Posted by: David | May 16, 2011

Half-Full Glass Broken Now

So there. You got what you wanted. Don’t come crying to me. This is all so distracting. Got 2 emails going, half of the weekend’s photos enhanced, Facebook comments popping up from funny people in Canada … should check and see what Amanda Palmer and Neil are tweeting. I think she’s pregnant. I’m posting answers to people even dumber than me on Microsoft’s TechNet Forums. I’m hoping that the karma of helping might get me some answers to my dumb questions.

It’s an half an onion. Don’t cry.

I’m not drunk, I swear. In fact I’ve had no alcohol for a couple of months now. I miss it. But not that much. Sobriety is just as addictive. Things are going pretty well, despite the pessimistic title. I’ve been uploading lots of photos lately so I’ll spare you the idiotic patter.

This is probably one of the reasons I’m behind on my vodka. The guy on TV is saying ‘Aww, what a cute BABY’!

Granddaughter is 8 weeks old now! She smiled at me Saturday. 

Baltimore Oriole was heard before seen. Took a while to catch on camera.

And so did the Indigo Bunting.

Must clean bird snot from the window. 

Lovely magnolia tree in bloom.

Drive by it every day on the way to work. 

Guess which one of us has gas.

So we’re starting to clean out the attic. Took 5 boxes of magazines to the dump last weekend. Took a bunch of empty boxes and styrofoam pieces too. You know the boxes you save in case you need to send the TV back to Samsung for repair? Well there was so much stuff I had to make 2 trips. As I was pitching all the old magazines into the compactor, mostly horse and riding magazines, I found this magazine from 2002. YAHOO INTERNET LIFE. Had to bring it home to take a picture of it to put on the internet. Freaky.

See the URL in the black banner?

I entered that URL into my browser’s address bar. Chrome that is. Apparently YIL.COM is no more.

I didn’t click the See Thru Bikini link, honest.  But I thought about it.

Segue. Mom’s guitar. A graduating student at work told me to try open D tuning. I did.

The garlic growing under the shade of the pine is not as robust.

I replanted asparagus again. Last year I killed it all by planting it too deep. Fingers crossed.

Spotted this morel mushroom while messing with the asparagus roots. Forgot about it, then mowed it down a little later with the lawn mower. Remembered it still later, went to look for it, and stood it up for this picture. You can see how it got sliced. We brought it in to dry out in one of our windows. 

That is all. It is time for bed. A busy week is just getting started. Windows 7 Enterprise may enter my dreams tonight, but I hope not.


  1. 🙂 Lovely!

  2. You make me feel ashamed for abondoning the 3,500 digital photos I still need to edit.

    Love the onion pic.

    I miss alcohol, too. I haven’t been wasted since 2003, but came close the night I lost my job in 2009.

    Save your shame for something important. Hopefully your images are safely backed up in their raw state on DVDs or CDs or whatever. The edits I do before posting are very hasty I assure you and not at all comparable to the work a ‘real’ photographer would do in crafting a final print and carefully matting and framing. Cropping is probably the only piece of the process where my photo-experienced eye does some ‘work’. The rest is very mechanical, using [unsophisticated] Microsoft Office Picture Manager’s saturation and ‘Autocorrect’. Hardly ever use Photoshop.

    When that onion was sliced it practically begged for it’s picture to be taken. I’d hoped that the center pattern would pop out a little better, but maybe Photoshop would be helpful on that image.

    I thought I’d miss alcohol more than I do. Guess that’s a good thing. Still though, twas something to do …

    Oh yeah, and I have the Tina Fey book in my cart at Amazon. 🙂

  3. As usual I’m loving your photos especially the bluebird, onion and mushroom. your grand daughter is, of course, just beautiful

    Hi nursemyra! I love it when you visit and leave your lovely compliments. Thank you 🙂

  4. Where to start… another mega sized post.

    The photos are lovely, especially the birds.
    I believe the onion is of alien origin.
    I LOVE morel mushrooms!
    No comment on the “gas” photo. All my thoughts are better left as thoughts, silent but deadly… oh wait.

    The mega post style usually happens when there is a glut of pix to share.

    I was going for the alien effect with the onion. Good eye!

    We don’t get enough morels around here to gather for eating.

    Nice non-comment on gaseousity. 🙂

    • Forgot to say I just twigged on your post title. lol

      Twigged=recognized the ‘brilliant’ wordplay? Don’t answer that …

      • …as in I just got it ’cause I read the bloody thing so quickly I didn’t catch the title. There. Satisfied? You win.

        No worries. That happens to me all the time. Blogs like mine lose nothing from speedreading. That’s why I put all them pitchers in it … And yes, I’m satisfied. Hope you are too.

  5. Don’t know how I found you…been wandering the web aimlessly for hours or days. Thank god for the onion, it cleared my head. Love your blog. BTW, that is a LOT of garlic.

    Hello and welcome linniew. Thanks for commenting. I’ll visit your blog anon. Thanks for leaving the link. I don’t know how we ever find anything in the blogosphere. But we know it when we do I guess.

    Yes, it’s a lot of garlic (I planted 373 cloves last fall). But we use a lot and give a fair amount to friends. It’s a staple.

  6. DO NOT clean bird snot off the windows beause if the glass is very clean it reflects the trees and the birds fly into it and get hurt or even killed.

    Birds hardly ever crash into those windows, the bird feeders being a very visible obstacle, but thanks for that suggestion and reason not to bother with that onerous task.

  7. Great pictures of the Indigo Bunting. I saw one of those on my hike last weekend. Of all the hikes not to have my camera with me. I described it to my dad and he instantly identified it as an Indigo Bunting. Then he gave me a bird identification field guide, which Abby has been studying.

    I had a dinner party at my house, which involved 1- 10-yr old, 1-almost 6-yr old (my imp), 2 4-yr olds, and 1 1-yr old. Alcoholic beverages were in order :-).

    We are blessed with an ideal location to hang bird feeders, which we keep full of sunflower seeds year-round. Only birds can access them, the woodpeckers being the most rude. Their real job seems to be a) providing seeds for the ground feeders, and b) finding seeds without hulls?

    That dinner party made for a lovely blog post. Sometimes the activity level seems to seize my brain right up. But that’s what the long bike rides are for.

  8. I can’t find the place where you said either that you knew yourself or that you had barely changed since childhood; I can’t remember which. I told you it was impossible.

    So I sent you two little texts meant (quote) “to show what happens when people try to define themselves” and you answered (quote):” I love this kind of discussion, pointless as it is.”

    Of course I do think that all sense of direction in life is necessarily verbal, and that may be wrong or may be typically modern. At any rate, it is directed against (yet another!) USA fad. They don’t say “I” any more; e.g. they don’t say “I think” or “I feel”, but rather “my thoughts gravitate towards…”, “my feelings seem to be focusing on…”, “my life is experiencing a turnabout”, as if they were able to see themselves from a distance, the way one sees others. It is awful.

    I like to believe that I know myself better than some others may know themselves. I think I acquired from my mother an ability to listen reflectively and refrain from making judgments. It has helped me with relationships, but not always. Occasionally my ambiguous equanimity evokes very hostile reactions. When this happens I usually blame the other for being too narrow-minded or ‘well-defined’.

    However, I am no less trapped by my own words and thoughts than the next fellow. To declare self-knowledge impossible is too harsh for my taste, but I agree that defining oneself is a foolish mission. I wonder if that makes any sense. A few weeks ago, someone made this statement: “I hate purple”. I silently thought “What a ridiculous declaration! Why waste mental energy hating a color”?

  9. OK, You’ve inspired me. I need more room for veggies! Seeing all of those lovelies rank and file, row upon row of garlic… I’ve started a new vegetable garden area! Thanks for the inspiration and your wonderful sense of humor!

    Hi Angie, thanks for your comment. Nice to hear from a fellow gardener. It looks from your florid blog as though you needed very little in the way of inspiration. It’s amazing that you have a page devoted to comfrey! Really! I’m still debating whether or not to clip the garlic scapes.

  10. As to what to do with the Samsung boxes that you are expected to keep so that, if something goes wrong with your TV, you can neatly pack it up and send it back:
    You can use it to store Nokia boxes which you are expected to etc, and all similar boxes and the expectations they entail, plus their wrapping material that you are also expected to. The Samsung box can also be used to store winter shoes in summer as well as, conversely, summer shoes in winter. Still, the question is: what do I do with the boxes that the printer and the TV screen came in?
    Spain’s most wealthy lady got out of the construction racket and went into the trash recycling business which is financed by the taxpayer.

    Ha! Very funny. Up in my attic are way too many of these stupid boxes. Many of them have outlasted their contents by years. This is proof of my theory that in present day US “culture” the package is more valued than its contents. Often there are no actual contents, merely packaging.

  11. Merely packaging. However, when I first came here, I was shocked and often puzzled when Spaniards gave me for a translation I had made or some telephone call I helped them with — they gave me expensive things that they brought in some plastic bag, and not even a plastic bag showing an expensive shop’s label, just any plastic bag!

    They thought this was polite, to make little of your present, and it took me time to get used to this idea, because in Switzerland we even decorate the outside of a gift with additional little gifts pasted or tied to the wrapper.

    It seems polite to me too. The act of giving a gift needs no amplification. Emphasizing the presentation glorifies the giver. Gift wrapping is traditional here too.

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