Posted by: David | July 19, 2010

Is It Hot Enough For Ya?

YES dammit. It is. The garden is exploding now. Though we’re still very much in need of rain. A friend from work gave me a horseradish plant. After a day of thinking about it, I decided to plant it behind the barn. Found a spot between 3 very large rocks that should keep the roots somewhat contained. Horseradish is a perennial known to spread itself about.

I was able to dig down about 2 feet. So that should be good.

There are 2 new residents at my daughter and son-in-law’s freshly built house. Adorable little kitties!!

They like to hang out on this plant table.

his guy is named Gus. Hope he’s a male.

nd this one’s name is Maverick. Guess we’re not sure what sex either one is yet.

he new dining room set. Gift of grandpa.


  1. First of all, I thought Horseradish was something I got in restaurants. I didn’t know it was a plant. Not even joking. Tell me the Taco Bell Mild Sauce I love so much comes from the ground.

    Second, LOVE your pets. Gus and Mav are adorable.

    Yeah VAGB, horseradish IS some you get in restaurants. If you eat it, it’s either a plant, an animal, a secretion of an animal, or a fungus. Know your food baby. Taco Bell Mild Sauce also comes from the ground. From oil wells I believe. Another delicious petroleum by-product.

    Gus and Mav are my daughter’s pets, but thanks for the props. 🙂

  2. I H.A.T.E. cats…but all kittens are cute.

    I’m not sure I fully believe that you H.A.T.E. cats, but of course I accept your comment gratefully. And I’m reassured that you think kittens are cute. Cats have an aloof coolness that reminds people felines don’t really care about or need humans, which is existentially offensive to the Master Species of The Earth, in spite of the fact that they’ve allowed domestication.

  3. But now, vamos a ver, the grandpa in this case is still your father, or have I not read here as frequently as I should have to get all the news of your own advancement.

    The kitten. The caption in “The Onion” would be “Kitten thinks of murder all day”. You should not publish your daughter’s kitten’s name, because she will need it as a secret answer to the secret question that you need to answer if you forget your password.

    And did you spend all your time playing with the kittens?

    You are fully up to date as to what you’ve read here. The dining room set is indeed a lovely gift from my father to his granddaughter and her husband.

    Your kitten comments are hilarious! I have not yet met these kitties in person. But I’ve heard that they prefer to spend most of their time in the laundry room, where they’re confined during their humans’ workday shifts.

  4. Have you played with those kittens yet? In your country you can buy special toys for kittens and cats. Some of the toys are probably to teach the kittens some American history and spelling. But most of the toys are to help the kittens train their humans and teach them how to behave.

    These kittens have a laundry room as a playground! Are there lots of things there that one can pull, drag, hide under?

    When I first met the kittens in “person”, they were hiding behind the clothes dryer and needed to be coaxed out by my daughter with just such a toy. It looks like a fluffy rodent tail on a stick. Probably to teach the kittens about Disney and Mickey Mouse, as you say …

    My wife had brought Oliver over to the house and he was very worried about whether he would get to see the kittens. They were terrified of him, so the laundry room door was kept closed. It took a good 5 minutes of twitching the toy to get them to come out. I held them each for a minute, examined their crotches (both males? not sure … ) as they squirmed and clawed me. But they’re very affectionate, and sleep on their “parents” while they relax on their couch.

    The laundry room is a good home for them while their parents are off at work. Not a lot of trouble for them to get into. They get the run of the house when mommy and daddy return from the day’s travails.

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