Posted by: David | December 22, 2010

Tiny Cat Update

Since I’m on vacation I feel a pressure to post more frequently. It’s stupid I know. This whole “blogging without obligation” thing is important to me. But right now all I have is some pet photos. It’s officially winter and our cat spends a lot more time indoors, I think I mentioned recently. Well here’s another place she found to relax.

It’s an art deco chair with a wool blanket … zzz … zzz

But here’s the funny bit. Today I did a bunch of house cleaning and vacuuming and stuff, and the wool blanket was properly arranged on the red art deco chair.

And see how much more ‘properly’ kitty sleeps now? Brilliant!

Brilliant!? Don’t forget to vacuum this carpet, OK? It looks like crap!

The carpets did look like crap. Mostly because of WHITE DOG hair all over ’em! Nothing that 2 hours of vacuuming couldn’t fix. 3 ibuprofen and time for bed. Good night Internet!


  1. oh my, I am on vacay too and feel intense pressure to post something due to all my “free time”. I love the messy cat vs. portrait cat.

    I’ve seen this logo here and there on various folks’ blogs. Blogging Without Obligation For those of us lucky enough to have jobs that we’re getting time off from, this needn’t impinge on our sense of internet responsibility. No BLOGLIGATION, as Bound & Gags has wittily coined in the comment below … I’ve been using some of this free time to catch up on other folks’ blogs as well as reading a few books. Exciting staycation. Love it.

    The cat’s chair now has a cheery holiday-ish throw pillow on. She’ll be relocating soon I expect.

  2. Great going, Dave! You’ve invented a new affliction: blogligation.

    Thanks B&G but it’s not my invention. See Tiffini’s blog. Tiffini is an artist unencumbered by blogligation. So put that in your pipe.

  3. I was wondering whether your daughter’s sewing project has to do with the baby. In Switzerland, when a newcomer was expected, everyone started to knit. I think it was blue wool if the newcomer was going to be a boy, pink for a girl, and white for everbody else.

    This refers to Spanish tax forms. In Spain they decreed that men and women are equal and the same. HOWEVER, in your tax form, after giving your name, you have to say whether you are male or female. Why if it is all the same? Next you have to say whether you are single, married, divorced, or separated or widowed or what. Okay. And then comes the guinda del pastel which is the festive cherry on the cake: you have to say whether your spouse is male or female!

    No, the sewing project had to do with xmas gifts she was making. We have inherited those same traditions here, and the same color scheme. My wife is working on a cross-stitch design that will probably be applied to a baby blanket, a pillow or something.

    Tax time arrives here with the new year. Your employer has until Jan 31 to provide your income statement for the previous year, and then you have until April 15 to file you tax forms. And even though we have the same gender equality here, marital status factors in to one’s tax burden.

  4. Since you can’t knit, you could make a picture book for the baby, and with the same text, only printed in bigger letters and much shorter.

    I can’t remember when I told you that I can’t knit, but I used to know how to crochet. No longer … so thanks for that nice idea!

  5. As to the tax form:
    It is unconstitutional!
    I realized it just now.
    For it does not include multiculturalness! It is racist!!! For it should say:
    Names of present spouses
    (list in strictly alphabetic order)

    a) how many spouses are male
    b) how many of them are female
    total number of spouses (number must equal a + b)

    Good heavens, how confusing. No wonder Spain is going down the rabbit hole. The racism targets marital pluralists? When will you begin your class action lawsuit against the Spanish government?

  6. Ok, that cat is totally adorable. And, I am loving No Bloglivation!

    Thanks Girl. Hunter is a pretty sweet cat.

    You are so naturally prolific, blogobligation should not worry you. 🙂

  7. Your pets are quite adorable. They are so sweet my teeth hurt!

    (came here from Girl from the Ghetto)

    Welcome I still feel unusual! That’s a long name. Mind if I just call you ‘unusual’?

    Glad you like the pets. They look better in photos than they actually are in real life.

  8. That is going to be a nice picture book, and later the baby will be able to learn how to read from it.
    And on this blog there will be nice photos of the baby! And then we will all say it looks a lot like you.

    Thanks cantueso! We’ll have to wait and see about baby photos. And hope that she looks like her parents and not grandpa.

  9. Have you started on the picture book yet? I think you should start soon, because the baby might soon need a second picture book. I think in the beginning there should be three or four picture books, until she can handle the computer and look up pictures on her own.

    That’s a brilliant suggestion. The photos have already begun to accumulate. Videos too. One can only wonder what devices she and her friends will use to view photos and videos in the not-too-distant future.

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