Posted by: David | January 14, 2011

Things Better Left Unsaid

  1. __________________________________________________________ ?
  2. __________________________________________________________ !
  3. __________________________________________________________ ?
  4. __________________________________________________________ !?
  5. __________________________________________________________ .
  6. __________________________________________________________ .
  7. _________________________________________________________ . . .



  1. the one with suspension points is missing……
    And I am often obliged to use the questionmark combined with an exclamation mark like this !?
    Besides, strangely, none of your unsayable things end in a quotation mark.

    My connection is so bad that today fixing one link took me more than 20 minutes. So bad is the connection that sometimes I had to decide against looking up the “autosave” because that would take 3 clicks.

    You once told me that in Spain there are many IPS, but in fact there are only two. One is more or less State-run, called Telefónica, and the other one is cable, called ONO. Oh no! Oh no! That is mine.

    The many other ones have to hire or borrow their bandwidth from Telefónica who cannot possibly be interested in giving good service to the competition.At any rate, I cannot go back to Telefónica because they cheated me 4 times, and one of the cheats, the last one, was successful. I made them refund the other 3 attempts but at what cost! At what cost!

    Last night I recovered my wits and decided to go look for fellow ONO victims online to talk them into closing their ONO account all of us on the same date, e.g. May 15. I am sure that would work, but I think if it became successful ONO would smell the rat and then could intentionally + terminally interfere with my connection.

    So the only way to deal with this is to enter internet with only half the screen and keep something great to read on the other half screen. Doing my stats normally takes me about 20 minutes. Today it took nearly 3 hours but I read 56 pages meanwhile.

    Now, as to your unsayable things, the one with suspension points is missing……
    And I am often obliged to use the questionmark combined with an exclamation mark like this !?
    Besides, some of those unsayable things end in a quotation mark.

    Thanks for the suggestions. Adjustments complete. These things are not unsayable, alas, but ‘better left unsaid’. In my opinion unsaid things need no quotation marks. 🙂

    I am sorry about your internet connection problems. Whatever I may have written about the number of ISPs in Spain I could only know through Google, and even if that was reliable data, it would certainly be in flux. With the internet still in an explosive state there’s no telling which companies will end up on the top of the heap. I heard on the radio that Google was buying all these companies, and worrying other aspirants to world dominion, e.g. Microsoft.

    Soon we will all be hopelessly dependent on our connection to the internet ‘data cloud’. Where I live, which is rather rural, there are also limited choices for ISP offerings. 50 miles south, where there are larger cities, people might have a choice of 2 or 3 ISPs. There are plenty of folks I work with who have no broadband access at all. They either have to use dialup, or invest in satellite dish, which is expensive and not as reliable or as fast.

  2. Ah, better left unsaid! And what about the unthinkable ones? I wonder, because they seem to be proliferating all over.

    As I posted some time ago, unthinkable thoughts are written with inkless pens.

    • Hmm, how would we go about thinking up a list of unthinkable ones?

      First we must uncover the meaning of meaning. After that it will be simple to make the list. Like so:

    • 0. Find meaning of meaning
      1. And so on …

By: PiedType on January 16, 2011
at 6:01 pm


  • ROFL!

  • Indeed… Indeed.

    I knew you would get it. Thank you!

  • …but how will I know I should not have said something if I don’t know what’s on the list?!?

    That’s a great question! The sad bit is that it’s not until after we’ve said the things that we realize they would have been better left unsaid.

  • Guess what I did today! I’m committing to a read along of Ulysses! Somehow, your post inspired me to tell you this.

    Wow, a read along of Ulysses. Amazing. I loved that book. I didn’t read it all, but I loved what I read. Sorta like the bible I guess. This wordless post inspired something. Hmm. I can sleep well tonight. Thank you Care.

  • “I don’t like your new haircut”
    “Yes your bum does look big in those pants”
    “I had an affair with my secretary, but I’ve ended it now and have decided to stay with you”
    “Have you ever considered waxing your top lip?”
    “Your sister is really really hot”

    Thanks for these excellent examples nursemyra! Hilarious! I’m seriously tempted to add to your list, but that would go against this post’s Prime Directive. So thanks for stepping up to the plate!

  • .


  • Nursemyra’s examples are very good. However, aren’t you in the US? So:

    Do you like Obama?
    What do you think of Biden?
    Could Palin become President?
    Do you ever vote?
    implications of free speech laws
    etc etc

    Yes, nursemyra has an unusual and entertainingly colorful blog called ‘GIMCRACK HOSPITAL‘. Highly recommended!

    Your political queries DEFINITELY fall into the better left unspoken category. In the US we never speak of such things. It’s pointless. People either have their minds staunchly fixed or hopelessly indifferent.

  • Haha, I love this; is it bad though if I can’t fit each remark into one line, since I’m such a rambler, especially so with things I shouldn’t say? 😉

    Thanks Romi. I thought it was frightfully clever and expected it to be Freshly Pressed. What a letdown. 😦

  • To be freshly pressed the title has to be “things you should not say to your boyfriend”.
    The market is women.

    And maybe you know that the US gets terrible stats on education, yet I know that e.g. posts about WW2, Nazi architecture, Chagall, Napoleon, China or even Islam won’t get hits until 5.30 or 6 pm when the yankees wake up.


    Yes, I always like reading about Great WWII battles and Albert Speer when I wake up. Like most women. China and Islam not so much.

    It might be true that there are more female than male bloggers. It must be true. Now that’s strange. Or is it?

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