Posted by: David | February 23, 2011

Just Another Post About Blogging

I know right? Who cares? It’s not like there haven’t been a thousand gushing treatments about what keeps us clicking the Publish button. I’m now adding to that sentiment. I started blogging 4 years ago without the slightest clue as to why. The first posts were the typical self-effacing claptrap. It was obvious from the very start that there were plenty of others in the very same boat. Half the fun of blogging was and still is reading others’ posts. Facebook and Twitter have since appeared and snared those needing more immediate stimulus, but I’m hanging back here in the thicket of words and photos.

And I don’t really want to gush, but it’s nothing less than wonderful that there are people from all over the USA, as well as some awesome folks from Canada, Spain, India, Australia, and New Zealand who’ve taken the time to read these silly thoughts of mine and respond with thoughts of their own. It’s nothing much really, no more than the small talk that might take place at an international airport coffee shop. But it happens here in my living room and yours. I think that’s kind of amazing. Maybe it will be boring in a year or so, but it isn’t yet, and I’ve invested about 4 years in it. But then, it’s fairly difficult to bore me. Near impossible. Side note: irritation ≠ boredom.

It was January 20, 2007 when I first clicked the Publish button. The title was goody gumdrops i’m a blogger. We didn’t use upper case letters in blogs back then. There was nobody to read or comment on my brilliant posts, so I did it myself. It was awkward. And lonely. Whatever. I didn’t like my own commentary. I was sort of a jerk to myself. It took a while to discover that photographs made a great addition to a boring post. Ironically, the first photographs to appear in this blog were images from my colonoscopy. I know, not really irony, but pretty gross, huh? And after I’d promised NOT to spill my guts. Nowhere to go from there but up, ay?

If you’re wondering about the photos posted here, I can hardly blame you. They’re photos of some lovely work to be found, of all places, in the Office of the Registrar of the lovely little college where I’m lucky enough to work. The folks in this office decorated their counter display cabinet with this fantastic assortment of fanciful and ordinary objects, fancifully arranged. What genre of art it falls into is hard to say, but you can get lost in it.

Having looked over this display for a year or two, it finally dawned that some photos should be taken. And after further reflection it made sense to include them in this post. The random beauty spread out in the registrar’s display case, in my brain anyway, connects to the same randomized inspiration found every day in the blogosphere. Occasionally, some of the folks I’ve met here on line even appear in my dreams. Even though I’ve never really met them.

And maybe in kitty’s dreams too, but I doubt it. She knows nothing of the Internet.


  1. Neat pictures…though the random puzzle pieces trouble me. As a former puzzle assembler (I’ll get back to it again someday I suppose), missing puzzle pieces make me break into a cold sweat.

    Abby, however, voted for the cat photo as her particular favorite. She thinks kitty is dreaming about fish and birds and such. I think kitty is dreaming about Oliver.

    I first hit the publish button on 12/7/07, a post entitled “Accountant Small Talk” about how a co-worker and I computed the cost of our packed lunch. Yes, I still do stuff like that. But no, I don’t admit that anymore.

    Thanks Allison. Don’t worry about the puzzle piece. I hadn’t noticed it until you mentioned it and I went to check on it today. It’s not a real puzzle piece but a ceramic pin in the shape of a puzzle piece.

    I bet Abby is right about what Hunter (the cat) is dreaming. She’s also being a bad kitty because she’s been sleeping on our bed. No pets on the bed. 😦

    I still calculate the cost of my lunch and I eat every bit of it. I’m like that. Cool that we started blogging around the same time!

  2. I used to blog before the word blog was used. I think one of my early posts was “I’m addicted to Berry Flavored Tums.” Oh, what mad genius, I can see why I had to unleash it upon the masses. I am sure glad you are here, Dave!

    You are TOTALLY a mad genius! Can you please scan and repost the Berry Flavored Tums post? I would love to read that. I’m glad you’re here too Maleesha.

  3. What a wonderfully creative display! I’d love to see it in person. There are things in there I can’t identify.

    As for the kitty, I make it a rule not to disturb sleeping kitties. They sleep so hard, I just don’t have the heart to wake them up.

    Please let me know if you would like some help identifying things in the display case.

    I only disturb the kitty if she’s in my way when I go to bed. I agree that it’s best to let sleeping pets lay undisturbed. Same for people.

  4. Wow… So the first photos you actually and really posted were of… um… your you know what??
    Wow. That shows real commitment to the cause. No wonder you’re still here blogging!

    My extremely healthy 50-year old colon yes. My wife was not too pleased with me for posting the bum porn, but she never reads my blog anyway. When you turn 50 Shannon, be sure to have your colorectal screening. Maybe by then colon cancer will be curable. One can only hope …

    • Also, Dave Barry will certify you as a grown-up and send you a keen little document you can post on your fridge, or scan into your blog, if you go and get a colonoscopy. Read all about it here:

      Hey vermonter! Miss you! Thanks for that. Wish I’d known about that a few years ago. Gotta say though, that thumb up is a little scary lookin.

      • Miss you too, zayde :o)

        Pretty timely with you zayde comment, eh?

  5. Hi,
    I’m almost at my year anniversary at my little blogging concern. It’s become the great reason for my life, which, if analyzed, means I need to get out more, but if I got out more I’d just write more. How I started getting readers was I’d read a blog, then I’d start reading another person who commented on a blog I read and found I liked that blog too, and kept going from there.

    Hi Lisa and thank you for commenting. I’ll try to get over to your place and visit soon.

    I wish I had more time to devote to this pursuit. There’s something so very compelling about it, and at the same time nagging worry about the disconnectedness of it. Wait, maybe disembodied is the word, after all a connection can happen with this sharing of thought … No, I think I’ll go with dislocated. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Let’s face it, real communication, conversation, face time, can go horribly wrong in an instant. But so can this written form. Sorry, my thinking is rather muddled tonight …

    Anyway, I grew into the blogosphere that same way you mentioned above. I like the leisurely nature of it, as compared to the more immediate web contacts like Facebook and Twitter.

  6. I like the little creature on the right hand side of the first image

    I’ll bet that you meant the second image.

  7. Congrats on blogging longevity! I think I’ve got 3 years in here but it doesn’t show since I started over this year. *sigh*

    I read an article about the decline in blogging due to busyness. I would love to write more, perhaps daily like I used to but, like others, have become too busy to do it!! It disappoints and maddens me sometimes that my blog writing/content has become naff and slothful. I’m thankful so many readers have stuck with me.

    I thought those photos were from a kaleidoscope! Who knew?!?

    That cat reminds me of our now deceased cat Budda. She weighed 16# at her peak but about 8# at her death. She was awesome. She believed she was a dog.

    Thanks S.Le, the 4 years have really been the result of 2 things: perseveration and time flying. It’s my blog friends who’ve kept me going by encouraging me in spite of all the pointless drivel I force on them.

    I like your short form blogs, so don’t run yourself down like that. Try turning your self-deprecating humor onto someone else. HAH.

    Budda, nice name for a cat who thought she was a dog. What did she do that was doglike?

    • Thanks for the support. You’ve just invited abuse, you do know that, yeah?

      Budda was not afraid of dogs and would eat with them at their bowl. She loved to ride lose in the car and look out the windows. She would lay on her back in the middle of the floor and sleep unconcerned anybody would step on her. She would run to the door when the doorbell rang. Budda didn’t clean herself well and was somewhat matted and natty. I could give her baths without fear. Must I go on? She was a wee dog in weird cat clothing.

      Bring on the abuse then, unusual feeling lady. I can take it.

      That’s hilarious that Budda liked going in the car and ran to the door when the bell rang. Nuff said. That was a dog all right.

  8. I miss doing random blog posts such as this and your Goody Gumdrops. I’ve been blogging for over 3 years and miss all of my old friends, the ones I’ve lost to Facebook, or the ones who just stopped blogging or simply stopped swinging by my blog. Congrats on still being here and still appreciating your readers after 4 long years!

    I like your photos, as I always like your photos. It’s fun finding interesting pictures in the most random places, isn’t it?

    Thanks Girl. It’s nice of you to visit. Our attention spans have all shrunk some haven’t they? Thanks a lot Internet! I apologize for not frequenting your space as often as I should. I can honestly say that I’m never sorry when I do, except when you posted about TV shows I know nothing about. I don’t even have time to watch all the shows on our DVR. We’re so backed up! But I truly admire all the effort you’ve put into your blog, and I guess a few million others have agreed, haven’t they?!

  9. to sleep like a cat is an ART!

    Welcome frizztext and thank you for commenting! I agree completely. It would be wonderful to be able to sleep like cats do.

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