Posted by: David | January 6, 2011

Cat Sleeping Around

Sure, a new year has arrived. Perhaps the next to the last one. At work we figured out that the Mayan Calendar Aliens are making all the birds crash into the ground as a harbinger of doom coming up in 2012. Either that or the government is testing its new particle beam energy weapon on flocks of birds which happen to be out flying around at night. Which they’re not supposed to do anyway. I mean why are these birds out flying around at night? Aren’t they supposed to be roosting in some trees or something?

I went back to work this week, like everyone else did. Meanwhile my cat is still sleeping all around the house.

Cat resting between articles of clothing on my dresser.

Sleeping on chair under kitchen table.

Under the xmas tree plant.

On top of the boiler.

It feels like my cat should be featured in the next Where’s Waldo book. But I owe you an apology for this, right? I mean what tripe! Pussy cat pictures. La dee dah! This is what happens when some bossy person comes along and says I need to post something. Right? You know who you are. I have one last photo for you. It will gross out some people I imagine. If I take the roundabout way home, which I did the other night, I can stop at this lovely little deli in Newbury where they sell all sorts of yummy stuff like olives, hard salami, and this seafood salad that’s ALL seafood. Mostly squid and octopus. My wife thinks it’s disgusting.

Mmmmmmm … octopus!!!



  1. Hey did you recycle that cat/xmas tree picture? It looks familiar.

    Also don’t forget the massive fish kill in Chesapeake Bay. The news said it’s happened before, but I think it’s all part of the conspiracy. In fact, I am so certain of it that I made extra foil hats and I have lots of purple Kool aid to share.

    Not exactly, but there was another photo of cat sleeping under same plant.

    Seems to be lots of dead critters falling out of the sky or drowning in the water. I’m down with the foil hats, but not the Kook-Aid. When the aliens arrive I’m gonna show them my garden.

  2. Cats are evil.

    Did you know that the parasites in cat pee go to the brains of rats? There they block the fear of the smell of cat pee, so rats don’t worry about hanging out in cat zones.


    Also, researchers found that these brain parasites… INFECT HUMANS TOO.

    You have been warned.

    Hello Nimish, I’m happy to see you here! Thank you for the warning. I’ll be careful. I’m wondering where these theories on cat urine come from. What about cat poo? Have you ever seen the cat in the TV show Red Dwarf? He may have been self-involved but he surely wasn’t evil.

  3. I can’t eat anything sea-related unless it looks more like a fish stick rather than a fish (or octopus, in the case of the picture above).

    On a slightly different topic, I recently re-watchd Finding Nemo. There’s a scene where somebody frightens Nemo’s octopus friend, causing her to emit a little puff of ink. She said, “Oops, I inked myself.” I can’t quit saying that anytime it remotely seems to fit with the circumstance or conversation.

    The other day I swiped an ink pen across my light gray pants (you really can’t take me anywhere). Perfect opportunity to use my new phrase.

    Hi Allison, thanks for commenting. I’m not surprised about your seafood preferences since you are a midwesterner. It’s an amusement to disgust people with the consumption of tentacled critters, and I can’t help myself.

    I remember the octopus from Nemo. Charming cartoon (mostly thanks to Ellen). As is the image of you inking yourself. I’ve ruined so many shirts and pairs of pants …

    • I’ve ruined two pairs of pants in 2010 to ink. If only I’d had Allison’s presence of mind for a quick quip. Damn!

      • As I recall, I once got ballpoint ink out of a carpet with nail polish remover. (Never step on a ballpoint pen!)

        Good thinking! Acetone, the main ingredient of nail polish remover, is a great water-miscible solvent! Ballpoint pen ink is some pretty bad stuff.

  4. Are you talking to ME? Are YOU talking to ME? Ah. Just askin’ then.

    Cats are only in it for themselves.

    Showed your seafood photo to Art Major and he started drooling. Nearly ruined my keyboard, he did! I’ll eat bits of octopus and squid but not huge globs of it! That’s just a bit disgusting. Give it to the cat.

    Yes, I was talking to you, if you were listening.

    Cats are quite unto themselves aren’t they?

    I cannot feed such expensive delicacies to the cat. The sea-bits are a little bit brined or pickled anyway, and I don’t think she’d like that. Dog would, but then he eats cat turds too.

    • …oh, and thanks for updating. It’s about bloody time, innit?

      “I’m making time.”

      HAH! “I’m making time.” I think I may actually need to own that movie. I want to go watch it again right now.

  5. I love all seafood particularly squid. That last image looks delicious

    I should have guessed you’d be on my side here. Expected mostly “eeewwwws” but there’s one in every crowd, right? This seafood salad, while a tad pricey (that pint container was $13), is all seafood, no filler. And none of that ‘surimi’ crap. It IS delicious. Thanks for your comment nursemyra.

  6. The hobby horse? Is it a new hobby horse?

    I see the cat is having a great time. I hope you and the mice walk around the house on tiptoe, and you can easily arrange another dresser for yourself. These are cat pictures of silence. They are not trying to be funny.

    They are post new age.

    We’ve had the little rocking horse for a number of years. It’s about the right size for 2 or 3 year old child. We have a larger one for older children. Then we have the real living pony and horse outside for the even older children.

    Cat is enjoying her time indoors. Though last night she was whining by the door, asking to go out. We don’t let her go out at night.

    I’m not understanding the ‘post new age’ comment.

  7. Ew, I imagine eating that salad would be kinda gross, but I love how it looks! Especially the octopus with it’s curly arms!

    Thanks Leaf, you’re the first to provide the “ew” I was looking for. Glad you like the looks of it. It’s your photographer’s eye.

  8. Mmmmm…. Marinara mix, that just looks so good, or is that a photo of the cat’s bowl???

    Hi Tony, thanks for visiting and leaving a comment! Sure enough, a Google image search of ‘marinara mix’ yields lots of similar images of blended ocean bits. It is really good! The cat’s bowl is nothing like this. Really.

  9. Love your kitty. Reminds me a lot of my ragdoll; just different colors.

    As for your seafood salad, uh, I only learned to like fried calamari a few years ago, and probably only because it looked like little crunchy onion rings and came with a really tasty dipping sauce.

    This stuff is slightly pickly tasting, but not so much as to cover the ocean flavor. Fried calamari is a favorite appetizer of mine too, though sometimes it’s pretty awful. Apparently you can prepare it wrongly and it’s something like rubber bands.

  10. Post new age is similar to post romanticism or post secular or post menopause meaning after or following. New Age having been dumped to make room for the debt crisis, we are now post New Age.

    I knew what ‘post New Age’ meant, I just didn’t get the context of your usage. So the cat photos are expressing the mood of The World In Decline?

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