Posted by: David | March 7, 2011

Spring Break Week …

… is starting off terribly. This morning on her way out to do chores there came an horrified sound from my wife in the cellar. I figured oh great one of the pets left a big turd somewhere, but this was much worse. The cellar was flooded everywhere with about 2 inches of water. We’ve been lucky to have never had this problem before in the 15 or so years that we’ve lived here. So before I even got to eat my breakfast I had to run down to the Lumber Barn and buy a sump pump, mop and bucket, something for the shop-vac to allow me to suck up water. $200 later we’re sucking up water for about 3 hours. The sump pump worked for a bit but then the water was too shallow for it. So we plopped it into a bucket or into the bucket of the shop vac when it was full. This was not fun. I didn’t take any photos of this process. Thankfully, by the end of the day the places where water was seeping in had stopped seeping.

Last Saturday was OK though. Helped a coworker move into a lovely little cottage with a bunch of friends from work. We had 2 trucks and 3 cars and she didn’t have anything larger than a futon so the move itself was a breeze. Afterward she treated us all to lunch at a fine pub. We had a nice time.

After that I went over to my daughter’s place to hang out for a bit. She and her mom are working on some sewing projects for the baby, who is just a couple of weeks away from her due date. In lieu of photographs of the people holding up the quilt, which could provoke litigation, I have a photo of the thread we had to unwind from a bobbin that got stuck on the bobbin winder. I say we, but my involvement in this project, other than photography, was to apply brute Leatherman force to the stuck bobbin. The sewing machine used for this project came from my mother.

It looks interesting doesn’t it? What? You’d rather see the quilt? The cheap plastic bobbin didn’t survive.

OK, here’s the quilt. It’s made of upholstery fabrics and is rather heavy.

Since it was just the three of us, the cats came out to socialize. The last few times we’ve been over there were big events, so the cats went into hiding in the cellar. The brother cats, Gus and Maverick, are both very friendly, but Maverick is sometimes a little skittish. He was very friendly on Saturday. Even though I was sitting in his chair while we watched an episode of Chopped.

Maverick making a weird paw gesture. He’s a lefty.

Tomorrow is supposed to be one of the few nice sunny days this week. I hope to get outside and catch some vitamin D.


  1. I just tried saying “sump pump” really fast… it’s quite a difficult thing to do.

    Lovely cat.

    You’re right, it’s like a tongue twister isn’t it? Try this one: One smart fellow, he felt smart. Two smart fellows they felt smart. Three … etcetera.

    Maverick is a handsome devil isn’t he? See this post for a couple pix of them as kittens.

  2. That entire basement thingy happened to us a couple of years ago. Ours is a fully finished and furnished basement. We had to pull up all the carpet and dry out a bunch of stuff. I know how you feel.

    The rest of your life sounds nearly as exciting as mine. No offense intended though. I love our quiet life and spending time with family is the best!

    “I fail to see my family’s of any interest to you. I’ve absolutely no interest in yours. I dislike relatives in general and in particular mine.”

    Thanks for the sympathy. It could have been worse. Our basement’s fairly funky and not fully finished. Doesn’t look like too much permanent damage.

    We love the quiet life too. Notwithstanding the family drama. Especially uncle Monty …

    • Cor! Your Uncle is Monty?!? *shudder* That would be right awful! That was the scariest scene in Withnail & I when Monty came after Marlowe in the bedroom!

      I mean to have you, boy, even if it must be burglary. Ugh!!

      Yeah, that was the creepiest scene for sure. I was glad that the Monty character was able to reel himself in for his nephew’s sake.

      But I don’t really have an uncle Monty. Was having you on. 🙂

      • Just winding me up? Ha! I got your joke but you must’ve not got mine.

        Bloody fick I am.

        • I do tend to be subtle. Sorry. Just having a Micky bliss! (sort that one, mate!)

          Oh, you mean spending time with family ain’t all peaceable and quiet like?

  3. The spammer’s contribution to that Birdfeeder video:16 + 18 and 17 +18, because he is also on the other blog! Now how much would that be, I wonder.


    I’m not sure I can see those hits. But they could easily be part of the 80% of ‘visits’ to my blog that last 1 second or less.

  4. How would you be able to see those hits? They can be seen only in my WordPress stats.

    And now the spammer has spread out and is on Columbus. That is a great story, especially if it were true that he was of Jewish origin. Apparently the day that he left Spain with his ships was the day that all Jews had to leave or get baptized. The spammer has already given that post some 30 hits, and now I put it on draft status, because:

    Without the spam, a post can reach the “Top Posts” with anything between 8 and 12 hits. Because of the spam, which is now taking up two slots on the top posts, a post has to have 19 hits to reach the top posts …. and I can no longer push up something with just 2 or 3 clicks! Today Churchill would have made it! Now he won’t get there.

    Nobody likes Churchill. I don’t either. But that’s not the question.

    I think the very short “visits” are due to people misunderstanding some title — e.g those that would get to my blog because in Google they saw “Queen Elizabeth FISHING” or “Michelangelo Fishing” and of course “Obama Fishing”.

    Another blog friend told me about this free site called “StatCounter“. You can use it to get a better idea of the quality of your blog’s traffic. It’s sort of interesting, but it’s limited and it tries to get you to buy in for better this and that.

    I think the short visits are not from humans but web roving bots.

    I like Churchill!

  5. I hope the rest of your spring break went a little more smoothly! Pretty quilt…and kitty!

    It’s nice enough here today that I’m going to soak in a little vitamin D…on my bike!

    Thank you Allison. The week did improve. Maybe a summary post will materialize.

    I hope you got out on your bike! Not ready for that here yet. But soon …

  6. Can’t believe I am SO out of the loop on your blog that I missed your cellar being flooded AND that there is probably only what ONE week until grandchild is born!??!?!

    SO exciting! I feel like a jerk for being so out of it! I got carried away in my own little world coming back now though 🙂

    PS: Maverick’s a lefty just like me! 😉

    You’re not out of the loop. We call that living your life. Don’t feel like a jerk, cuz you’re not.

    We’re lefties all 3!

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