Posted by: David | April 21, 2010

Is It Still April?

Overdue for a post. Told you April was not my favorite month, but this one’s been OK really. Just really busy for Academe, in whose fields I toil. We also had a nasty little reprise of winter last weekend. In the form of a mixture of rain and snow. Which is when I should have been sitting indoors blogging, instead of moping and watching stupid crap on the tele like the last 40 minutes each of Die Hard: With a Vengeance and 3:10 to Yuma, and the not-so-stupid NOVA: Telescope: Hunting the Edge of Space. In case you all didn’t know, the magnificent Hubble Space Telescope turns 20 years old next Sunday, the 25th.

This sort of thing can happen in April.

Some New London gnus across the street from the college.


n a more positive note, garden progress continues. Photo from last week, before the snow.

So the weekend was a washout for gardening, pretty much. Was able to do some minimal weeding in the drizzle on Sunday. We got peas planted and some are just coming up. I didn’t get back to digging until tonight. 3 beds are now fully prepped and ready to plant. The garlic is doing splendidly in 2 beds, and 2 beds are planted with lots of sugarsnap peas. So that’s 7 of 17. Minus 2 planted with perennials (asparagus and jerusalem artichokes) leaves 8 beds left to turn. I can usually get one done after work and before dinner. But I’m running out of compost. Guess I’ll have to use horse pucky. No shortage of that.

Today I saw a turkey hen lollygagging by the road on my in to work. I swear I saw the same hen on my way back home, near the same spot, but doing that little dirt-bath thing that big birds like to do. But right by the State Route 114. Hope she’s not planning to nest there. That’d be awful dumb.



  1. Does that garlic survive the snow? We had ugly weather set in some weeks ago, and it killed the almonds flowers, all of them, and so there won’t be any almonds this year from the Madrid region.

    It had been raining a lot before that and I had been thinking that the bees would not be able to go and visit the flowers in time, because the rain was almost continuous, a very strange thing to happen here.

    Yes, garlic is planted in the prior fall and emerges in early spring. After sprouting this spring it survived temperatures down to 25°F (-4°C) in the past few weeks. It’s a “hard neck” variety of garlic that is suited to this zone. I tried planting store bought garlic one fall and a spring frost killed it all.

    That’s sad about the almonds. Do you believe that “global warming” might have a role in the odd weather?

  2. A friend of mine is at HubPages, which is similar to WordPress except that they allow advertising, and he needs some 100 or 150 posts to possibly start making money from ads, and so I have been helping there writing and formatting.

    Are you in contact with — I forgot her name, a compound of “moon” — she was the most talented bloggers I have seen here. I wonder whether she knows about those sites. HubPages is just one of many, but very well organized.

    I have also been reading there a lot and was shocked to see what mistakes people make if there is no spell check.

    Nice of you to help out your writing friend.

    I’ve exchanged occasional emails with moonbeam mcqueen, but not many. I also like her blog a lot. She had a nice clean writing style and self-deprecating humor. Her topics were often quite human and engaging. She moved to Arkansas from Ohio a while back and recently became a grandmother. All this learned from her blog. Her email address appears at the bottom of the right column, slightly disguised so that bots don’t snag it. It’s a Yahoo address.

  3. Lollygagging! What a nice word! The nicest word I have seen in a long time.

    Moonbeam is her name, now I remember.

    Well strike me pink! Impressing you with a word is no small victory! Thanks for liking it. I like those old timey words. Flapdoodle is another one I enjoy.

  4. Hey! How does someone get to comment THREE times before the rest of us can do it once?!?!?!?! That is Blog Hogging!!!!! 🙂

    Cantueso often comments multiple times and is one of my most faithful readers. So don’t antagonize her, OK? It seems the blogosphere has cooled down some … though you are as prolific as ever MTAE. With all the other stuff you do, I don’t know how you find the time. You must sleep very little. Anyway, thanks for visiting. 🙂

  5. To Morethananelectrician:

    What!!! Look at the date! The post was published on the 21st, see? And I came in on the 23rd, see? So there were two days for everyone else to come and fill the space, but they are hibernating if they live there, for, if they lived here, they would be out preparing the San Marcos fiesta.

    HEY EVERYBODY, let’s go to the fiesta! Cantueso, I don’t know if you follow the electrician’s blog or not, but he’s quite a joker. Also a father, amateur standup comedian, marathon runner, coach and who knows what else? A formidable guy in many respects. Not a hibernator, that’s for sure.

  6. I am sorry. I was joking. Sarcasm doesn’t play well in a typed format and please forgive me.

    I learned that the hard way too. 🙂

  7. I almost think the snow and drizzle wasn’t as bad as FREAKY rainbow-painted goat dude….what the hell was that?!?!?! That in all its colourful glory is imprinted in my brain for a week’s worth of nightmares 😉

    That’s no goat Romi, that’s a GNU! They were all over town last year. It was hokey, but kinda cool too. Lots of nice creative artwork. I hope no nightmares ensue for you. You need your sleep.

  8. Ok, we’ve got cold, rain, and even snowflakes here in MI over the past few weekends, and I’m getting tired of it. My spring flowers survived the cold, but I need some weekend sunshine so we can be outside with the kids …

    Garden looks great, by the way.

    Thanks GFTG! My wife and I spent a lot of time out in the garden today. Black flies were joining us. There can be no more snowflakes now. 🙂

  9. I love the photo with the 4 seasons on display: forsythia (spring) picnic table (summer) hay (fall) and snow! (winter). The beds look good. You always get such good results in your rows. I do “french intensive” and wonder if I am overcrowding. A renewed interest in “square foot” gardening has emerged in the gardening lit (really french intensive in a grid) for urban plots in particular. But I love the look of your garden. Keep the photos coming.

    Thanks LKR. The soil gets better year after year. We aspire to the “french intensive” methods, but gave up on the double digging years ago. We also aspire to Ruth Stout, the queen of mulch. Your plants will tell you if you’re overcrowding by being leggy and weak. From the photos I’ve seen, all your crops looked very vigorous.

    Thanks for the compliments. I’ll be posting plenty more pix. Current progress: Bed 1 is still unplanted but ready. 2 and 3 are garlic, 4 sugarsnap peas, 5 and 6 are onion seedlings.

  10. Gnus in New London! Who knew?

    I knew. But I didn’t want to say anything.

  11. Who gnu?

    Well I gnu, but I could not say … “

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