Posted by: David | August 5, 2010

Folding It All In

Yesterday would’ve been our son’s 27th birthday. I’d hoped to complete my second origami 12-module jitterbug out of white, 100% rag tracing paper (which I’d had to manually cut to size) as a silent, celebratory act. Had been folding the modules for a few days previous and finally had all 12 done last night. But I was tired, a little overworked and grumpy, and the tracing paper is sort of slippery. I’d even tried using bits of masking tape to hold the interleaved modules together while assembling. But, sadly, 12u jitterbug number 2 ended up in origami hell. As it kept coming apart while I tried to assemble, I finally snapped, and then came the angry crumple. I tossed it into the trash. So much for the silent celebratory act. Let it go …

Things just don’t always go as planned …

A family of deer this morning in the back yard. Not a great photo, sorry.

At work we’re in the final couple of weeks before students begin to arrive, and the grind becomes more intense as we scramble to complete summer projects, moves, etc. After work last night I went to help someone unclog their C: drive, which was full. Gotta hate those files that refuse to be deleted. Woke up late this morning, skipping the workout. Lots of weird dreams last night. Stream of consciousness never ends …

Garden veggies chopped up for last Saturday’s breakfast omelets. Peppers, leeks, tomatoes, parsley.

I’m waiting for a shipment of new origami papers to arrive in the mail. I ordered them from’s online store. Turned out that it cost about 10 bucks shippin and handling for 27 bucks worth of paper and stuff. I wish they would just ship it to me and skip the handling. The handling’s gotta be the expensive part. I figure. Oh well, I hope it comes soon because I’m not gonna try making my own origami paper again. For anyone who is interested in origami, there is a wonderful video made in 2008 called Between the Folds. I rented the DVD from Netflix, then discovered that while I had it out I could watch the video on the computer, which I did. I’m returning the DVD unwatched. Weird how media is evolving so fast these days.

As seen on Facebook. Some of the stuff I’ve folded in the past month or two. Jitterbug is in foreground.


  1. What got you interested in Origami? You make some really cool-looking stuff.

    Thanks! I’ve been into origami for a long time, but mainly stuck to things like the crane, snowflakes, and cranes. Mostly I just folded paper cranes. So when I saw these geometric models I was very intrigued, especially when I learned that the folder was a coworker. There is something very satisfying, calming, and soothing about paper folding, and folding a number of repeated modules then fitting them together really amplifies that. What really amazes me is how anyone is able to imagine, plan, and execute such things in the first place.

  2. It was hard to get through the first paragraph of this without tears; then I went back and reread your original post about Danny. It was just as moving the second time around.

    I have a friend who always calls to wish me a happy birthday on my children’s birthdays. I always think it is so touching– those are pretty special days for me too. So, happy belated birthday to you, your wife, and Danny.

    I’m so glad I (virtually) know you.

    Oh Moonbeam. Thank you so much for that. I’m really glad to (virtually) know you too. We usually try to do something together as a family on his birthday, but some years go by when just saying “happy birthday” in passing is enough.

  3. Not a day goes by in our house without thinking about sweet Danny. Ariel carries her special friendship with him to this day. The hard part is imagining him to be 27! Keep folding papers — he would have loved it!

    Thanks Carol. Yes, it’s hard to imagine. He’ll forever be nine going on ten. I think you’re right, he would have liked the origami shapes. I think the stars especially.

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