Posted by: David | June 29, 2010

Special Day Today

Thirty years ago today my wonderful daughter was born. We celebrated at her 99% complete new home tonight with her husband, best friend’s family, a couple of small dogs, and a Carvel ice cream cake. She and her husband will spend their first night tonight at their newly built home. Happy Birthday was sung, candles were blown out, pictures were taken, children laughed and cried, and my daughter turned 30. Only one little piece of ice cream cake made it back into their brand new refrigerator freezer, a floor model bargain, purchased at Sears.



  1. You painted such a warm picture of lovely family celebration. Did my heart good to read.

    That was a nice comment Muse, it did my heart good to read. 🙂 Thank you.

  2. Happy birthday to your daughter! And a Happy new House. And Happy Neighbours, especially that donkey plus birds.

    Does your daughter have a bird feeder yet? And a cook book.

    Thanks cantueso. She has plenty of cookbooks, but no bird feeder yet. Good idea! They have lots of birds, including whippoorwills and turkeys.

  3. Oh yes, must have bird feeders. Although this is one house that sounds like it’s already bursting with live and love.

    Gift idea! Thanks for this lovely comment. I think that you’re right.

  4. What a wonderful milestone! I cannot wait to see the place. Funny that on that very same day my kids were “cleaning out the basement” which means nosing through ancient artifacts long forgotten. They came upon two pictures of the little nut held first by her grandmother and then by two very young parents! Time sure flies! You may remember the picture day in Windsor.

    That IS funny Carol. Thanks for this comment. Good on the kids for the basement effort. I do remember (I think) that day, under the green awnings at your grandparents’ place (?) … we have similar snapshots in a shoebox in our closet. And yes, it’s a milestone that’s for sure. Impressive on so many levels …

  5. David: so exciting that your daughter’s house is basically complete! Nice birthday gift eh? 😉

    PS: I have never had ice cream cake in my life but hear about it all the time…I feel like I am missing out 😦

    Yes, it was a very fulfilling day. Thanks for your nice comment. 🙂

    Well I’m sure that you will experience ice cream cake in the not-too-distant future Romi. Considering some of the luscious Indian desserts you’ve described in posts past, I wouldn’t get your hopes up. If you’ve ever had specialty ice creams with various brand-name cookie fragments (e.g. Oreos) then you’ve had ice cream cake.

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