Posted by: David | March 9, 2010

There’s No “I” In Internet!

Oh, wait. Yes there is. Sorry. There’s a really big “I” in “Internet”. It’s, like, the very first letter. Crap. Sorry. Let me make that up to you Internet. I AM a very good speller, notwithstanding the fact that I make the normal amount of typographical errors. I won a spelling bee in the 5th grade against a very smart girl. Her name was Eliza. I wish I could remember the correctly spelled word that made me victorious over Eliza, but I can’t. That was like 40 years ago. Jeez! I do remember, however, that I sorta liked Eliza. She was a cute and smart little blonde-haired girl back in the 5th grade … I’m sure that she went on to accomplish great things.

There were FIVE blossoms on our walking iris plant on March 7, 2010.

mean, LOOK, you gotta see these! From one plant, on one day, FIVE flowers!

If this plant lived outside, the stalks which beget blossoms would then fall to the ground and the little shoots next to the flowers would try to take root. Thus the walking iris would “walk”. One wonders then about the pollination mechanism, right? If the plant takes root by flopping over, and only flowers for a day, is pollination going to matter much? Just wondering. Whatever. On this same day of 5 blossoms, we went to meet up with our daughter and her husband at the house they’re building some 20 miles from the walking iris. The house is coming along nicely! It’s pretty much “weathered in”, which is to say that the roof is fully shingled, and all the doors and windows have been installed. Most of the interior partitions are in too. We took Oliver along for the ride. It was a bit muddy around the place. Some nice neighbor people came over to introduce themselves. They have horses too.

The kids looking out their back sliding glass doors, where the deck will be.

his photo is top secret. Please don’t look at it.



  1. But the dog that looks out of the top window is Oliver, isn’t it? I think there aren’t any swallows in the US. They like to hang their nests where the roof slightly overhangs a wall.

    Yes, it is Oliver, and another member of my family who disapproves of this whole blogging thing. ((Shhhh. It’s Oliver’s mother. She would not like to know about being in a photo here.))

    We do have swallows here. Or at least birds that are related to swallows.

  2. OH BOY ARE YOU IN TROUBLE!!!!!!! Well I will never tell. That house looks fantastic and so does the walking iris. Enjoy the glorious spring.

    I accept your pledge to never tell. The house is looking great. The kids are very excited. We spent a couple of hours walking around the various rooms and spaces.

    That iris had never bloomed so enthusiastically. We decided it was a special event.

    The glory of spring faded a little today. But we’ll be springing ahead this weekend anyway.

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