Posted by: David | January 29, 2012


The weather here this winter has been pretty bad in terms of precipitation. There should be a couple or few feet of snowpack by now,  but not this winter. We’ve had all sorts of ice, sleet, and rain but very little snow. A few days ago there was a light combination of all of these in the driveway, and there appeared a pattern of tracks, foot and car. It caught my eye immediately, probably because there are some letterforms. I photographed it a few times over these last few days. Each time the light was a little different.

Of course it got me to thinking about tracks and trails and those traces we leave behind our progression through the days of our lives in this accelerating, expanding universe of ours.  And then I find this book at the town dump where I leave the household rubbish and recyclables every Sunday. I found two books actually. Einsten’s Dreams (© 1993, Alan Lightman, full text available at Google Books) and The Hours (© 1998 Michael Cunningham).  I gave The Hours to my daughter, thinking she might like it. I recalled liking the movie, but then how would I not like any movie with Meryl Streep, Nicole Kidman, and Julianne Moore?

Einstein’s Dreams, on the other hand, is frustrating me.  Despite rave reviews. It’s like that other book that was a huge bestseller and got rave reviews, about some guy roaming through the desert of the middle east and finding himself or some shit. I can’t even remember the name of it. People mention it to me occasionally, assuming that it must be on the top shelf of my library of best-loved volumes. I couldn’t finish it. No offense to the nice people who gifted it to me, they meant well.  Read the first 72 pages of Einstein’s Dreams while sunning myself in the greenhouse. Not sure I’ll bother finishing it. Maybe I need a shelf of books classified as “good for throwing”. Maybe I’ll just take it back to the dump next Sunday.

Einstein’s Dreams and The Hours. Both collected for free at the town transfer station. Where the attendant showed me a magazine article about some soon to-be-discontinued fluorescent light bulbs. Deep thoughts. Not.

So much for a blog post full of deep insights about time, life, our paths through the void, etcetera.  Maybe next time. Please collect your refunds at the courtesy booth.


  1. Interesting photos. I agree, it’s the letterforms that grab the attention and compel further examination. There must be a message in there somewhere …

    As for the book, you could always hollow it out and make a hiding place for small valuables. Or if mutilation is not your style, donate it to a library. I hate the idea of tossing books into the trash.

    K and Y? Not going to go any further with that pair of letters.

    There is a nice place to recirculate books and other reading matter where I work. Einstein’s Dreams will be there soon I fear.

  2. I haven’t had my cataract removed yet. I thought the photos were crop circles. They sort of have a symmetry to them. I think it’s cool that you noticed them.. I like them. Didn’t read The Hours or Einstein’s Dream. I am curious as to the name of the one with the guy in the desert. Sounds like I should be glad I didn’t bother to read it.

    Thank you Joan. May you soon be free of your cataract. I try to notice stuff.

    See comment by Maleesha. She guessed it. It was a few years ago I tried reading The Alchemist. Apparently it was one of the best selling books ever and was translated into many other languages. Whatever.

  3. are you talking about The Alchemist?

    YEAH, that’s the one. Do you think I should try to finish it? Where I left off the guy was in the desert camped out with a bunch of warriors or something. They were waiting for something to happen. So was I, but I gave up.

  4. The fates will stop leaving you Driveway Messages if you don’t work harder at deciphering.

    Thanks for the warning linniew. I’ll try a little harder. As for this Driveway Message, I see a K and a Y or V. I dare not go to there …

  5. I don’t come here for the deep insights, I come because you make me smile

    Thanks for that sweet little comment nursemyra. It makes ME smile. Good logic on your part, there hasn’t been a deep insight here for some time.

  6. Well, look at you with 6 readers! Nice!

    The tracks look a bit like Kanji.

    Art Major wants to try hydroponics. Hope he’s not planning to grow “oregano” in our basement!

    I didn’t pay to get in here. I snuck in when nobody was watching!

    Yeah, that was weird. Most of those “Likes” came in at the same time. I wonder if there are spambots out there LIKING things now. Whatever, I’ll take what I can get.

    You’re right about the Kanji. I should show it to my Japanese friend and see what she says.

    Hydroponics sounds interesting, but I like dirt. Good luck with the oregano crop.

  7. What is it about these photos that I find so interesting? It’s definitely not the fact they resulted from a snow storm…

    I only wish I was as insightful as you are. Unfortunately, I know that whatever it is that is grabbing my attention it’s not this accelerating, expanding universe of ours.

    I don’t know bschooled, but I bet that it’s the same thing that caught my eye as soon as I looked out the window. Your photos are pretty interesting too, so there.

    I’m glad that you’re not as insightful as I am, because you’d be a much less amusing writer. I think that the acceleration of universal expansion is terrifying.

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