Posted by: David | December 31, 2011

Happy 2012

Not going to start a retrospective here, but 2011 was a pretty good year.  Ooh I rhymed!  Don’t worry, I’m not going to lapse into verse either. Promise.

2011 brought an adorable grandchild into our lives, along with the blessing of watching the kids become the parents.

Just saying good bye to 2011 and may 2012 turn out to be more than just another apocalypse. After all, there is so much good in the world these days. We know more than we’ve ever known in all of history. So many bright promises have yet to be fulfilled.

Bye 2011. You’re done! Bring on 2012.

Thanks for visiting blog- and other internet friends. Here’s wishing you the best year ever!


  1. Happy New Year to you too David xx


  2. Happy New Year!

    You too Maleesha!

  3. Happy New Year, David, to you and all your wonderful family!

    Thanks so much Pied! Same to you and your family!

  4. Happy new year to you David! May your garden this year look anything at all like the plants in the catalogs and may the deer forget where you live.

    Thanks Linnie same to you. We have NO snow now, and the deer have not been around to clean up all the fruit drops from under our apple and pear trees. Maybe deer hunters got them! Or they forgot where we live. Whichever.

  5. What does she say with her hand? Is she imitating a hand movement of the photographer’s?
    And you — did you put the “no dogma” sign on your pullover?! I have had a miserable night. Upstairs they played odd music and danced incessantly and by about 2 am it made me nervous. Could not read, could not sleep.

    The music was some kind of percussion instruments aided by something like a xylophone. The variations were only in volume so that at times I relaxed thinking it had stopped. But then it started again, and anyway the shuffling feet never ended.

    One of the ladies wore high heels. She drank a little too much and at times she seemed to drag her feet.

    She’s not really saying anything that I can tell. The camera just caught her in what looked like a goodbye wave. One thing she does do with her hands though is a little nursery rhyme pantomime called ‘the itsy bitsy spider’. The first time we saw her doing it we didn’t realize what it was, but now we’re sure that’s what it is because she does it on cue and smiles and giggles.

    Good eye on the t-shirt logo. It’s not my no dogma sign but one created by a high school student about 15 years ago. Those are letter Zs behind the crossout symbol. Translation: No sleeping (zzzz = cartoon representation of sleeping or snoring). Funny you noticed that as you mention your miserable New Year’s Eve. Some people just don’t know when to stop … I hope you got some rest today.

    • I had heard about the Itsy bitsy spider but didn’t sknow what it was. It would be incredible if she could already respond to word play. I think it is most typical of English as a language. I think it even prevents “them” from taking anything completely serious.

      Off topic:
      I saw that I wrote this in a post of mine: “the song is available in four languages and Japanese”. Can you see the hoof showing? Or what they have been calling “the subconscious mind”? In case you don’t see it, here is a similar glitch, that however I may already have told you once:
      “She is an English teacher, but she is nice.”

      It’s probably the sing-song intonation that captures the attention of babies. She definitely recognizes that particular rhyme, and responds to it with a big smile. Sometimes she moves her hands around attempting to mimic the gestures.

      Yes, I see the hoof showing. I like that kind of misconstruction.

      • I had seen that hoof in a Wikipedia article on a famous Bible called the Alba Bible written in the late Middle Ages:
        “The text of the Alba Bible is by Rabbi Arragel, but the art is all by the Franciscans of Toledo.”

        I cannot continue to laugh over this, as my culture is built on false comparisons and illusory choices.

  6. Happy 2012!
    I wish for you a peaceful, love-filled, soul-fulfilling, life-enriching year.

    Thank you C, same to you. Back to work now!

  7. Happy New Year to you and your lovely family, especially that cute wee girly. She will break loads of hearts. I reckon her Grandad will need to watch over her. Tough job but somebody must do it!

    Thanks so much S. Le! I’ll do my best. She’s getting a couple little teeth on the bottom and working wonders on her potty!

    • Are you saying SHE is potty or making YOU potty? Or, do you mean using a potty? Interesting language, English, innit?

      I think you get what I’m saying. You’re being obtuse, aren’t you?

  8. Happy New Year David! I haven’t visited the blogs in a long time. Your granddaughter is a beauty. I am glad life is good for you. I am hoping to write on my blog more often now that I have quit Facebook games. Though with another grandchild due It’s hard to tell how much time I will have. Did you check out the meteor shower the other night? I missed it. I just couldn’t stay up that late.

    Thank you Joan! I’ve been a negligent blogger myself. That’s so cool about the new grandchild. I missed the meteor shower. I can’t stay up that late either, or get up that early. It was supposed to peak at 3 am.

    • I was up outside in slippers and robe to check out the stars at abt 5 am and saw ONE falling star. Still, it was cool.

      Yeah, just seeing one makes it worth it. 🙂

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