Posted by: David | January 13, 2012

Aloe VerAgain

That crazy aloe vera plant at work is doing it again, in the middle of the winter. I’ve posted pictures of these pretty flowers here before, but it’s been a while. In the year or two since, the aloe vera plant has been lovingly repotted by one of the awesome groundskeepers crew. Thanks Jesse! And thanks Nancy for the title of this post and for your help tending to this beautiful plant.

In mid-December the flower stalk was just emerging.

Just after New Years the stalk had grown about a foot and a half.

Maybe the aloe is looking forward to the students returning to campus for the spring semester. The library, where this plant has been living for about 10 years, will soon be all abuzz with busy brains absorbing all sorts of wonderful knowledge. Nice way to show the enthusiasm aloe!

Just outside the winter has finally decided to start acting like itself. Thursday brought the first 6 inches of snow since Thanksgiving. The grounds had been bare and frozen for most of December. It’s nice to have some snow on the ground finally. Sort of.

This frozen puddle looked interesting last week.

 As a technical note, all the photos in this post were taken with the iPhone 4 that I got back in November. I’m pretty impressed with the quality of the jpegs produced by the phone’s camera. It’s only a couple of megapixels less resolution than the Canon A210 that I’ve been using for the past few years (7.1 megapixels).  Most cameras are up over 10mp now. I like how many of  the latest cameras have styled themselves after the old Leica M series in body shape, the history of which goes back to the 1920s.  Though I can’t imagine using film again, if someone gave me a nice Leica M7, I’d gladly buy some film and take the developing tank down from the attic.


  1. Love this plant. The shot with the turquoise and coral coloring is so … Southwest. Did you tinker with the color to get that? Wish I had a corner window like that to sit in, along with a worthy view. I’d spend a lot of time there.

    Yes, I almost always tinker with the color. I turn up the saturation to 42 and then hit Auto Correct (Microsoft Office Picture Manager). That makes most of the photos “pop”. The whole library is pretty picturesque, but this corner has a nice view to the south of Mount Kearsarge.

  2. I remember another time that you posted photos of the aloe blooming. I have had aloe plants and never have the bloomed. It must really like the library. The photos are great. My daughter has an IPhone 4 and yes it does take good photos though she really loves the new Canon Rebel T3 DSLR she got for Christmas. The thing is amazing and I am a little jealous.

    Yes, Joan, I’ve been watching this plant for a few years now. It flowers more than once a year. Sometimes the flowers drip this sappy stuff that tastes a little sweet. Once I collected some seeds from pods that came after the flowers. The seeds were not fertile. Apparently these plants need to cross pollinate with others in order to give viable seeds.

  3. I am so glad you are not Spanish, because otherwise I would have to raise hell concerning
    “I like how the cameras….”
    though I have already seen
    “I like that it is snowing today….”
    I have not yet seen
    “I like when there is a holiday”.

    Would you consider granting me a full and unconditional pardon for all the spelling, grammatical, syntax, verb agreement and all other such errors I have ever and will ever make in this here blog? I’ll reward you handsomely!

  4. Forgot to say the photos are very beautiful.
    And the Aloe, so close to the sunny window, must think it is summer.

    Thanks cantueso! The aloe is remarkably disconnected from the seasons living indoors. It has been flowering like this at least twice a year for the past 5 years. The flowers are pretty, even before I digitally mess with their colors.

  5. That’s a magnificent bloom

    Nursemyra, this plant is really incredible! In 2008 it flowered 3 times, in February, June and September. I have no idea why it flowered so many times in one year, but that was also the year my daughter and her husband got married. 🙂

  6. Gorgeous plant! I didn’t know Aloe Vera had blooms like that! Thanks for sharing!

    Love the snap of the puddle. Looks more like a broken mirror!

    This is one randy plant. Glad you like the snaps.

    • Sorry. There’s nothing for me to make fun of in this post. Gotta give me something here!

      Don’t sweat it, something lame this way comes …

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