Posted by: David | March 30, 2010

Sprang Forward March Over Yet?

Overdue for a post I guess. It’s been busy here. And April is breathing on my neck. I hate that. Winter’s last gasps fade …They got the Large Hardon Collider up to 7TeV today and didn’t suck Geneva into a black hole. This is good. I thought I’d heard that they were going to slowly ramp up the power and would not hit 7 TeV until they figured out how the pigeon dropped the baguette fragment into the works. But they did it anyway. I hope that clumsy pigeon stays away from the darn thing. Now for news from the Low Technology front. Our old wood stove.

Here is the old Fisher Baby Bear I think. We got it for nothing. It was worth it.

I brushed out the chimney last Saturday in preparation for a new wood heating stove. The old one was a freebie, and has helped us save a lot of propane, but when I saw this new type of stove for which I could get a tax credit, a stove with an EPA rating of, er, OK I guess, a stove Made In Canada, and named after Napoleon, a stove I saw at my friend Bob’s house, whose opinions on practical matters are valuable to me, well I got the old stove moved outa there …

And I cleaned up the creosote stain and painted the chimney face WHITE.

The old stove sits sulking in the garage. It will cheer up when I pull all the old busted up firebrick out of it and put in new. We’re gonna pass it along for the kids to use in the basement of their new house. I spent some time shopping it out, and it turned out that my dental hygienist’s husband is in the woodstove dealing business. I stopped at his store on my way down to Connecticut a couple weeks ago and spotted the stove for us. It was $999.99 (but we should be able to get a couple hundred back on a tax credit program) and the economy model of this efficient and simply designed stove that burns pretty completely without the use a catalytic converter. Also it has double walls and firebrick lining (which I had to install) so the heat is even and sustained and can be fit into tighter spaces.  It’s a boxy looking thing with a glass door that shows the flames.

The weekend it arrived was cold. The first few fires are small, to break it in.

Everyone seems to like the new stove. It won’t be getting much use for a while unless it cools off again. After the current monsoon clears off we’re supposed to get temps in the 70s. I’ll be posting photos of the garlic shoots poking through the straw. In other news I got a cool new t-shirt by purchasing Amanda Palmer and Jason Webley’s interesting new mini-rock-punk-opera-stage-show-story album called Evelyn Evelyn. It’s about conjoined twin girls and their awful childhood. Dark with sparkly twinges of comic musicality.

One of Amanda’s fans contributed the woodcut-like artwork. Weird I know.

I cannot apologize for my musical choices. I’ve earned the right to be a complete dork, and nobody can take that away from me.

Weekday breakfast of the dork. Today with some Sriracha hot sauce for a nice kick.

May April bring you the blessings and wonders of Spring. 🙂


  1. Love the new stove!!

    Is that hot sauce in oatmeal!?? Okay ….. hey, I’m not saying anything. If that’s what floats your boat …

    Thank you PT. We like the stove too. It’s still got the smell problem (newness) as its only had 3 small fires in it. But next evening the temp goes below 45°F I’ll fire it up again.

    And YES! Sometimes that hot sauce helps me get going in the morning. Photo was for shock value. Thanks for being shocked. 🙂

  2. It’s too bad that I missed the day of Collider jokes…it would have just been a day of weird things happening.

    The wood stove photos fascinate me…because I…I don’t know why…maybe I just like to see stuff torn out and replaced.

    Yes, it is MTAE, the Large Hardon Collider has provided endless amusement, until it sucks Geneva into a “mini” black hole anyway.

    I hear you on the restoration type projects. They provide a level of satisfaction that new construction cannot.

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