Posted by: David | August 15, 2011

My Blog Is Tired

I guess I’m slowing down. They used to call it “iron-poor tired blood”. Well not me, but my blog. It’s feeling old. And tired. I went for a 40 mile bike ride last weekend, with a friend from work. She’s a poet from Poland. She’s a hoot. A laugh and a half. What’s with all these short sentences? My MLU is droppin.  Another symptom of fatigue …

Newbury, NH- intersection of Old Post Road and State Route 103. Look to the right …

So my friend Ewa and I had ridden our bicycles together before. She’d asked last week if we could maybe go for a ride. We confirmed that we each still had one another’s cell numbers. I decided to ride and phone from somewhere on the road.

This gathering lives in  the rocks a few miles north of the famous “Chicken Farmer I Still Love You” sign. Newbury people must have a great sense of humor.

At a point I guessed to be a few miles from her house, I called. She was still in her pyjamas and had another friend coming over in a couple hours to ride. So I got to her place and hung out there for a little bit. She showed me some of the new poetry she’s been working on. And played a little of Cotton Eyed Joe on her banjo. She’s taking banjo lessons. The other friend arrived in due course. He’s an attorney. We all went for a nice ride together through Sutton and back to New London. We parted ways around 2:00. I needed to get back to harvest my spuds. On  my way back home I found a CD halfway up Grace Hill. It was Dueling Banjos,  the soundtrack from that horrid movie Deliverance. I brought it home and it cleaned up nicely. Gave it to Ewa today when I bumped into her at the supermarket.

One row of potatoes, between tomatoes and corn. Harvested by hand, badger style, except I don’t use my feet. And I wear gloves.

Almost a bushel each of Yukon Gold and red potatoes. Planted from last year’s remainders.

While digging I came across a small family of mole-like rodents who’d been chewing on my taters. I murdolated them like the cold-blooded bastard that I am. It was not pretty. I’m not proud of it, but there’s a war on. The deer ate all our cabbages, so death to the rodents.

The garlic is done curing. Largest bulbs left, smaller in the middle, and bulbil heads on the right. Half-bushel baskets.

The weather is beginning to turn. The sun is progressing on its journey south. Soon the autumn will arrive, with all the fresh-faced students. Summer projects draw to a close.

Don’t know what kind it is, but this mushroom in our driveway sure is pretty.


  1. Always in awe of the garden. Great looking taters. That is a pretty mushroom. Do you ever do any ‘shroom harvesting?

    Thank you Peter. We are always on the lookout for oyster mushrooms, which are easy to identify and really delicious. My wife also does a little mushroom foraging sometimes with one of her friends. Just today they found some black chanterelles. They’re also easy to identify and pretty much impossible to confuse with any other fungus.

  2. “I murdolated them;” resonant. Captures a slice of the world this. Enjoyed it thoroughly.

    Thanks for your comment Trevor. I’ll be adding your poetic blog to the blogroll forthwith. As to the murdolation, it was most foul but inevitable. Having already hurled a couple dozen rodent chewed spuds into the brush, finding the offenders was just dumb luck. For me anyway …

  3. Aww, your blog in need of Geritol? A new theme might add a little zip, if you want to open that can of worms.

    My first thought on the ‘shroom was a story I saw recently about an increasing number of dogs eating and being poisoned by wild mushrooms. Probably only the reports are increasing, and I’ll bet you know your ‘shrooms, but still …

    Yeah, I keep flipping through the theme previews, but nothing delights me. I’m not one enamored of packaging.

    I’m not very knowledgeable on fungi, but my wife is. We don’t mess with anything questionable. There are a few easy-to-identify species that we sometimes happen upon. Our dog has never shown the slightest interest in mushrooms. But once he ate a corncob. That was funny. Or so I thought at the time …

  4. Your blog isn’t so tired as mine is! I’m really hoping to breath new life into mine VERY soon! I have also been much too busy to even read blogs let alone write any! Your is, at least, lovely to look at.

    Pleeze don’t leave us, yeah?

    (You’ve got to be one of the few Americans to spell pyjamas that way! Bet your spell checker went mental!)

    Thanks for those kind words S. Le. And we share the same excuse of busy-ness. Since you said ‘pleeze’ so cutely I will stay.

    Note: The spelling of pyjamas was a phonetic transcription in this case. My poet friend with the delightful Polish accent actually pronounced the word that way.

    • … and thanks for not showing us the murdolated rodents, Brilliant wordage, nasty mental imagery.

      You’re welcome. The murdolation was purely a reflex, I assure you. Had I not been wearing heavy duty gloves, the rodents would have survived.

  5. My blog is old and tired too. Maybe our blogs should date, and they can feel young again. Love the tater pics, and love the word murdolated. Our taters are awesome this year, as is our garlic.

    What an awesome idea! Our blogs should definitely go get a coffee and “catch up”. Then maybe they could discuss their problems, their ennui, and consider whether to take things a step further.

    Glad your taters and garlic did well too! I’m pretty pleased with the size of the garlic bulbs even though I let the scapes go all the way to harvest.

    Today I harvested all the corn.

  6. Be inspired by the glorious potatoes– inpotaterated! (See what you started?) And what if you create us comment people, just by writing? Never thought of that I bet. But then where do we come from? hmm?

    Inpotaterated: LOL. Thus the spuds inspire. And your commentary. Thank you. I did try commenting on my posts myself for a while, but it was too narcissistic, even for me! It took a while for the blogfriends to gather, but worth the wait.

  7. My parents have a great mole murdolator– she’s a Scottie, born to kill moles and such. My dog, a pug, couldn’t murdolate one if you soaked it in dog food.

    Glad you had a nice ride.

    Yes, if Oliver, our terrier, had more freedom he would surely have murdolated them rodents in a timely fashion.

    Today would have been nice for cycling, but the corn was demanding to be harvested. Put 16 quart freezer bags up. Back is sore now.

  8. Did I tell you about the advantages of re-publishing old posts? Leaving out the ephemeral maybe.
    However, at least as far as I know, your connection works. I have cable (fiber?) and I am getting up to 50 cuts a day. Some are very short, some up to 20 minutes. Some come in long series, others come just two or three at a time.
    Because I am cable, I cannot simply switch IPS, and all of them are more or less mafia. The connection was just as bad a year ago all through summer. Changing the IPS will mean about two weeks of havoc.
    Just to give you an example: to see my own data on the web of the company, I have to give my password. In Yahoo we have had the same password for about 9 years, both of us the same, and it was originally given to us by Yahoo.

    Well, my IPS has changed my password on their own 3 times so that in one case for about 2 years I could not access my own account.

    I’m stuck in a rut with these posts which repeat in content, not by re-publishing but by dint of my very boring lifestyle and deeply set routines. I’m sorry you have such a lousy ISP.

  9. My blog is suffering from senoiritis. Plus, I’m damn tired and my hand hurts. But, I keep on trying … and stop by old friend’s blogs when I can.

    I love that funky mushroom picture, very cool!

    Thanks for stopping by Girl. I’m glad you like the photo and that you keep on trying. That’s inspiring. 🙂

  10. My blog is always tired. Tired of me changing it every two days….

    Dueling banjos? You always find the best stuff! If only I lived closer, I would totally go bike riding with you.

    Oh, and if only I wasn’t so scared of falling off my bike…

    Of course your blog is tired, because of all that sex it’s having all the time. I wish my blog was 10% as hilarious and entertaining as your bschooled!

    Yes, my friend Ewa didn’t believe that I found that CD. I had to affirm it thrice. She’s a poet, so naturally needs lots of convincing.

    If you are ever in New Hampshire, I have a bike for you to ride, and an extra helmet. Maybe I’ll get some training wheels too, just for you. 🙂

  11. Connection fixed! Imagine! Would you have known that if you have cable, but several years old, it gets very “weak signals” and in summer, because some ingredients expand in the heat, the signals get even weaker so that every now and then they are too weak to be effective and you get cut off.

    A técnico came and he shook his head at my modem and at a little box up in the wall, took both away, put something else where they had been, all the while talking really fast while also typing on his own little computer even faster.

    The connection works! It was really bad, all summer this year and last year, too, but since as from September on it was better, I was sure that the problem had to be in the general net and not in my installation.So I did not call them.

  12. You are doing worse at this blogging thingy than I am! Of course, I believe you may be busier than I am as well… but that’s no excuse! Hop to lad! Pip-pip!

    Yes. I’m officially a Negligent Blogger now. I apologize and thank you for your sarcastic encouragement. 🙂

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