Posted by: David | August 13, 2010

‘S chline Schachteli who ned so guet usecho isch

. . .  for cantueso

English translation (from Swiss German) of title: THE LITTLE BOX THAT DIDN’T COME OUT THAT WELL.

t was folded from the top sheet in the pack of decorative paper
. According to the book, this model is called Pacchetto Regalo, Italian for gift box.

I didn’t think it came out that well because it wouldn’t close up all the way. The three or four following attempts yielded the same result. My wife saw it and thought it was “adorable”. The red and gold sparkle paper is what makes it that way. The box is big enough to hold a nice gift, such as a 20 carat diamond.

While on the topic of origami, it’s a pleasure to report the successful folding of the second 12-unit jitterbug model. It was not easy, and I had to consult my folding mentor for help in the final assembly of the 12 modules. As with the first jitterbug, my overamplified tendency to follow symmetry was interfering with proper assembly. I left the completed red, green, and blue jitterbug model on my computer at work and forgot to take a picture of it. Sorry. Here are some other pictures instead.

The ten-foot tall sunflower has opened its blossom.

ooking up at the flower this morning, with the sky in the background.

Today was the final half-day Friday for the summer of 2010. A week from today our early-arrival students will appear on campus, those being pre-season athletes and such. It’s nice to have this gradual populating of the campus before the big crowd of first-years and then giant crowd of returning students a few days later as September begins. Now I need to go outside and check on the things in the gardens.


  1. “Adorable” is the adjective I would use, too.


  2. I think it is a very beautiful Schachteli. Later I remembered that a little Schachteli is also called Truckli in Swiss German, and that “truck” must be related to your word for some sort of lorry. —

    But now, here is a question: what are you going to put in the schachteli? You don’t say its size, but I imagine it is small, maybe about 3 inches one side. It would be nice to use such a pretty thing to put in a christmas present, maybe seeds or chocolate or perfume.

    Thank you cantueso. I guess it has a certain cuteness that seems to appeal to the women in my family. Having previously accused me of obsession with origami, my wife’s comment on the little box was most welcome.

    It’s size is more like 3 cm per side. It could hold a small chocolate, a large jewel, or a stack of gold coins. I guess that’s why it’s called a gift box.

  3. But I came here with a more sinister intention concerning the way American women express approval when trying to go beyond WOW and LOL. Here is a quote.

    It is almost a month old. It is so typical that I would not know how to change any of its wording, though I would like to, since it wasn’t nice of me to copy it only to advertise its enforced, obligatory or conventional idiocy.

    There was a blog about a new flat, and this is one of the comments:

    “Oh my oh my, girl! You still have lots to work out. Guess, more furnitures coming in soon huh! Can’t wait to see you bedroom. haha…. Am I crazy or what? haha…. Btw, I think you need a bigger closet honey! Your new house looks incredible even without the furnitures and should be stunning after furnishing. Lovely lovely! Can’t wait to see how’s the decorations going to be! The best of all is your mom will be here sooooon. Really really soon.”

    I’m rather surprised that you actually put the required time into reading this gushing materialist drivel. Let me assure you that the American women I count among my friends might watch this type of crap on a TV network called “HGTV“, but probably would not read or write such commentary on the blogosphere. Or so I would hope …

  4. Ich denke, dass der kleine Kasten schön ist.

    Danke, Moonbeam. Wie gesagt, liebe Frauen, die kleine Pappschachtel. Ich muss bald etwas mehr zu machen. Und Gott segne Google Translate!

  5. Persönlich verwende ich Babelfish, obgleich ich nicht sicher bin, dass ich sollte. Als ich übersetzte, was Sie schrieben, sagte es:

    Thanks, Moonbeam. Like said, dear Mrs., the small sticking box. I must make soon somewhat more. And God blesses googles Translate!

    (Ich möchte den in solch einem Kasten auszuprobieren Diamanten mit Zwanzig Karat haben. )

    Well strike me pink. That is SO not what I’d intended to say. Google Translate speaks German comme une vache espagnole. What I wanted to say was:

    Yeah Moonbeam thanks! Chicks really dig my little gift box … or words to that effect. Tough to achieve double entendre in a foreign language when you’re a monoglot. Cantueso has probably rolled her eyes clean out of her head by now.

  6. Now this sounds really international.

    The comment quote above is not exceptional. It was from a cooking blog. Because of things I saw when working in a large Swiss pharma company I thought that women do not accept a female leader, but blogs of that kind suggest the opposite.

    It was a post about chocolate deserts. There were about 80 comments, most of them much shorter, but all of that kind. One of them had a line or two of WOW and LOL and ended saying:

    With love and gratitude

    As you may have guessed, I’m in favor of that ending. Interesting that the comment theme was more about interior decorating than cooking or chocolate desserts.

    With love and gratitude . . .

  7. Oh, voici la Moonbeam, et qui parle auf deutsch. Which reminds me that I once tried to suggest that you should write for the HubPages to make money with your writing, but I am no longer sure.

    I held out for 6 weeks. I got very bad marks. It is a most interesting place, though.

    I saw 1 good writer. Very good. She wrote about dancing, especially Flamenco, but also Belly dancing (which I dislike), but she simply knew how to write, and she got high marks, though not the highest.

    The highest marks went to people as presented above and worse. Incredible. I will show you a souvenir, a little textito that I kept, of the sort that got top marks from the computers that calculated its earning potential according to the type and frequency of its key words. This system yields very funny results.

    The idea is: who buys expensive things from ads in anonymous articles? Only very dull people. Therefore the texts have to be written by fairly dull people, but they have to be longish to make the readers stay on a page until he clicks on an ad out of sheer boredom.

    How can I find your Hub writings?

  8. AWESOME awesome lovely sunny sunflower. How I adore you.

    Well thanks for that uplifting comment. 🙂

  9. That’s not a sunflower, it’s a venus fly trap in disguise!


    How do I know that? Because I’m in the Sunshine State.

    That’s how.

    Well look who it is! Welcome back to the blogosphere, and to the Sunshine State. I would advise you steer well clear of the Orlando area. Giant rodents there that take all your money and hypnotize your children. Thanks for visiting Nimish, and best of luck to you in your studies. NERD!!

    • Hey Nimish! Hi!

      Yes! Dear Mr. Forty Two is now an earnest student in our very own Sunshine State. Follow his Many Exploits.

  10. It may not be perfect, but it sure is pretty!

    And, my goodness, those flower photos. Love the gigantic sunflowers!

    Thank you Girl, nice of you to leave a comment. It’s kind of strange how the ladies like the little box.

    The sunflower really was about 10 feet tall, but its colors are exaggerated by digital means, like almost all my photos are. Full disclosure . . .

  11. That sunflower really looked like a perfect cartoon or something photoshopped, so pretty! I think it was smiling at me, yes? 😉

    PS: your gift box is just precious! 😉 Your talent in this art is fascinating to see, well done!

    All the flowers in our garden are smiling at you Romi Moondi, so as to ensure your present and future state of thoughtful contentment. (It’s photoshopped, yeah . . . )

    Glad you like the box. 🙂

  12. I think that little red box is just the prettiest thing.

    Thank you vermonter. It’s a particularly pretty pattern of origami paper. I’m missing the folding, as the opening of school has me going on Day 10 tomorrow. Really looking forward to this Weekend Off.

  13. There aren’t any Hub writings of mine. I took things from Wikipedia, rephrased and shortened. However, it was very very interesting to see how you get connected to the big advertisers like Amazon or Google. People would get paid commissions on sales and for each click they got on their ads. Have you seen a place called Meetic (or similar) offering boy or girl friends (or similar)? They work that way. You get x for each click and then you get a few dollars for each client that asks for information and more dollars for each concluded deal.

    I was also on Twitter for about 3 days. It was not time enough for me to understand how it works. Putting in a tweet is easy. The first tweet that I put in went in by accident and then I did not know where it had gone and imagined that it simply goes to the internet, literally like birds’ tweets go into the morning air. I did not see ads. I don’t know where their income comes from.

    Imagine monetizing this crap. But not for too long.

    Twitter doesn’t do much for me either, but I occasionally reply to the tweets of famous artists’ tweets. Something like sneezing in a hurricane. I first joined Twitter a few years ago and made my first tweet. It was over a year before I tweeted again. I like to think that I am “bore-proof”, but after I have checked every email account, read every blog post, lingered on Facebook, etc. but cannot drag myself to bed, I might check on Twitter. So it’s a Boredom Threshold Indicator for me I guess.

    Remember the lawyers next door whose raon d’être I could not find out and could not even imagine? Now I nearly know. They were to help an outsider to get the votes necessary to become part of the city administration.

  14. There is something wrong with my firefox or whatever. I could not send in the message. Next the system said “invalid e-mail address”. Next the system froze.

    Good for you for using an alternative browser. I recommend trying Google Chrome too. Also recommend the use of CCleaner to clear your system of internet residues.

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