Posted by: David | February 18, 2012

Less Than 3

Though a techie geek by profession, therefore I should be up on all things nerdy, way too many years went by during which I wondered why people were adding the mathematical expression “less than 3” to their emails, chat sessions, and other on-screen textual communications. Seriously, for at least a few years back there I wondered what could possibly mean.  I didn’t get that it was supposed to be a heart. As in ♥, but sideways. Meanwhile I’m calculating, uh, 2.9, 2.8, 2, 1, ? So many numbers are less than 3. There is an infinitude of them. Speaking of which, why is there even a word “infinitude”?

Perhaps if I’d been a little nerdier in my youth, learned to program in C++, had owned a cell phone before 2006 and done lots of texting … or maybe if I’d just read Dilbert a little more closely I would not have missed the meaning of  for so many years.

By the way, a belated happy Valentine’s day to all. And Ground Hog day as well, which apparently is the same day as Candlemas. Who knew?


  1. ❤ you, David. 😉

    Thanks Peter, same to you buddy!

  2. You’re not alone. I recently had to explain to my sister what ROFL means. And she’s had a smartphone for several years. I still haven’t gotten one. ($80 a month when I never call anybody seems excessive, though all the other apps are becoming more and more tempting…)

    Yeah it took me a long time to hop on that bandwagon. A slight “higher ed” discount helped push me over the edge. Also, for work, I sorta needed to get with it on the mobile devices. I’m smugly satisfied for having waited. The longer you wait, the smugness you can accumulate.

  3. I actually found out about this last year. Usually I am way behind on this type of thing. If you type ❤ on Facebook an actual heart comes up. Now that I have had an angiogram I can look at that heart and know mine is in wonderful shape.

    Haha yes I noticed that on Facebook. I guess you’ll have to write out “less than 3” if you don’t want your math expression to turn cardio on you.

    Glad your ticker is healthy!

  4. And tomorrow is Shrove Tuesday. Happy Pancakes!

    See you at St. Alfonzo’s Pancake Breakfast

  5. At first I thought you were gonna tell us you were having heart issues with less than 3 arteries open!! Don’t scare me! I was just about to let you off the hook for not blogging more often. You blew THAT chance boyo!

    Thanks for your almost concern. My heart is doing very well thank you. I work at it most days of the week. I know I should blog more often, I just can’t. I suck.

    • …oh, and happy President’s Day. I’ve got the day off. You?

      Yup, except I had to go do a “side job”. Happy prezzies day to you too!

  6. It’s okay Dave, I tend to be the last one to get jokes, so I know how you feel. And likely in my case, I’d be the last one to get something mathematical, you were being smart about it! 🙂 PS Thanks for reading my blog! 🙂

    Yeah, lucky thing there’s no need to rush. Thanks for posting on your blog. Why didn’t you leave your blog’s URL here so others can visit?

  7. OMG!!! You have really outdone yourself with nerdiness. Congratulations. I love that you thought about all the numbers that were less than 3. I suppose this “heart” is the closest that math will ever get to being “warm and fuzzy”. I can’t keep up with all the abbreviations, shortcuts, or whatever. I keep myself laughing realizing how behind the times I am, especially when I make horrible guesses at what things like lol mean. Yes, I guess at this point everybody knows the meaning of that one.
    Lucky you getting Prez day off. Where I am going to school they just switched Monday classes to Thursday this week (I still had to go to work), so I have classes Wednesday and Thursday instead of Monday and Wednesday. Not quite the same as having it off.
    Nice seeing you the other day.

    Once a nerd always a nerd, thank you very much. I may not have gone beyond pre-calculus, but I know my natural numbers.

    Thank goodness there are endless online dictionaries and references for us to look up all the things that we’re so behind on.

    Nice seeing you too, thanks for coming over!

  8. Today is the day that Lazarillo ousted Michelangelo. I am all smiles. Stuff happens, but rarely so funny and so neatly according to my World View. Remember that my blog is not linear, but circular, so that after a certain number of months old posts get re-published, all except some 30 or 40 good ones that keep making it to the “top posts”. Re-publishing (I believe) makes them lose their place in Google, and so the best posts cannot be re-published.

    Because of this system, it is as if the best posts raced against each other, and I have allotted myself originally 15 and now 18 clicks a day to help the posts that I would like to see on the top posts. I had to increase the allowance because by now I reach an average of more than 650 a day, so that the 15 additional clicks represented a mere 2.3%, and that was not enough to get to the front line for risqué subjects like The and of Uz or Speer or WW2, and yet, if I had to leave those and similar things out, the blog would no longer even remotely be part of my world.

    I told you I cannot account for the way Toulouse Lautrec keeps getting to the top. However, he tumbles down as soon as the kids get holidays, and this means he is being taught in kids’ art school. Idiocy. — Michelangelo kept getting there for the same reason, though he is also much loved by the USA right who sends him up on Sundays.

    Sufficient unto today is the idiocy thereof. This circular blogging method of yours is interesting, how you watch it spin and change over time.

    Are you saying that your Michelangelo timeline post actually gets more hits on Sundays? From republicans?

    • For sure I only know that the Ayn Rand people push Michelangelo. Intellectually she was a Romantic. Victor Hugo was her favourite poet, or, now that I think of it, probably rather her favourite novel writer. She was close to Greenspan. Together they even wanted to re-establish the gold standard.
      Michelangelo is probably also loved by the USA Catholic crowd, and about half of that is far right. In two Catholic forums where I participated I got ousted after my second or third contribution. And it wasn’t even because of things considered dogma. In one place there was a talk about Kant. In the the other one they discovered that I did not know that the liturgical year starts in……. (again forgot when).

      Since I’ve never read more than a few pages of Ayn Rand, I feel guilty snarking her, but what the hell. Objectivism just sounds WRONG. But you know how much I dislike any isms. Hah, so the papists ousted you on technical ignorance. How dogmatic of them. Good riddance and congratulations.

  9. This is a very ugly heart that you got there. I am glad it is not real if by “real” we mean “part of everyday language” as e.g. in “broken heart” or “a good heart” which sometimes is limited to “a good heart at bottom” or “the heart of the question”.

    If you mean the anterior view of the human heart, I stole it from the internet, so I’m not responsible for its lack of beauty. I think it’s quite lovely myself. However I can’t say the same for the ❤ construction. Don't care much for that.

  10. !!!!
    Of course you are accountable for what you select.

    Accountable or not, I don’t see any ugliness in the cardiac illustration.

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