Posted by: David | June 10, 2011

Inconvenience Store

Damn it’s been a while. Try to get something here at least every couple of weeks, but it’s been so dang busy. I had a nice little vacation and my lil sister came up to visit from Florida, so we spent a lot of time with her and the kids and the granddaughter. It was nice to have almost 2 weeks off, but work’s been crazy busy and promises to stay that way all summer. We have about 220 new computers to set up, and just as many to take down and prep for recycling. Tried not to think about that while on vacation.

These people helped me to not think about work. Friend Bonnie observed that baby looks like she just delivered a hilarious one-liner to mommy.

Of course there were a few bike rides. Mostly 3 hour-ish rides between 30 and 40 miles. Took the camera along on a couple of rides and saw some stuff. And I found another Apple product on the side of the road. Maybe you remember that several weeks back I found a poor, road-killed iPad on a bike ride. Well this time I found an iPod in a speaker case. It was in much better shape than that poor iPad, but I could not get it to come to life.

There is a video on the internet that shows how to disassemble one of these.

So of course I tried to disassemble it. Why? Who knows? One of these days maybe I’ll find an i-Something that actually works. I’d really rather not buy one just yet. I’m waiting for the next model. Always. On another ride, another day I passed by some interesting sculptures.

Big and little cairns in a flower garden.

I’m not sure what this scene is supposed to represent. 

Also during this period I turned 55. It was a pretty quiet birthday. Lots of friends at work and at Facebook wished me a happy “double-nickel”.

Speaking of Facebook, I had a brilliantly witty little joke to post there, and the Friends Came Through. Names deleted to protect the funny people  …

David Levine wants to open a chain of  inconvenience stores. Any name suggestions?
Tuesday at 8:50pm · Privacy: · Like ·
  • ‎8/5? ‎
  • 37 cent store? ( That would be irritating, not necessarily inconvenient. )
  •  ‎24/7 open 24 minutes on 7 randomly selected days
  •  Inconvenient? How ’bout “The Runs?”
  •  Calls to mind one of my all time favorite really old Steven Wright lines …”Store 24 open 24 hours but not in a row”
  •  Rong Aid.
  •  come back at 7 or 11
  •  Marts-0-Dave. Duh.
  •  Assume the hours of my local post office – open when I am at work, closed during lunches and when I am not at work.
  •  No-Go 24 and for the Spanish speaking community, No-Va 24 😛
  •  Obviously you people have all taken 300-level marketing courses at prestigious institutions. Thanks for the great suggestions! I’m calling Murphy’s Law Offices first thing tomorrow morning.
  •  slackers r us, the stickup, wait & pay or www grocery (who-what-where)
  •  ‎1/5…does it beat 8/5?
  •  Hey you liked every comment. Where were you when I was flunking out of 6th grade? (This was in response to my clicking LIKE on every comment. Sheesh, Denny!)
  •  Stop & Wait “Open every third hour of Feb 29th”
  • Pay-in the Rear?
  •  The In and Out.
  •  We saw a chain called Terribles out in Vegas
  •  Nothing I can think of is as funny as the question itself!
  •  Have It Our Way.
  •  How about “Slushies & Cigarettes”?
  •  Top Shelf! Where everything’s top notch and only on the top shelf! 😛
  •  I LOVE YOU PEOPLE!!!!!!!!
  •  You have funny friends 🙂
  •  How about Wal-Mart Express?
I guess that is all I have for now. I’ve been thinking about trying a new look for this tired old blog. WordPress has all those lovely templates. Might change the tag line too. None of this is in stone. Ambiguity is my modus operandi. Although I’m very fond of that Wikipedia word: disambiguation.  I’m really just trying to take this post to 700 words and still need about 40 more words. There is no reason for this. I’m tired and I need to go floss my teeth and get ready for bed. Only fifteen more words and I will have bored you completely. Five more words = seven hundred.


  1. Loved the ending. 😛 Congrats on surviving another revolution around the sun. 😉

    Stop & Rob
    (We accept personal checks ONLY)


    Thanks Peter. A store that takes personal checks only would REALLY be inconvenient. 🙂

  2. You were a very hospitable status poster to like every response :-).

    I guess I’ll have to ride a little further to see rock sculptures on my rides.

    Hospitable I guess. More like compelled. I was about to try to say thanks to all the Facebook birthday wishes individually, but there were just too many and I need my sleep. At least here at the blog I can be hospitable and get it done without staying up too late.

    I hope you see some rock sculptures soon. Maybe they’re not as popular in the midwest as they are here. Maybe there are not so many rocks to work with?

  3. Another year– Onward!
    I recently did the change the theme thing with my blog and it’s great, like getting a new outfit or coloring your hair or putting different fabric on the couch. Or maybe like a new bike, in your case? Or a newish used bike? Or washing your bike?

    Thanks for commenting Linniew. I’m about to post a major garden update, which consists of a photo census of what’s growing in each bed. My garlic has just started to make scapes. But we’re having a lot of rain. I like to do the garden photo update when it’s sunny. Soon I hope.

  4. I don’t know what it represents either, but she has nice cans!

    Yeah, but the left one’s a little rustier than the right one.

  5. Those are some weird-arse sculptures! Glad they aren’t in MY garden!

    So whatcha gunna do to your blog then? I change my all the time.

    Yeah, there’re some hillbillies here in New Hampshire. And they like to weld stuff and put rocks on top of larger rocks.

    I dunno what to do with the blog. I’m so feckin indecisive. Have any suggestions?

    • More nudie sculptures.

      I’ll be on the lookout …

    • I like the rock piles. Just don’t like junk sculpture. To each, I reckon!

      I’d jazz your blog up a bit but hey, you’re a nerd so, maybe you’d better just leave well enough alone, yeah?

      I like the rock cairns better too. I’ll keep messing with the templates a bit. I did change my tag line. LOL, no?

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