Posted by: David | March 20, 2011

Call Me Gramps

Lydia was born early this morning!  6 lbs. and 18 inches long. She and her parents are doing very well.

Happy Spring everyone! Thanks for visiting this little corner of the internet.


  1. Congratulations! What a wonderful blessing. Such a great gift to receive.

    Thank you Just Ramblin’ Pier for visiting and for your kindly comment. 🙂

  2. David, she is beautiful. Congratulations to her mom, her dad and the grandparents!

    Thanks lakecrazy. We’re all pretty pleased.

  3. Congratulations! She’s adorable, and how perfectly appropriate that she brings spring with her!

    Thanks Allison. I love the spring theme too. And the supermoon ain’t bad either.

  4. Woho! Congrats!

    Thanks Leaf!

  5. She looks just like you. I think she will soon start reading this blog and borrow your bike from you though not without at least leaving a note “to the effect”.
    Happy birthday!


    Off topic. I am disabling “comments” on my blogs because of spam, maybe well-intended, but spam anyway.

    She looks like me? She has more hair.

    I’m sorry to hear that you’re disabling comments at F I S H I N G. I wonder if your repeating posts draw more spam than the unique ones. Or the worldly topics and the way you title them. Or maybe just the magnitude of traffic on your blogs. I am a lazy blogger so even if I wait a week or more there are barely 20 spam comments and all are caught by the Akisment filter. One click on “Empty Spam” and they’re gone.

  6. ok: gramps!! how’s grams? Over the moon too I bet! I wish I knew some song for Lydia besides this one from the Marx Brothers’ movie At The Circus.

    I love the Kermit rendition! I was just about sick to death of hearing my dad’s reference to the Groucho song at the mention of the great granddaughter’s name. Annoying, inappropriate elderly attempts at comedy aside, the song is pretty amusing.

    However, some proper Googling ought to be done to find some nomial meaning. Ay?

    • Think you meant this link:

      No, she meant the Kermit version. But thanks for posting the original. Groucho wasn’t a bad singer, was he?

      • No, actually, i did mean the muppets version…. :o) But I do appreciate the original! Thanks!

        Yeah, what he said.

  7. Cool! Congrats!

    “A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bankroll smaller, home happier, clothes shabbier, the past forgotten, and the future worth living for”

    Don’t know who to attribute this quote to but it is so apt.

    Thanks S. Le! That’s a nice quote.

    • Beannachd Dia dhuit

      (blessings of God be with you – ScotsGaelic)

      Ach! Even better quote. I wish I could hear you say it. Are you Scottish?

      • Only a wee bit old lad.

        Acch. I see.

  8. Yay!


  9. New life! How adorable. Congratulations to all concerned.

    Thanks nursemyra. It’s pretty amazing, and an everyday miracle.

  10. Well, I tried to disable comments, but it just didn’t happen. So I removed the comments widget instead and then thought that might work just as well. I didn’t yet have the stomach to block the spammer or mark him as spammer, because he may be just nuts. Maybe I should simply type a little error into his links.

    As to the question of “knowing oneself”, let’s leave it for another day. You have the baby and I have the lawyers nextdoor….

    Really? You think that there are nuts on the internet? Typing an error into the link is a technique I’ve used before, when I wanted to display a spam comment for some reason. Occasionally the spam comments are so bizarre that they are amusing.

    The lawyers haven’t had to relocate yet?

    The baby is doing well. She had her second bath today. Didn’t enjoy it as much as she appears to have enjoyed the first bath (see photo).

  11. Beautiful baby! Congratulations! It’s nice to be back to blogging. I’ll be sure to follow yours again too. 🙂

    Thanks crookedcat. The blogosphere is a little dusty lately. Mine has cobwebs.

  12. Oh my goodness! She’s beautiful!! Congratulations!!

    Thanks Pied! She’s a cutie all right.

  13. Congratulations! What a beautiful little girl!!!

    Thanks for visiting Tiffany! Looking at your pix of your overnight trip to Flagstaff, I think I figured out why I don’t visit Snerkology as often as I should. I might be touch jealous of your photos. That is so wrong! I gotta fix that.

  14. Beautiful photo and what a blessing! Btw, I awarded you with the Versatile Blogger Award. It is a fun little award passed around within the blogging community. Here is the shortlink: I hope you enjoy and I look forward to reading more of your posts in the days to come. : )
    Just Ramblin’

    Thank you Just Ramblin’ Pier that’s awful nice. I’ve never won any blogging awards. If I have some time I’ll try to think of some places to pass this award on to, but I kinda suck at that sort of thing, and talk about CHAOS! Life has been crazy busy lately!

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