Posted by: David | February 8, 2011

Groundhog Error

House/Garage roof snow removal process count = 2 [Dislike]. Ladder, shovel, 2 hours of sweaty work throwing snow down to the ground, them another hour throwing it further away with big noisy snowblower machine. Tonight’s forecast: COLD AND WINDY. Punxsutawney Phil needs to go back to meteorology school. This winter is kicking butt all over the place. Last Saturday night we had thunder, lightning, snow, hail, freezing rain, and sleet

Sunday morning it was sunny and the ice was pretty.

Fear not. The sun is returning. Maybe you’ve seen in the news that NASA has been photographing it with 2 satellites simultaneously to get a 3D effect. The satellites were launched in 2006 and now in position to get the first ever stereoscopic views of the star our planet orbits. If you have a pair of those red/blue 3D movie watching glasses you should have a look at the NASA 3D images and movies. If I had some of those glasses I would do it. If I had some red and blue cellophane I would do it. But I don’t. So I just downloaded this falsely colored full spectrum image and tweaked it in my usual way.

Here comes the sun.

We have a very respectable snowpack. Almost a meter. It settles down because of the local gravity. Our gravity here is a little more intense in the winter. Not really. 🙂

When the temperature goes up enough, the snow will slide off the barn roof and scare the crap out of the horses.

The snow Oliver sits upon is a good 6 feet deep. Snow from off the roof.

Next Monday is Valentines Day, and my wife is planning to plant the onion seeds about then. They are usually the first thing she plants in the house. They take a long time to grow.

The first seed order arrived. From Pinetree Garden Seeds.

She’s going to try planting brussells sprouts from seeds. It’s a variety called “Churchill”. Thinking about the garden and the income tax refund are a couple of ways to get through the last couple of months of winter. I think someone paid off the groundhog this year. A case of turnips to come out and see your shadow!


  1. I love the picture of Oliver snow-gazing!

    Do you miss riding your bike? I’m getting a bit antsy to ride mine again.

    Oliver’s gaze is acutely focused toward the barn and all unfolding therein. When the horses are released to their hay piles he must run to and fro and bark. He’s probably telling them in dogspeak where their hay is and what to do next.

    I DO miss riding, and got the brilliant notion a couple sleepless mornings back to put some tax refund money into parts for one of my bikes. Or maybe even buy a whole new bike. Antsy-ness is fought by regular spinning on a stationary bike parked in front of the TV. Morning spin: 5-6 a.m.

  2. Seriously, you always have the best photos. I’m so jealous!

    Thank you Girl that’s very nice of you to say. I’ve seen some mighty fine photos over on your blog too! So don’t bother being jealous. I meant to include a photo of the book I just finished.

  3. Is that book as funny as the cover would imply?

    Yes, nursemyra. It was quite amusing. Highly recommended. Second book I’ve read by this author (first one: A Dirty Job). Filled with highly imaginative sentences like “They looked at me like I’d just sneezed on their falafel”. That’s funny, right?

    The author makes a disclaimer, in both foreword and epilogue, that no offense was intended. Also makes it clear that anyone who does take offense has clearly missed the boat on the Nazarene’s teachings.

  4. Misc. comments/questions re: this post:

    1.You are a geek.
    2.You have real horses? How did I not know this?
    3.Did you actually upload postcards of the vistas in your area or are those actual snaps of your view?
    4.I find your dog to be hilarious, for reasons which are unknown even to me.
    5.Why would one bother growing brussells sprouts but for the fact they look sorta cool.
    6.I’m making note of that book to check out.

    “I must say, that represents a level of hypocrisy in you that I’d previously suspected, but not noticed due to your highly evasive skills.”


    “You’ll suffer for this Withnail. What you have done will have to be paid for.”

    I’m cheating, you should know, on the Withnail and I quotes. I’ve found a few transcripts here and there. I’ve only seen the movie 2.5 times yet and I’ve just loaned it to my friend Bonnie. I think she’ll love it too.
    In response to your list:
    1.You are a geek.
    2.You have real horses? How did I not know this?
    They’re my wife’s horses. She’s one of those women who love horses too much. And other animals. If she hadn’t had the misfortune of meeting me she probably would have become a veterinarian.
    3.Did you actually upload postcards of the vistas in your area or are those actual snaps of your view?
    Actual snaps. Our backyard has a nice view of hills to the west. Our front yard has a view of a well-travelled state road.
    4.I find your dog to be hilarious, for reasons which are unknown even to me.
    Trust me, he’s much more annoying than hilarious, though he has his moments. Again, my wife’s animal. She HAD to bring him home from her NC carriage-driving friend’s place. Small dogs are more endearing simply by thier size, which makes folks think that they’re puppies. False cuteness factor = 10.
    5.Why would one bother growing brussells sprouts but for the fact they look sorta cool.
    It sounds like you’re not a fan of this vegetable. They do take up rather a large amount of space for their yield, but they’re a favorite of mine.
    6.I’m making note of that book to check out.
    Now I’m reading Fool, his most recent book.

    • Ok. I admit I also cheat on the Withnail quotes. I mean really, who can remember all of that? It’s the largest collection of one liners outside of Monty Python! I’m happy to know I’ve converted you to a Withnail devotee!

      Thanks for admitting it. After a few more viewings I’ll have more lines committed. Have you found a particularly good transcript online? I’ve found a couple of crappy ones. One line I can’t figure out is when they’re on their way to the first pub, where I is called a ‘ponce’. Withnail says, ‘All right, this is the plan. We’ll get in there and get wrecked. Then we’ll eat a pork pie. Then we’ll drop a couple of soamser fifties each … ‘ What is a soamser fifty?

      • This one seems pretty good:

        soamser: I must admit I really don’t know. I’ll give it some thought.

        Google search on the word seems mainly to produce hits referring to the movie. Maybe it’s archaic British slang? Thanks for giving it thought. 🙂

        • I reckon it is a drug reference.

          Yes, that makes a lot of sense, considering Withnail prowess with ‘medicine’.

          • …if they’ll miss out on Monday but come up smiling Tuesday morning. Drugs, yeah?

            Uh huh. Certainly. ‘Drop’ was what one did with drugs like acid. Fifty could be a dosage, as in milligrams.

          • guessing

            I think that’s a great guess! Thank you for working on this. I should have guessed that myself, considering my own ‘experience’ from the 1970s. I was catching on the fifty having something to do with money. Solved!

        • It’s Surmontil 50s. The script has it wrong. Probably couldn’t understand him from the awful sound recording. You’d have thought George Harrison would have had it done better.

          Thanks for clearing that up smokinfish. Sounds like just the sort of medication our man Withnail would love. When that line is uttered, I believe, the boys have their backs to the camera, about to enter the restaurant.

  5. The little red dots on the twigs of the trees are those what you called the crapapples? You said that they were not edible and mainly because you didn’t spray them. Have you tried spraying them with very thin soap water? It works against lice, at least on a small scale, flowers on the window sill, but against ants I have used it in the large patio of the little house I once lived in and I don’t think it killed them, but it must have made them go elsewhere.

    Are you also getting spam hits on your latest posts?
    27 and still counting on my latest .
    And so, for instance, these hits made a dull post about Churchill’s first book land on the “top posts”. So I erased its title and all of its text, but left its address and copied in another post + title. Now I am afraid that the substitution sets the alarms going in the WordPress computer registries, though I also tell myself it is too small a thing to matter.

    No they’re not crabapples, they are full sized apples that the trees failed to release. Crabapples are an ornamental variety the fruits of which are cherry-sized. I don’t know what varieties our fruit trees are, they were all here when we bought the place. However, this winter, the birds and squirrels have been eating the fruits thereof.

    I’m sure there are organic remedies for our orchard, we just haven’t bothered to explore them. Yet.

    Yes, I have noticed more spam lately on more recent posts. Guess the spammers are tweeking their bots. I think WordPress’s spam catcher does a pretty good job filtering them out. All I have to do is click “Empty Spam” button.

  6. about 5 hours later

    Wordpress sees when there is a spammer!
    A little late, but they do see it, and then they take away the spammer’s referrals but leave the hits.
    This morning there were still 27 referrals from a car insurance or similar for yesterday and 7 from the same people for today, and now they are gone.

    Yes, I would expect that they would have staff working continuously to monitor the traffic on their servers. Most of the spam in my filter is selling viagra, porn, and other ‘services’. Lately I’ve been getting ‘comments’ offering me a way to make money at home ($1000/week) using my great writing talent. Ha ha. A recent offer that made me laugh came in Hebrew. I had to Google translate it. It was selling a medication to cure foot fungus.

  7. The picture of the horse in front of the barn and Oliver are my favorites!!

    I don’t get it. Science lovers are supposed to suck at photography, and vice-versa. It’s called the Law of the Left-Brained or something…;)

    Thank you B. I’ve been at the photography thing for nearly 40 years, and without the snaps, this blog would be less than that titular zero. Finally I get to use the word ‘titular’!

    As for the science left/right brain thing, to whatever extent it’s true, there’s really no contradiction here. I’m not a ‘lover’ of science, but merely a fan. This universe we live in is pretty amazing and I don’t believe that rational thought can encompass all of reality. Do you like internet quiz pages? Check this one out to see which side of the brain you favor, if either. I’m in the middle. I can see the dancer spinning either way by adjusting my gaze. I can also see that she has an impressive rack. 😀

    • I’m willing to bet my limbs that I’m a right brain, but I’ll take the test right now!

      What a good sport you are B! Let us know the result. I’m sure that the spinning naked dancer chick is a very scientific test. 🙂

  8. Yours is far and away my favorite porn blog. Your food porn is scrumptious; flower porn provocative, and the space porn is outta sight! You make SEED packets stimulating! Damn, you’re good.

    Aww. Thank you Muse. It was good for me too. 😀

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