Posted by: David | March 12, 2010

Patience Cleveland’s Diary

The college where I work has a long and interesting history. It was founded in 1837, as New London Academy- here is a brief history. Among the many interesting characters whose family history is intertwined with that of the college is one Patience Cleveland. Born in 1931, she was the youngest of six children of Dr. Mather Cleveland and his wife Susan Colgate Cleveland.  Here is a brief biography of Patience Cleveland, as posted on a wonderful segment of the college’s website devoted to the college Archives, called Haystack.

In addition to her pursuit of a successful career as an actress of stage, screen, and television, Patience was something of  a diarist. The college archives received her papers some years back and our present archivist undertook the delightful task of transcribing and digitizing these volumes, and making them available on the internet. Every day, a day in the life of Patience Cleveland, from the early 1960s that is, is displayed in the form of the actual diary page, handwritten in ball point pen, and a textual transcription. Please click here for the current day’s entry. You may also want to browse the site for other interesting Colby-Sawyer history. Browse the Haystack. The college archivist has done a wonderful thing making these materials available to the worldwide web. Thank you KB!



  1. Thanks David!

    No, thank YOU! 🙂

  2. Thanks for posting that. The diary is interesting. And thanks to the archivist for doing all that work. Good job!

    You’re welcome. It is interesting reading isn’t it? The archivist has an admirable eye for detail, and the college has been around long enough to have a lot of cool stuff to look at. Lucky for us the archivist is also a devoted nerd and has been busily digitizing … 🙂 I think I like that enough to say again … busily digitizing!

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