Posted by: David | December 20, 2011

Happy Holiday

The ectoplasmic gadgetosis is in full remission. The ectoplasm was of the minimally invasive type. Turns out I didn’t need chemo or radiation, just a good drenching with internet-delivered media! With the Kindle Fire I read Stephen King’s newest page-turner, 11/22/63. As unappealing as a numeric book title can be, I decided afterward to try the Amazon sample of 1Q84, a similarly themed novel by Haruki Murakami. Time travel, parallel timestreams, whatever. The sample didn’t quite pull me in. But an NPR segment on Three Men And A Boat did, and that little volume was obtainable instantly in its Kindle edition, for the price of $0.00. Enjoying that book now …

Also on the Kindle I took advantage of the complementary month-long membership in Amazon Prime, which offers a bunch of free streaming videos; movies, comedy acts, and TV shows. So I watched all 3 of the Swedish-made (2009) Stieg Larsson thrillers, in order, for free. The first two were with English subtitles, the last one was dubbed in English. The dubbing was so bad that it detracted from the film. Subtitles are much preferable, plus it’s kind of interesting to listen to people speaking a language you don’t understand. Which pretty much happens to me all the time.

My wife made several batches of microwave peanut brittle today for xmas gifts.

Tomorrow is the winter solstice, first day of Winter 2011. I’m at the beginning of a 2-week break from work, and the weather is now seasonably cold after weeks of abnormal warmth. No snow yet- the ground is now bare after two pretty good storms earlier. Hopefully there will be some white stuff for the folks who like that as a Christmas enhancement.

Peanut brittle finished. The microwave recipe is easy and dependable.

Happy Holidays to all of you!



  1. This doesn’t look good…just sayin.


    What the heck do ya mean? Is it the peanut brittle? It does sort of look like a, like a, well you know.

  2. Ahh, peanut brittle. That really takes me back. Mom and I were both crazy about it. Her favorite was Sophie Mae (do they still sell that?) and I bought her boxes of it whenever gifts were in order. You’ve reminded me I haven’t had any in many, many years. I’ve never tried making it, but yours looks delicious.

    By the way, so glad that nasty case of ectoplasmic gagetosis cleared up. Wouldn’t want you sick during the holidays.


    My wife has been making peanut brittle as a Christmas gift/treat for many years. The microwave recipe is very dependable and pretty easy to make as long as one pays attention. One batch per year usually gets a little overdone somehow. I get to eat that.

    The gadgetosis has developed into a low grade media infection. I’m sucking up free movies and TV shows while my free 30-day Amazon Prime subscription remains in effect. I think I’ll be OK.

  3. I hope you know that at the Gutenberg Project all books are free and there are thousands of them, enough to kill any amount of time.
    The peanut brittle looks good, and I have no idea what it is, but I am going to look it up and then also make some. I made bread yesterday and cinnamon cookies.

    Yes, thank you for that reminder. With Project Gutenberg and Amazon’s library, I should be able to kill the rest of eternity.

    Did you make the peanut brittle? There are many recipes online. Do you have a microwave oven? It’s a very simple candy, but requires some good teeth to enjoy.

  4. Aniseed cookies, too. I like those best.

    Someone gave us a tin of ginger snaps for Christmas. They’re very addictive. At first we were calling them pfeffernuesse but then we read the bottom of the tin.

    • Ah! That’s how you do it! I often wondered. And now that you mention it: how true! Indeed! And that is why one learns so much from reading the back of the corn flakes box.

      I often thought that if I became president of the US, I would think hard on what to ask Kellog’s to write on the back of their boxes, since this is where the US citizens find out what to think.

      Yeah, unfortunately, the decorative cookie tin has no information except on the bottom. So you have to turn it upside down. This upsets the delicately arranged wafers inside, especially after you’ve eaten the first layer.

      Cereal boxes might be a good place to post important information, however I cannot encourage this, since these cereals are mostly crap and nobody should be encouraged to eat them. Unfortunately, the existence of 200 different brands of them makes for an irresistible “false choice” that many people fall for.

  5. Where’s mine then? Just askin’!

    Happy Christmas, mate!

    Sorry, we gave it all away already. Maybe next year. If you’re good (not naff).

    • I won’t count on any then. *sad face*

      Well I tried to send you maple syrup once. But if you really want some peanut brittle, you know what to do.

  6. Being unemployed really spoils the fun of not being able to buy gadgets, lol!

    I’m so sorry that you’re still unemployed Girl. That’s just not right. I hope 2012 brings something good your way in the job department.

  7. Glad I don’t suffer from that. Sounds nasty.

    Thanks for visiting Elliott! I’ll check out Appelate Sky forthwith. I love saying forthwith.

    The gadgetosis isn’t that bad really. It goes with the territory of being a computer support worker. The ectoplasmic component, however, is just plain gross.

  8. Um, you lost me at ectoplasmic gadgetosis.

    Fortunately, I was able to get back in the game at internet-delivered media. UNfortunately, however, the peanut brittle is causing me to feel pangs of jealousy so severe, I want to throw my stale, moldy granola bar at the broken television set that is currently sitting on the floor of my barren, un-airconditioned room.

    …Other than that, Mexico is great!

    Hope you’re having a great holiday, D!

    Yeah, I was lost too. Being a techie Luddite is not always so easy. Most of the time it means just waiting for others to get past the latest shiny object, see which ones get and stay popular, and try those. Sometimes gadgetosis sets in and I had it bad in November.

    Wish I could send you some peanut brittle, though in terms of sugar content, your moldy granola bar is a better choice, especially if it has the right kind of mold, e.g. ergot.

    I AM having a great holiday, thanks! Next Monday though, it’s back to work. Waaaah. I wish I could take months and months off like you, though I would not be kissing reindeer in Mexico. But whatEVER.

    Thanks for commenting and Happy New Year! It is 2012 in Mexico too, right? Or are they still on the Gregorian calendar?

  9. I did not make the peanut brittle, because, very simple: I had not written down what it was called and then could not remember its name, which is really hard to remember.
    However, I made my first applepie ever.
    With real yeast. It was so good, I made a second one the next day.

    If I were going to make a nut brittle, I would try a different nut than peanuts. Hazelnuts, for example. I love them!

    Glad to hear about your apple pie. What kind of apples did you use? And yeast? What sort of pie crust is made with yeast? Did you put cinnamon in it?

  10. thanks for the recommendation, I’ve just downloaded Three Men in a Boat. and re your comment above about ergot…. I take it as a migraine medication. It’s got some undesirable side effects but none of the good ones associated with LSD 😦

    Hi Nursemyra! Sorry to hear about the migraines. Another friend who suffers from them used to take something with ergot extracts. She said it was very effective but also expensive. What an accursed affliction! Methinks the ‘good effects’ of LSD were somewhat exaggerated, having tried it once or twice a few decades ago. It was interesting, but also disabling, though I’m glad to have tried it.

    I look forward to hearing your impressions of that odd little book.

    Happy New Year!

  11. Microwaved peanut brittle – wow! I’m gonna make it.

    Thanks for reminding me of Three Men in a Boat. I love that book.

    Hi Queenwilly! Thanks for visiting and commenting. The microwave brittle is easy to make. My wife’s made hundreds of batches over the years and burned very few of them. The timing in the microwave is pretty critical. And it’s super super hot when you pour it out onto the flat pan, so be careful.

    Do you know of any other books of that ilk?

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