haha, yes I’m not sure why but a couple of recent posts were “liked” by new visitors.

    The iris is called “walking” because if grown outdoors, the flowering stalk would flop down to the ground after blooms die and there would take root. Thus a daughter plant would sprout up a stalk-length away from the mother plant. That’s a pretty slow walk.

    Lettuce and basil are easy to identify. If your electric bill spikes and there are strange, dark-colored Fords parking across the street, then you’d better check out the basement and demand your fair share of the harvest.

    • It’s sad you feel the need to draw attention to your naff punny blog title. *tsk*

      What would really be interesting is if your onion sprouts turn out to be giant pumpkins or sequoias or something equally awesome. That my friend, would be killer!

      I know it’s sad. And I’m appropriately ashamed. But a blog needs a title, and I need to appear clever. That’s that.

      I’m hoping the seeds yield a fantastic new onion variety that’s yellow on top and purple on the bottom. That would be so awesome and would make me a zillionaire.

      • …operative word… appear

        ‘Tis all but a gossamer veil …

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