Posted by: David | July 1, 2010

Origami Lunch

Today Abby and I had an origami lunch. I had already devoured my sandwich as I worked through the noon hour and when she arrived at a little past one o’clock I was ready for new folds. We’d already agreed that I should not let myself starve to death whilst waiting for our one o’clock origami appointment.

She brought along several packages of small papers, and a couple of beautiful ring-shaped pieces made from much smaller paper than I would ever  dare to fold … But she let me have my choice from several packages of papers she’d purchased at origami conventions she’d attended in years past with her father …

I chose fourteen sheets of blue and orange 3″ squares to make a ring requiring 14 modules … She patiently helped me as I fumbled through the first few modules and then showed me how to fit the modules together. She only took a few bites from her coincidentally similar-to-mine turkey sandwich. I hope she finished it later.

Fourteen 3″ squares of blue and orange paper …

The finished piece. Nowhere near as lovely as what Abby folded with her left hand behind her back …

Well not really, but she could have done it, for she is an origami queen. Thank you again Abby. 🙂


  1. I can’t wait to hear how the tiny paper works for you… I like it considerably better, but I’m a bit of a nut. There’s also another modular that I love called the Jitter Bug. It’s a ton of fun because it MOVES! It sort of collapses in on itself and then pops back out… but I can’t remember the module for it. I’ll try to figure it out, though, because I think you’d really like that one.

    Yeah, I want to try that this weekend. I figure I’ll have to warm up with some larger paper first. Let’s do another origami lunch soon. Maybe some others would like to join us. It could be, like, “a thing”, y’know? 🙂

    • I do know! I actually invited Kelli to our last origami lunch… but she thought she was too cool for us. Or maybe she was just busy, I forget. But yes, I think it would be great fun to have some other people join us!

      Well, she really IS too cool for us. We’re, like, megadorks. If we want other people to join in I think we’d need a form that could actually be completed in an hour. Or maybe we could do a team approach of module folding leading to finished piece(s). I’ll bet you’ve got some ideas on this …

      I was trying to remember the module for the ring this weekend … FAIL. But I’m really liking the omega star. I’ve folded a few more of them. The little paper one actually looks better than the bigger ones. I wonder why.

  2. Pretty. The Jitter Bug mentioned above sounds really cool. You’ll have to do a video post if you two pull that one off. 🙂

    Thanks Peter. If Abby thinks its cool then it probably is. Video post is a great idea. Will do if we do … another origami lunch?

  3. That’s cool! So do those pieces just slide together or actually lock together? If you put outward pressure on the inside of the ring, would it all slide apart?

    I find this whole thing intriguing.

    Yes, outward pressure on the inside of the ring would definitely slide it apart. The modules are not locked together. I suppose one could figure out a way to inject some adhesive, but that’s not in the spirit of origami. I’m finding this modular origami quite intriguing too, even though I’ve only been exposed to two different forms. The repetition of the module folding combined with the inherent symmetry is very pleasing.

  4. Are we going to have to have an intervention for you, David? I think your paper crack problem is getting out of hand. Just say no to paper folding, David, before it’s too late!

    That’s too cool, dude. Your excitement pops off the screen. Keep on having fun!

    Thanks for this amusing comment B&G. In lieu of an intervention, I would like to have someone send me a nice package of some 6cm origami paper. That’s 2.25 inches for my American friends. 2.5 inches would be OK too. I was scared, but was able to fold a star with paper this small, and it came out pretty well.

  5. I like the idea of an origami appointment. I might be able to work it into a cool bar trick if I can get it right. I agree with Peter – you should post a video so I won’t look like a fool after a few vodka sodas.

    The problem is that these modular origami forms take too long to be any kind of successful bar trick. It might work after you’ve already picked up some sleazebag ho dog and “gotten lucky”. You could possibly measure depth of character the morning after by their reaction to you pulling a pack of origami paper out of your Mark Jacobs bag and folding an omega star to give to your conquest to “remember you by”. In the 90 minutes of folding something revelatory is bound to surface. If not, then that too is informative. Know what I mean?

  6. Oh your little star is amazing! I’d be so tickled with myself for making something like that. My immediate follow-up: make a mobile featuring a number of them. For sure I’d have a few on my desk at work just to show off in a not-so-subtle way. “Why, yes, I did make those.”

    How appropriately timed this comment is Pi. Last Friday my coworkers and I did a fairly massive musical chairs game of desk and office swapping. Because of the college’s summer tradition of half-day Fridays, we all bugged out halfway through the moving process. Tomorrow morning we must face the chaos. Placing some origami will signal some conclusive phase I am going to hope …

  7. Pray for us, David, pray for us, because Spain is playing Germany in the semi-finals.

    Oops, sorry cantueso, I didn’t read your comment in time to pray. I guess the octopus did the trick. And the amazing Spanish football players. So Spain will be playing the Netherlands. If you would like me to pray, then tell me, how shall I pray?

  8. But you see, since you would have prayed if you had known how serious the situation was Spain won.

    Now they are playing against Holland, and the octopus said they would win. In the NYT a Spaniard said that the octopus is only a little less infallible than the Pope.

    Anyway, this time it doesn’t really matter. So let’s not pray.

    Yeah, I wasn’t really gonna pray anyway. Not for any ball game.

    Hah! Octopus less infallible than Pope. What a great headline that would be. Degrees of infallibility = implicit comedy.

    Congratulations on your country winning its first World Cup. I hope the wave of enthusiasm gives Spain a much-needed boost.

  9. […] from over at Thoughts-O-Dave, recently did a couple of posts on origami (see said posts here and here).  Shortly after I ran into this pic purely by accident while searching for something completely […]

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