Posted by: David | February 4, 2012

Five Years Went By

A couple of weeks ago, January 20th to be exact, the fifth anniversary of my blog passed. I hadn’t been planning to throw myself a surprise blogiversary party, but during the rehearsal one of the candles fell over and started the whole blog on fire. Apparently my blog was highly flammable, and I’d used the cheapest birthday candles I could find. Bastards gave me the kind you can’t blow out. Probably because of my continually asking those Dollar Store workers how much things cost. They must hate that. Everything in the store costs a dollar. Price check on aisle 3! Birthday candles? 

WordPress Support was of no help at all as my blog reached the flashover point. I didn’t want to call the fire department because in my town a fire without a permit means a big fine. Plus I didn’t want to spoil the surprise. Turns out that you can put out blog fires with ketchup, though it’s messy. Baking soda would probably work too. Remember that next time your blog threatens combustion. And don’t worry about spoiling the surprise. Just RUN FOR YOUR LIFE. Molten blog burns like mad. Lucky for all of us I had backed up the entire thing. 🙂

Last Monday morning brought a beautiful hoar frost to New London, where I work.

Anyway, the 5 years and 343 posts have been real fun. For me anyway, most of the time. I’ve met some amazing people from places in the world I will likely never visit. It’s still a wondrous thing to me how the internet works to connect people. How it deletes space and time via instantaneous transmission of information. This is the major reason I haven’t given up on it yet. There’s always hope that my writing skills will improve. Thanks to all who have clicked on past  these yellowed walls.

Good Day!


  1. Glad to see you made it out alive and that you were able to salvage your blog. Happy/congrats on the big 5. I really like that pic. Bunny and I stopped out in the middle of nowhere last year to take similar pics. I was the first time we had seen such sights. It allowed me to understand the existence of all white fake Christmas trees. 🙂

    Thanks Peter! Blog fires are really scary. Hoar frost, however, is wicked cool!

  2. Happy blogiversary! Or would it be ‘Happy Blirthday’? Anyhow, congrats. And neat frosty picture.

    Thank you Allison! Blirthday, I like that.

  3. Losing your blog to a fire. What a disaster that would have been. So glad you saved it so you could celebrate the Big 5.

    You are too kind Pied. Nobody would have noticed. Except for maybe that awful burning hair smell. But thank you and with your encouragement, I hope to continue with this tedium. At least until next winter, after which I plan to start selling those Apocalypse Souvenirs.

  4. Congrats on the five years. I am so glad you were able to save your blog. Burning words would create a powerful flame. The mess would be horrific. The fine would be terrible once the fire was visible to all.
    They say there is always room for improvement but there does not seem to be any need for improvement in your writing skills. Who knew that a computer geek could write so well!!!

    Aww thanks Lakecrazy! That means quite a lot coming from you, my proto uber geek mentor! Burning words would create a powerful flame. I like the sound of that!

  5. Yellowed walls? Oh no, I must be colour blind

    Ooh I hope not. Yellow blindness is exceedingly rare. But don’t worry, there aren’t really any walls. Plus they’re not yellow. It was playing on the phrase “hallowed halls”, the origin or meaning of which I haven’t a clue …

  6. I had no idea blogs were flammable.

    Gosh Maleesha, I’m surprised! As a Marine and longtime blogger, I would have thought you’d be all up to speed on blog fire hazard. So a word to the wise, if you see a blog smoking, walk away slowly …

  7. Congrats!

    If your walls have yellowed, it’s time to:
    a) Quit smoking
    b) Take the dog outside to wee
    c) Paint the walls

    My blog never threatens to combust. It most likely would bore itself to death! I think I’ve been blogging here for around 3 years, only my current blog is a reincarnation of my previous blog, I Feel Unusual which was hauled away in a large smelly lorry to the WordPress landfill.

    Thank you S.Le. Your advice makes good sense. I believe you’ve plagiarized my line about my blog boring itself to death. It’s OK I forgive you. No need for litigation. You’re lucky to have a non-flammable blog. Perhaps mine just needs more moisture. I’ll look into that.

    • Right then. My blog won’t combust or bore itself to death, it will crawl into a dark, cobwebby corner and simper until it turns into dust and catches in the winds of dullness.

      All right, tell me I plagiarized THAT from you!

      Oh definitely not. But I’ll be watching, cuz I love it when there’s simpering. People just don’t simper any more. Why?

      • Try using more tomato ketchup. That fixes nearly everything!

        My son-in-law is a huge ketchup fan. I’m more of a mustard guy. That could have something to do with the yellowing I guess.

        • Could be. I personally only use tomato ketchup on meatloaf and chips. (fries)

          Yeah, I know what chips are man! Our daughter once gifted us a “gourmet” ketchup that’s awfully nice, if not a little overpriced. Too nice for the meatloaf usage, but OK for chips.

          • You are just so cool.

            One must not use “gourmet” and “ketchup” in the same sentence. Just doesn’t work.

            Yeah? Nice of you to say. The guy in the mirror sez I’m an insufferable schmuck.

            Gourmet + ketchup may not work linguistically, but the stuff from that Stonewall Kitchen in Maine justifies the term.

  8. I am cantueso but am trying out browsing anonymously because Google has “rolled out” a new policy where people who look up things they have looked up many times before get only a retricted selection of results. “To see more you must upgrade to Google+”.
    I checked twice what that meant, and it means simply that one has to sign into one of those socializing services where (I am afraid) I wouldn’t last long, though I did last 3 days in Twitter.
    So while I thought this over, I had the idea to see whether by googling anonymously I could see the complete results of some of my subjects of interest.
    It works.

    You’re not so good at anonymity are you cantueso? Right away I was able to guess your identity. Ha ha.

    Not sure how Google+ is an upgrade. I signed up during the initial hoopla months ago, but I don’t check in there much. Facebook is more compelling, for some stupid reason. Twitter I check on once a week or so, mostly because I follow some comedians who occasionally post amusing tweets.

    Enjoy your anonymity.

  9. What I get from Google is (quote):

    “5 personal results. This is a limited preview. Upgrade to Google+”
    and “the personal results” are a post of my own on the subject of my search plus a few of the pictures that I have on that subject.

    Now who would go to Google to see his own blog post there?

    I don’t know.

  10. The trouble with your blog is that you’ve constructed it of natural fibers– let me guess: linen! Or maybe wool, because of your winters… Anyway, you need a polyester blog treated with heat retardants, like kid’s pajamas used to be. Oh sure it will be a bit scratchy and artificial, and probably made in China, but it will be much safer, and really how hard can it be to write in Chinese?

    In conclusion, congratulations on 5 years– don’t change a thing!

    Hee hee, that’s brilliant! Flame retardant, that’s what’s needed. Forget the Chinese, I’ll stick with being a monoglot. If that’s even a word. Anyway, thanks for the funny comment linniew!

  11. It has now been 5 years since you posted a new entry. Happy 10th bloggerversary.

    Jeez, that second 5 years went by even faster than the first! Thanks for the nudge. I count on you for these. I should be posting any day now. I’m definitely feeling the urge to push.

    • Brilliant! Now I’ve got THAT image in my mind! (cleansing thoughts, cleansing thoughts!!)

      Not much of a midwife are you?

  12. Happy belated Bloggaversary! I looked in aisle 7 for a card, but they were out. I’m so glad you started this little project. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading about you, you life and your nerdy thoughts, you wonderful guy, you.

    Thank you Moonbeam. Perhaps someone needs to come up with an appropriately Hallmarkian blog-occasional line of greeting cards. Hint hint. You KNOW you could do that, don’t you? Like totally.

    For the record, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your blog too!

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