Posted by: David | July 24, 2010

High Summer

Couple nights ago I had to chase a fox away. It stood at the top of the driveway and stared into my flashlight beam. I think it was emboldened by the nearly full moon, or maybe it was a mommy fox with some kits somewhere nearby. I threw an object at it and it seemed interested in what that object was. It was the nearest object that I could find in the dark. I was expecting it to run away. Instead the fox barked its eerie,  raspy bark, and stood its ground. For some reason I was compelled to make it leave. It took a second attempt with a firearm in hand to resolve this compulsion. I had to yell and run toward it menacingly to make it leave. No shots were fired. The fox escaped into the woods across the street. Needless to say, Oliver had a psychotic meltdown over this entire affair. It was a full fifteen minutes before he regained any semblance of sanity. Same here. And it was just before bedtime …

A quieter moment earlier in the week. Local deer eating baby apples.

An overcrowded nest of flycatcher babies.

The rows of maturing corn …

Tassels beginning to  appear on the corn …

Our 2010 garlic harvest. Not bad! Some heads are over 3 inches.

He doesn’t really like being photographed all that much.

A new origami model my friend showed me how to fold on Wednesday.


  1. A bold fox makes me think rabies. Be careful.

    Yeah, I probably could’ve been a little more cautious that night. I was annoyed that the fox didn’t just run away as soon as I clapped my hands and yelled at it. Normally most critters take off as soon as they see a human. The fox looked pretty healthy, but its behavior was a little off. Maybe you’re right about the rabies. Guess I oughta look into that.

  2. I know all I ever say is that your photos are breathtakingly gorgeous, but they really are. The flycatcher babies are adorable!!

    I hope that Oliver gets some counseling.

    Thank you moonbeam. I never get tired of hearing that compliment, but am compelled to remind that I cheat the photos with software tricks.

    The flycatcher babies are not in the nest today. Guess they’re flying now.

    Oliver is well beyond counseling. ECT and anti-psychotic meds are more what he needs. Today he was helpful though. This mouse has been trying to build a nest in our mailbox, of all places. My wife has shooed it out of there a number of times in the past week or two. Figuring it would be working on the nest on Sunday (no mail) I took Ollie on a leash and got him psyched up. Popped open the mailbox, and the cute little mousie was in there. It was gonna stay put until I stuck my hand in, when it leapt out and right into Oliver’s range. Sorry, mouse lovers, but Oliver did what he was bred to do. At least he did it quickly, unlike the cat. He gets such a weird look on his face after dispatching a rodent. Then he drops it and cares no more about it. Like a professional hit-dog.

  3. As a city girl, I couldn’t help wondering why you felt you needed to chase the fox away — unless you happen to have a hen house. You seem to enjoy the other wild critters that come around.

    Or maybe you were thinking about that fox that made headlines because it persistently attacked two people in a parking lot somewhere. Police shot it, I think, but I’ve never heard if it was found to be rabid.

    Nicely framed question pi. The fox’s behavior, barking at the top of our driveway, was just not acceptable. After considering the cautions of Peter Parkour, another commenter, and some Googling (“rabid fox”) I decided that if this issue should arise again, I will be a little more cautious and prepared (i.e. carrying a flashlight and a .22 rifle). Perhaps “crazy like a fox” has some substantive meaning after all.

  4. Garlic harvest!!!!! So cool. I didn’t know such a thing existed. I’ve never thought about where Garlic even comes from – I need to take a break from my Cheez-Its.

    Thanks for your unfailing enthusiasm. You need to get out into the country VAGB. That’s where they grow the stuff you like to have, in your life, wa wa wa wa …

    But you can bring your Cheez-Its. I love Cheez-Its. I think they come in garlic parmesan flavor now, don’t they?

  5. My favorites are the rows of corn and the horse photo.
    ButOfCourse, the corn had me chanting “Children.Of the.Corn.” and reminded me of Stephen King. shudder.
    Foxes are just so pretty! from a safe distance.

    Thank you C. Funny, I often think Children of the Corn too when I walk in the rows. And then I think of that idiotic Costner film with the ghost baseball players. Then I find raccoon damage. Screw the foxes.

  6. I just want you to know, that I love coming to your blog, because seeing these beautiful photos is a wonderful escape from fast-paced wretchedness, and cubicles, and the subway, and the starbucks mad rush…

    Thanks 🙂

    Oh no Romi, thank YOU for that lovely comment, which pretty much validates whatever purpose there is to the random images posted here. To have provided a moment’s escape from your busy city life makes me whole. Thank you and you’re welcome.

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