Posted by: David | May 23, 2011


Here’s a snappy fast post for those readers short on time and/or attention. Went for a bike ride Sunday, the default Henniker-Hillsborough loop. It wasn’t raining, but it was gosh darn raw and gray out. There were a fair number of others on the road too. The bright caution green color seems to be getting more popular in biking gear. I fell in behind 3 other cyclists all wearing the same blazing tops as me. However they continued east on Rt 103 whilst I turned south on Rt 114. It was a must-ride ride. Saturday was on and off torrential rains. We went over to the kids’ place to help hang curtain rods and stuff.

We stopped at Simonds School to see the crabapple tree in bloom. It was planted in memory of our son. The rain held back for a few minutes out of politeness.

Grandma’s little girl. Dressed in an outfit right out of the 1960s. She’s really starting to make ‘social’ faces now.

It’s endlessly fascinating to watch this baby (and her parents)  grow. It happens so fast. Not unlike the plants in the garden …

Look at what the horseradish is doing. Flowers. Maybe I can collect seeds.

Back to today’s bike ride. It was cold and gray, as mentioned. I stopped once at the river in Henniker for a Clif bar and a drink. Then went home via Hillsborough. Just before hooking back into Bacon Road, I spotted this ultrasimple and mega scaled stone cairn right by the road. Obviously made by someone having fun with a big piece of equipment.

The bottom stone is a boulder about 8 feet tall. The top stone is about 3-4 feet in size. I’ll keep checking in on this earthwork.

Got home about 2:30 and had a cup of tea then started working on housecleaning. Preparing for a family visit. Hope your Judgement Day was good too. And the Day After …



  1. Are you sure those other cyclists weren’t doppelgangers?

    And where do I get MY giant standing stone? (I’ve always wanted a standing stone.)

    If there were 4 of them, could they be dopplegangers? I guess maybe. Anyway, our paths soon diverged.

    That minimalist cairn has a maximal size. It’s on one of my most frequent cycle routes so I’ll be keeping tabs on it. It’s not clear what all the earthmoving was for in the first place. It’s too small to be a plot for a building …

  2. I love them all, but I can’t stop looking at the photo of your granddaughter. She is adorable!! A

    nd coming from someone who has no maternal instinct whatsoever, that’s saying a lot.:)

    Yeah, I know what you mean. I have no maternal instinct either. But hopefully you’ve stopped looking by now, cuz that would just be sorta creepy … 🙂

  3. Ah! You finally wrote a post I could read in one sitting! Brilliant! I’m actually quite chuffed about it but have little else to say. I’ll, therefore, keep my comments brief:
    1. Lovely tree
    2. Cute baby with cool rags
    3. You grow horseradish? Wow!
    4. Bacon road sounds like a delicious place.
    5. One can never go wrong with a hot cuppa.
    BTW: How was YOUR last day on Earth?

    You know I kept the post short in your honor, right? Somehow I feel obliged to include a proportional minimum of patter along with the photos, and if there is a 2 week buildup of pix, then a thousand words may be needed. Having professed blogging without any sense of obligation in the past, I find myself guilty of it. Your honor.

    I ride Bacon Road all the time. It’s the “Default Route” for cycling. Can turn the brain almost completely off.

    Judgement Day was pretty good. That’s sorta what the post was about S Le. Duh! I did go to the gas station at 5:30 to refill a few 5 gallon containers. You need gasoline in the post-apocalyptic world, if Mel Gibson has any cred at all. Mad Max reference …

  4. What an utterly beautiful tree. We planted a tree when Stephen died too, a Moreton Bay Fig.

    The first tree we planted was a sugar maple, but it died after a couple of years. This crabapple was donated and planted by some generous spirits who I would love to mention if only I could remember or ever knew who they were. At the first planting event, we placed a triangle of stones that pointed in the direction our home.

  5. That baby could not be any cuter. Pretty sure I won’t hear any arguments.

    So happy outdoor bike season is back. Looking foward to your reports and pictures. I had full sun for my bike ride yesterday, and my pink arms are none too happy. Gloom (minus rain) isn’t necessarily a bad thing. A skunk ran across the street in front of me yesterday while I was riding. I brake for skunks (and pretty much any other running or even crawling critter such as all the turtles I saw).

    No arguments from my side of this blog anyway. But she actually is getting even cuter. Miraculous, I know. She smiles and grins more and more, and makes some amazing faces and sounds.

    I’m overdue for a bike ride. It’s been pretty hot, but I did get out last week, Thursday and Friday. The weekend was time for major garden work. I’m on a little vacation this week. Keep thinking I’ll get out in the morning before it gets too hot, but then I sleep in until 8 or even 9! Why? Cause I’m up way past my bedtime on the stupid internet!

    Wow a skunk! I would brake for one of them too. Mostly squirrels and chipmunks here.

  6. Howdy Dave,

    Sorry I haven’t been around in forever. I’ve been busy, busy, busy. Working on making time for my own blog right now.

    If you have time, perhaps you could stop by for a quick 10 question survey that only takes a few minutes, is fun/painless, the deadline is 06/04/2011 and will help me with a future post I’m working on; please and thank you. 😉

    Thanks for the short on time/attention post. Right up my alley. 😉 I’ll be back for more.

    Hi Peter, no worries. You haven’t missed a thing. My blog is pretty much as lame and boring as I am in real life, but with two fewer dimensions. My 3-D life is just the way I like it, but I’m incapable of translating the unbridled ecstasy of my every waking moment into a decent blog post. And yet I continue …

    Anyway, welcome back to the neighborhood spidey. 🙂

  7. I have been doing my tax declaration. I think it was two years ago that by mistake I claimed a discount for something called “America Cup”, some sort of football or soccer event. The taxman was upset.

    In the tax form there are close to 700 wee little lines to fill out. have to fill out only about 50, but the thing is to fill out the right ones.

    Isn’t there any sort of software or online assistance available for filing these tax declarations? My taxes are quite simple, having a single employer, and the electronic filing makes it very fast- just a couple of hours. However, when I calculate the percentage of my income that goes to taxes, federal and local property tax, it turns out I’m paying around 14% of my income to the taxman. It seems like a lot.

  8. Yes, there is software, but the complications are the same, since they are partly conceptual.
    Have you heard of the “Spanish revolution”? It is starting to look fishy. It is not similar to what is happening in some Arab countries where there are large majorities of poor people. Here the poor are not so poor and the large middle class cannot allow and cannot even afford big changes, and there has been a lot of cheating.

    For instance:
    Somebody bought an old house for 6. He remodelled it and first got cheated for 5, then finished remodelling for another 6 and was going to sell for 17, but the agent planned to add a commission of 3 for himself and another commission of 3 for the credit agent who gave an estimate of 26 (!!!!!) of the probable value of the building, so that the buyer could get a mortgage credit for 23….for which the bank obtained the additional guarantee of the buyer’s parents’ house.
    See this?
    If this buyer loses his job, he himself and his wife + baby + parents will become homeless + owe a debt of close to 23 (in fact some 130 000 euros representing the salary of about 130 months of unskilled labor).
    This mortgage contract is in some bank as an ASSET that can be sold to the above-mentioned middle class….


    The same thing is happening in the USA with mortgage financing and the debt load carried by the working class. I’m a financial idiot, but it looks to me like mortgages and other debts are the great sucking sound made as assets are irretrievably drawn past the ‘event horizon’ of the great monetary black hole created by the terribly greedy. Those who contribute nothing to the productive effort of society wield all the financial instrumentation and the mass of their fortunes’ irresistible gravitation pulls us all along to annihilation.

    Gloomy, no?

  9. Why do you call it “Earthwork”? Isn’t it stone-work? And on the photo it looks like an owl. The upper stone seems to have two big round eyes (it would be a mistake to say “round big eyes”; do you know the rule?) which even look a little greenish and serious and apalled, and there is also something vertical like a beak.

    The US tax declarations are almost finished, but now we have to wait for the taxman to answer and send me an identification number. — Maybe these personal taxes have to become a thing of the past along with personal military service and for similar reasons.

    Earthwork refers to the excavation in front of the stone-work. The stone-work was temporary as it turned out. The project was preparation for a house lot.

    Best of luck completing your endless tax forms. You should be awarded a vacation in the USA for your troubles. Disney World perhaps?

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