Posted by: David | September 20, 2010

2 Year Old Wedding Cake

This wedding cake was so good, that even after 2+ years of being in our freezer, it was still, um, edible. And it actually tasted amazingly good.

YES! Cut into five little wafers and consumed by the dinner party.

It had been enjoyed at the one year anniversary. Then wrapped up again in two layers of plastic wrap, a layer of foil, then 3 Ziploc freezer bags. It survived for 753 days (2 years 23 days) around zero degrees Fahrenheit. Amazing.

I think that my daughter won’t mind my letting the internet know now that she and her husband are expecting a baby next March. If you do mind sweetie, let me know and I’ll edit this post. Needless to say everyone is very psyched. The ultrasound photo on our fridge is the cutest little fetus there ever was!

So far the pregnancy’s gone very well and there has been a minimum of, uh, puking. My girl describes herself as “not much of a puker”. Probably got most of that out of her system having had to go through not one, but two bouts of appendicitis in her childhood. First at 6 then at 16. Long story there.  Next slide please …

ehydrating onions … my next dryer project. Apples to follow.

Today the college celebrated that wonderful tradition called MOUNTAIN DAY! As secretly determined by the president, one morning each fall at exactly 10:05 a.m. the order is given to ring the bell in the cupola and cancel the rest of the day’s classes in order to allow all who wish to go climb the nearby Mt. Kearsarge, make a tie-dyed t-shirt, and enjoy a lovely picnic barbecue at the mountain park. Below is a photo of the crowds assembling at the summit for the group photo. It’s a kind of random event, not to diminish the extensive efforts of all who plan and prepare for the event, not knowing exactly when it will happen.

You can barely see him, but there’s a guy in the observation tower with long-lensed camera. It was a beautiful day up there on Mt. Kearsarge.


  1. It sounds like there should be a lot of congratulations going around…and what a neat tradition. My dad had a similar tradition at our house, but it involved rakes and leaves.

    Thanks MTAE. The rakes and leaves tradition sounds more my speed. The frozen wedding cake tradition has to be fairly modern I’d guess. I’m sure that there are Google-able pages of instructions on how to do this without endangering your spouse on the first anniversary. We pushed it a little farther. We’re like that.

  2. Mountain Day!!! Sad to have missed it for the first time in six years! 😦 Glad you had a good day for it!

    Yeah Abby! It was awesome. It would have been extra awesome with your smiling face there, but it’s so cool that you got to enjoy 6 of them, right? There were so many in attendance, streaming up and down the mountain in their shorts and t-shirts. We wondered why some of the students carried their bagged tie-dyed t-shirts all the way up and down Mt. K. Perhaps it’s the making of a new tradition.

  3. Grats all around. I know you all must be very excited.

    I’m very impressed by the 2-yr-old cake. Mine was tolerable after a year, but I wouldn’t have wanted to try for two.

    Keersarge … isn’t or wasn’t there a Navy ship by that name?

    Thanks Pi, yes we’re all pretty excited. In another month we should know pink or blue.

    So you ate frozen wedding cake too? Been wondering how long this tradition has been with us.

    There have been several naval vessels to take the name of our beloved local mountain. Here is a link to some history.

  4. That cryogenic cake is a miracle of modern science. It looks delish.

    And congrats to your family!!

    Thanks VAGB, baby is expected in March.

    And yes, it was a pretty awesome cake. It was born from our fridge before its remains found their way into our deep-freeze.

  5. That’s the most beautiful old cake I ever did see! And congrats upon the impending grandkid. 🙂
    Mountain Day sounds lovely! We have mountains, but not a day for them.

    Thanks Muse, grandchild expected next spring.

    My wife and her friend did a spectacular job. It took a few days too. Here’s a shot of it filling our fridge.

    A fair number of colleges seem to have a mountain day tradition. In New England anyway.

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