Posted by: David | December 5, 2010

Decemberism Flyover

The sun has retreated almost as far south as its going this year, the solstice being a just a couple of weeks away. A lunar eclipse is scheduled for the 21st, see NASAs page on it. That will be kinda trippy, happening on the actual solstice, the shortest day of the year and all. I predict that there will be dire predictions. Better stock up on canned goods, batteries, bottled water, origami paper, and booze.

… and cat food please …

Today is cold and overcast, occasional flurries. The accumulated snow from last weekend’s squall was washed away by a couple of days of rain. So I continue shifting into the vernal pattern of inactivity, having already taken on the 10 extra pounds of winterfat. Soon I will start digging my hibernation den in the yet unfrozen ground of the backyard. Not really.

The horses are wearing their blankets.

This would be a good time to make some bread. I’m still reading What Technology Wants which I need to finish before Wednesday. Do you think that a poppy seed “wants” to become a flower? Taking next Friday off. It’s our 33rd anniversary. I have no coherent thought process going on right now. I should not be writing a blog post. But I am …

From the corn garden point of view.

Our carpenter guy and his helper put up this extension shed in 2 days.

The extension of the roof will give my wife a sheltered place to store things that are currently taking up space inside the barn. I’m not sure what all these things are, but that’s OK. Maybe ladders and shovels and that sort of stuff. While I was taking these photos of the new shed, 3 large and very low-flying military planes flew over. It looked like they were using Route 114 to guide their path. Since I had the camera I grabbed a couple of shots, but I really should have recorded video. It’s pretty impressive when these aircraft fly over so low, usually in a group of 3.

Each of these 3 frames is a different plane.

So I guess I’ll get going on the breadmaking project. That is all. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. She has the room now…regardless of what it is for. It is there.

    I live right nxt to a Naval Air Station and we get all sorts of neat shows here. Stealth Fighters…bi-planes…right over the house.

    Nice way of putting it. 🙂 Whatever comes to occupy that space will involve additional expense and strenuous objections from yours truly.

    I don’t mind seeing occasional low flying military aircraft, but I’d have a hard time getting used to steady traffic. I especially like to see the space shuttle and the ISS, which is very bright and fast moving.

  2. Your horses wear blankets??! That’s awesome. They don’t mind wearing blankets? I’ve never seen this.

    You wouldn’t see that in California. When it gets cold, my wife puts on their blankets. They usually don’t mind it, but sometimes they get them snagged on stuff. The dog had a sweater at one time, but I think he outgrew it.

  3. I just found out that my favorite origami supply store in Boston closed a while back! Lame! Where have you been buying yours?

    Oh craptastic! Sorry to hear that. I was just looking at my pile of stars thinking I oughta be doing some folding soon.

    I bought it from The shipping took almost 2 weeks and was an incredible ripoff! They should really have a .com address if you asked me, dot- org is for non profits, isn’t it?

    • Oh, right I remember that now! That is just not cool.

      And actually, I just re-discovered the store I had been thinking of… I think it moved but didn’t actually close. I just happened to wander past it the other day completely by accident. Haven’t been in yet, but I plan to soon.

      Oh good. I’ve been worrying that I might forget 2 of the models you showed me. The omega star is hard wired now. But the flower cube and jitterbug are fading …

  4. LOVE the horses photo. Beautiful.

    Thanks Care, they do have a nice view of the hills don’t they?

  5. Oh my, I can’t get over your kitty. I just love that photo, and wish I had that cat snuggled next to me and my cat Beatrice right now!

    Thanks for visiting Girl. With winter weather upon us, our cat Hunter is finding all kinds of new indoor places to hang out and sleep. Usually she likes the laundry basket when its full of our dirty clothes, but this time she enjoyed it empty. I bet your Beatrice and our Hunter would enjoy each other’s company.

  6. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! 33 years– wowee! Um, is it today, or next Friday? I get confused. Either way, congratulations!

    That’s one lovely shed.

    Thanks Moonbeam. We celebrate December 10, when our cohabitation commenced. So, last Friday.

    The shed has now been properly gated to allow full access to trucks and wheelbarrows for manure dispersal and/or collection. Maybe more photos will appear.

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